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  1. It wasn't too bright to time the press release for the start of a Bank Holiday weekend incorporating a social media boycott.
  2. Brilliant. Fans in Sydney go to matches by bus. All others collect Air Miles.p
  3. By governments investing big money in the game. Rugby League had Russia before Union pulled that off and it killed it practically. Union Seven is now big in the USA, mega dollars there. Brazil girls were not started until then. Olympic Golds are Bread and Circus to a government.
  4. How do you think Union Sevens got so big so fast?
  5. Its the whatever that means) that worries me. If its still at discussion stage, then we are miles behind the game for a major event. ###### Covid and the American defection,, the 2025 hosts should have been known and a Working Group formed long ago.
  6. The "Soldiers Song" was not played. " irelands Call" was used and there were no flags. I didn't think the game was that bad.
  7. Give the French a breather. They already have the Union World Cup in 2023 and the Olympics in 2024.
  8. Badger makes the usual platitudes about being a big fan of the international game and turns out to be a total wet blanket on the World Cup.
  9. This commentary on red button is diabolical. Who and why is this woman with verbal diarrhea who can't shut up, contributes nothing and thinks its a radio programme. And then disappears at half time when there is a window.
  10. That was a really impressive performance from the Rhinos netball team in their opening match.
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