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  1. There is nothing wrong with the current system except the condescention of Australia towards England and of England towards its neighbours. The Oceana Cup works and is competitive. It is up and running though currently derailed by Covid. The Eurropean one is doable, with or without England. If they iso!ate themselves, hard cheese. Leave the 3 or 4 Nations where it belongs, in the past. It is not an IRL property but is owned by the Big 3 who cream off any profits. It does nothing for the global game.
  2. "Look at me, whoo whoo, I'm on telly". Squirms
  3. Where was common sense last year during the World Nines?
  4. I am very impressed with Gareth Kear as CEO of Wales RL. So much seems to have been done during the Covid period - international squads, the womens game and wheelchair game grown, the college, revitalised community clubs. The list goes on.
  5. True but sketcny. Sunderland was an obsessive, a fixer and a visionary. Lifelong obsessions were getting RL in Melbourne, France, London and USA. In his 20's, he took Queensland RU over to RL in the WW1 period. Read any history of Australian RL.. While always a journalist, he was Australian tour manager but he saw the opportunities in France. Read "The Forbidden Game" by Rylance where he pushed the RFL for expansion asking to be made development officer for France and London. In his 60's, he was stll a crusading journalist and targetting America. Read "No helmets Required" by Willacy for his part in the Dimitro tour. His death i 1964 coincided with first MOM award, hence the connection.
  6. You want to trash the reputation of a respected figure of the game purely on an unsupported paragraph in a 26 year book. Its tampering.
  7. This topic did the rounds a few years ago and as I remember it, the paragraph in Moorehouse's book was the only reference produced. That paragraph itself had no reference despite the book being studded with them elsewhere. Tony Collins would never have left it like that. I'd like to see more evidence than that before tampering with history.
  8. Just listen to the podcast.
  9. Never met him but it feels as if I did. RIP.
  10. Couldn't agree more Harry. Really good discussion from intelligent, articulate people.
  11. Its not prankng, more good old fashioned journalism. .
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