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South Wakefield Sharks

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In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

24 November 2014 - 07:09 AM

I was wondering what will happen at Leeds if they start the season in the same sort of form they finished last year with. Will the cheque book finally be opened, will McDermott be given time to turn it around. Of course they could come out flying making these questions irrelevant.
I suspect the top of the table will be sorted out on the western side of the pennines with Wigan, Wire & Saints looking strongest. You'd expect Leeds & Huddersfield to make the eight. Catalans will be somewhere in the mix but after that is anyone's guess. I'm hoping for a good year from the Red Devils but I wouldn't be too surprised wherever they finish between 4th & 12th.
Hard to judge most of the teams I've not mentioned as there's so many new signings, who knows how they'll gel. Widnes are about the only squad which haven't brought in wholesale changes. Not sure if that means they'll start well due to the consistency in the squad or if they've just not strengthened enough and gone backwards.

Think this mostly sums it up.

Three quality, consistent teams, who you would expect to continue much the same as last year. Leeds - have they judged the shift from old to new right? Hull - must be hard for their fans to have much faith. If they signed the Kangaroos best 13, you'd still fancy whoever was the Hull coach, could somehow mess it up.

In Topic: We should back the NZ tour

17 November 2014 - 11:33 AM

I'll be at all three tests as usual. I hope the marketing for the series also emphasises to the core rugby league support, that this is a rare chance for them to see a fair few of our players in the flesh too. With several of them in the NRL, we shouldn't take them for granted.


16 November 2014 - 11:18 PM

Not sure Wembley on a Friday night is a good idea!

In Topic: Magic Weekend fixtures

16 November 2014 - 11:15 PM

this is a discussion forum. If you want 100% positivity just read the press releases.
This is a place for peoples opinions.
My opinion is that there is little creativity here. It has always bugged me about Magic, which i think is a fabulous event.
By varying the fixtures you create different combinations of fans in the grounds and make it a unique festival each time. They dont put the same acts on at Glastonbury each year.
They have put probably the two biggest games fanwise on Saturday and treated Sunday like an afterthought. They will get a large Saturday crowd and shout about records, then a small 2nd day crowd and the attendance will be pretty much the same as every other year.
Just see, feel free to bookmark this post.
Btw, i should clarify, I expect to be going.

I think this is nonsense. Not this post specifically, but the general point. Wakefield will be there. Which match involving Wakefield is likely to interest most neutrals? Probably Wakey v Cas. Wire, Saints, Wigan, Hull fans who don't care about Wakey won't want to watch them anyway, but if they were to watch them, they'd probably rather watch a Wakey v Cas match, than Wakey v anyone big their own team.

I wouldn't go out if my way to watch Hull KR, but I don't mind watching them play Hull FC.

Mixing it up, or having a random draw simply reduces the interest. We are not yet in a position where all SL clubs are equally competitive, or where all 12 clubs can draw a big crowd.

In Topic: World Club Series

16 November 2014 - 07:37 PM

These grounds are perfect for s event this year. First year, get three sells outs and then move on from there. Go too big, it'll flop, and be binned in true RL style.

The WCC has been a home match for our teams for many years. Saints & Bulls played away from Knowsley Road & Odsal as they couldn't guarantee the match to go ahead in case of frozen pitch. Leeds went to Elland Road, because they thought they could maximise income from that, which they did.

If we get three sells outs, and a couple of close matches, it will be fantastic, and something to go back to the Aussies with.