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  1. There's not many things I criticise the board for because on the whole they always make decisions which they think will better the club. However I know the folk who took this offer up and they are the most loyal set of supporters you could ever wish to meet and deserve to be treated much better. We aren't a big enough club to risk losing our most loyal supporters, so I just hope they come to there senses soon. It could be the fact that these folk are so loyal that Featherstone Rovers is a big part of there life so will put up with anything, however it's a very wrong and a very dangerous game to play. I really hope the club honor these deals because it's the only correct and right thing to do.
  2. And my point is all clubs should be equal. It would be interesting to see if another team like Dewsbury were liquidated whether they would be allowed to stay in the Championship so easy.
  3. Apologies, this came over as Bradford being special compared to other clubs. God knows how I could have made that mistake.
  4. Haven't the bulls skewed the competition the last few years by running a full time team that they couldn't afford? Can't remember you crying out for an alternative model when clubs like Keighley were hit with a points deduction.
  5. Instead of starting Bradford in the Championship why not go the whole hog and just put them back in SL because according to some on here they are a special club who deserve special treatment. If the club starts again in the Championship then they would have lost the small amount of respect I had for them. The RFL should look after all clubs equally and the Oldham fan is spot on, I can't remember Oldham Bears given any help and the new clubs never recovered,
  6. Are you saying that because your brand is still good that this gives you a reason to be treated different to Hunslet and Swinton? I seem to recall Keighley being the first club to adopt the 'every game being an event' way with Kougarmania but couldn't expand this because they were wrongly denied promotion at the very start of SL. I'd probably go as far as saying that many of these Cougar fans jumped on the Bulls bandwagon, how lucky Caisley was that Keighley wasn't promoted (or was it luck?). Bradford's success in the early years was not sustainable financially and the reason you are in the mess is because of this. I wish loyal Bradford fans all the best for their club but I can't give any praise to a legacy or brand that was created by a Chairman and board that have played a major part in ruining your club and it's reputation.
  7. Don't you go anymore John? If so why not? In my opinion there can't be any better feeling than sticking with your club through thick & thin. Then when your day comes along you know you've been there through it all and it feels so good. Better than rocking up to jump on a bandwagon and then even worse jumping off when you have a few lean years. The trouble with plastic fans is that they are fickle and will jump ship in numbers when the club most need you, this leaving the true fans to pick up the pieces. Never had you down as one but if that's what you are then whatever makes you happy. Hope you still go to watch the Bulls mate and if not get yourself back on the bandwagon, you're club needs you more than ever.
  8. A very honest reply. We could get in a room and argue all day long and still wouldn't agree especially on the above . Need to sort myself out for work now so can't debate anymore at the moment but will try to debate further this evening. Have a great day.
  9. Read as many posts as I could on here before I could write my thoughts. Here goes... For many years I despised Bradford with a passion, they were the lead my a chairman with a sod the rest below SL attitude and I'll never forget his comment about Bradford not being made in the same breath as Featherstone Rovers. However that bloke moved on just before the bubble burst (no surprise there) and with the debts building up there was only one place the club was going. I don't feel sorry for the plastic fans that jumped on the Caisley bandwagon but I genuinely feel sorry for the loyal fans who've been there through thick and thin. Those are the supporters who were so gracious in defeat when we beat them to knock them out of the top 4, true brilliant RL fans. What makes this forum hard to get involved in is the double standards by some members. I remember when Keighley started splashing a bit of cash about I think when a local businessman called Patel was involved (might be wrong on the name). He then stopped funding the club and they were back in money trouble, I remember the cold comments very well taking the pee and basically not caring about a so called small club. However we now have a so called big club in Bradford who are again in administration and because the Odasl bowl was filled with 15,000 plastic fans in the height of the glory days supporters of the smaller clubs are slagged off because they aren't showing any sympathy. Can you honesty blame them? I don't think there is one RL club who in there history can honestly say they've been run financially well, however Parky believes we should take advise from a supporter of this perfect club that broke the salary cap to survive relegation and were bailed out by Tesco to survive. I'm sure I'll be told how wrong I am, yes I don't know the ins and outs of Wigan RL but he doesn't know the same about other clubs. Love your passion for RL Parky you won't get much support from me for most of your comments on this thread, sorry sir. To sum up I hope that Bradford can find a solution to their problems and give there loyal fans a club to be proud of.
  10. I'm good thanks mate. I don't agree with making the Championship semi-pro because it will hold clubs back who have a backer and it's not fair to do that. The hope for Fev is the what makes our club (in my opinion) unique and that's the hope of punching above our weight and delivering the best we can given our resource. My grand final last season was watching us beat a fully professional Bradford team in front of a massive crowd at Post Office Road to make top 4. The feeling and buzz I got after this game was the same feeling I've had when my little club has achieved something massive against the odds in the past. The excitement and feeling never changes and the new system gives us more opportunity to have these big games. Next year I look forward to having the same crack at Hull KR. So for me as a Fev fan the new system gives us big games and guarentees some big crowds but at the same time it gives those big clubs or clubs with backers a fair chance of making SL. Can't wait to have a crack next year at these full time clubs, you never know we might make top 4 again, we've shocked the game time and time again in the past.
  11. First of all, hope you are well Parky? The new system makes it very difficult to make top 4 consistently, let alone get into Super League and this goes against everything Fev fans have been accused of in the past. This is of course caring only for what happens at Post Office Road and not in the in the interests of the game. I like the new system and if you had actually watched all of the games you would know that we were competitive in 3 of our games and we were unlucky to lose against both full time teams Leigh & Hull KR. Yes we had some hammerings which is disappointing but hammerings happen in Super League, only this year Wakefield dished out an hammering to an under par Wigan team. I'm hoping we've learnt our lesson in the past and we can invest wisely and give John Sharp the necessary funds to have another crack at top 4. This system gives us hope after years of watching our local rivals tell fibs time and time again about new stadiums to remain in Super League. While we were finishing top of the League 4 years on the trot some SL teams were treading water happy in the licensing system and improving nothing off the field, yet Davey and the rest of the baying mob remained silent. It's only when one of the old pals act is effected that they speak out, that's for me is a disgrace.
  12. The new system is only in it's 2nd year and produced a cracking game of Rugby last Saturday which showed just how good Rugby League can be. It makes me laugh how some people slate the new system but were happy with the biggest event happening every 3 year which was blokes in suits announcing which clubs had managed to bull sheite enough to be given the nod for another 3 year licence. I pray to god we don't go back to this shambles. The new system has also had to battle awful biased propaganda with the likes of Sadler coming out with his usual garbage in his garbage rag along with the likes of selfish owners and players who want to be rewarded for failure. It's such a shame these people didn't highlight the shambles of the licensing system where clubs were given millions but time and time again broke promises.
  13. Loved every minute of the game. It had everything that made me fall in love with Rugby League, a great advert for the game (excluding the few idiots at the end). I just hope P&R is here to stay because it was gripping stuff, far better than waiting for licensing announcements on Sky Sports news that's for sure. It's going to be tough for my team (Fev) to make the middle 8's next year but that's sport for you. Can't wait to see us and Batley have a crack at it again though.
  14. I enjoy the new system much better than licensing which only worked for people who got the vote. Yes the one sided scorelines were a bit disappointing but not as disappointing as when licensing gave promotion to a team finishing half way down the championship or allowing some clubs to continue in SL despite awful stadiums and those clubs telling lies time and time again about new stadiums. I pray we don't go back to Sky Sports showing live coverage of licensing announcements live inside a clubhouse, that made the sport a laughing stock in my opinion.
  15. Thank heavens for dual reg that's all I can say. Otherwise we'd have to put up with watching the efforts of Hardman, Ellis, Davies & Missi every week, how poor would that be . Seriously, I don't like dual reg but we've broken no rules. During the licensing era our 2 local rivals lied about new grounds that still haven't been built giving them SL and the riches that come with it. Why doesn't Sadler highlight this in his weekly rag, oh I forgot one of these clubs is his beloved Wakefield. Would't wipe my backside on the League Express.
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