Exclude Toronto say League Express readers

Over half of League Express readers think Toronto Wolfpack should be excluded from all RFL competitions.

In last week’s Readers’ Poll, conducted every week on TotalRL.com, the readers were asked what the RFL and Super League should do after Toronto Wolfpack pulled out of the competition last month.

52 percent of people called for them to be excluded from all of the RFL’s competitions but 18 percent thought that they should recognise that the Wolfpack have faced appalling circumstances, reinstate them in Super League next year, and give them a share of the Sky broadcast income.

The remaining voters were split between relegating them to the Championship (15%), relegating them to League 1 (8%), reinstating them in Super League next year but without a share of the Sky income (4%) and reinstating them in Super League next year but fining them several thousand pounds (3%).

This week, the readers have been asked which of the Super League clubs that kicked off the season last week will finish higher up in the table.

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