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In Topic: Huge Investment at Fev, Club Statement

08 May 2014 - 11:11 PM



and maybe even dislodged the infamous Fev chip.

Not a chance  ;)

In Topic: Huge Investment at Fev, Club Statement

08 May 2014 - 10:27 PM

I'm sure some of you are not disappointed that I've not had chance to post on here for a while.  Hope you all are well. 


Couldn't resist joining in this Fev mutual appreciation society :P .  Reading these 8 pages nothing much as changed.  You have Padge with his usual way of doing his best to be-little our great little club (very rich coming from someone who's club was saved by tesco).  JohnM with his clever little ways of winding folk up and at the same time trying to look genuine as he seems to praise Fev through his gritted teeth.  Viking Warrior who criticises any club who were not lucky enough to benefit from a cushy RFL license deal (still a joke how they were ###### but still got promoted yet he goes on about getting paid in paper bags  :tongue: )


We have some allies as usual in Keighley.  Parksider continues to bring up some good points that are valid arguments but will always be disagreed by me because I post and think from the heart.


Now my thoughts on my nasty little club who dare show any ambition.  Obviously it his great news but I agree it looks like we are pancaking a little.  I can remember playing in the 3rd tier not long since in front of crowds of less than a 1000, so to be 3rd in the League at this stage is not a disaster.  The problem is that we are surrounded by Wakefield and Cas, so we can't lose any momentum which is what would happen if we finished outside the top 2 this season.  


Very exciting times to be a Fev fan and I'm going to enjoy it.