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  1. For Pete's sake get off the guys back. What have you done for the game?
  2. Its a bit cruel to slag off the bbc for not showing a competitilon if they don't have the rights.
  3. Martin Vicker's argument was that pre Wolfpack there was no demand for RL overseas rights as there was no interest. The club had shown otherwise and the rights had a monetary value. Sky were in the best position to exploit this via their world wide channel swapping arrangements. The inference being that Toronto add value to the Sky deal and hence negotiations.
  4. https://www.torontowolfpack.com/wolfpack-proud-to-support-haldimand-wolfpack-rlfc/?fbclid=IwAR26HcKMnF-EBweKkQuoi0WdsNKsuTOOBuWkMC8bsKeEixSI0Bg31-EEaNc
  5. I doubt anyone would question their right. But its still crass.
  6. Adrian Vowles has hit the roof in Sydney over Fiji not being included in the Womens WC. He coached the team to win the Pacific Games event ahead of PNG and Cook Islands.
  7. Wheelchair WC to include Norway and USA as well as England, Scotland, Wales, France and Spain. Ireland and Italy played in 2017 but lose out.
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