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  1. What is the capacity of the Manchester Indoor Arena as compared to Liverpool and the Copper Box?
  2. OK, cold weather would be a problem. But it would not be a problem in the wheelchair game and would us an interest in winter.
  3. They probably do expect to get them back. Unlike the mens game, RU and RL seasons are short, making dual coding practical. There's plenty of it at the moment.
  4. I'll take it. Premier were OK last time.
  5. Had no idea what to expect but that was well worth sticking with.
  6. at fullback where he starred for the Waratahs and Wallabies. +8 Israel Folau (pictured left) is set to return to rugby league with the bac
  7. BBC Red Button is shown on Sky Channel 981, making it recordable.
  8. It wasn't too bright to time the press release for the start of a Bank Holiday weekend incorporating a social media boycott.
  9. Brilliant. Fans in Sydney go to matches by bus. All others collect Air Miles.p
  10. By governments investing big money in the game. Rugby League had Russia before Union pulled that off and it killed it practically. Union Seven is now big in the USA, mega dollars there. Brazil girls were not started until then. Olympic Golds are Bread and Circus to a government.
  11. How do you think Union Sevens got so big so fast?
  12. Its the whatever that means) that worries me. If its still at discussion stage, then we are miles behind the game for a major event. ###### Covid and the American defection,, the 2025 hosts should have been known and a Working Group formed long ago.
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