Ta’ai in unknown territory

Giants forward Ukuma Ta’ai admits that he is in unchartered waters at the bottom of the league.

Throughout his career, Ta’ai has never been involved with a team at the foot of a table. A four-season spell at the NRL’s New Zealand Warriors saw the club finish as high as fifth, while his arrival at Huddersfield has seen the club consistently finish in the top four in his three seasons with the club.

But the Tongan international is taking it all in his stride.

“I’ve never been bottom, this is my first time,” he said.

“But that’s just the sport, isn’t it? You always keep faith in yourself and your team-mates that if you keep working hard things will change.

“I try to work hard and give my best to the team. Hopefully that will work. That’s the thing, we are on the same page and if we keep working hard it doesn’t matter. If we’re going down we have to go down to the end. We have to fight together, keep moving forward on the right track and keep moving on.

“I keep the faith that we are going to come back and keep doing what we do and we’ll end up winning a few games and move back up the table.”