Toronto’s Super League agreement terminated

Toronto Wolfpack’s Super League participation agreement has been terminated as a result of their withdrawal from the 2020 season.

The club’s non-participation has resulted in Super League effectively kicking them out of the competition on their existing agreement.

This is, in effect, a formality rather than a development. But it means that should Toronto wish to play in Super League next year, they must re-negotiate their terms and conditions with the competition next year.

The Wolfpack still obtain an RFL agreement which, as it stands, means they are eligible to enter the Championship next year, though all current spots are taken.

A participation agreement is something all clubs must sign when entering the league as a condition of entry and outlines the terms they must reach/ In not fulfilling their fixtures, Toronto breached their agreement.

Betfred Super League has terminated Toronto Wolfpack’s Super League Participation Agreement for the 2020 season following its withdrawal from the competition last month.

A statement released by the competition said: “Super League’s action reflects the seriousness of the breach of contract by Toronto Wolfpack, which has impacted Super League and its member clubs.

“The Wolfpack would now have to enter into a new Participation Agreement before being able to play in the competition in 2021.”