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Rugby League World Issue 402

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South Wakefield Sharks

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#2990228 07/09/14 - Castleford Tigers v Wakefield Trinity Wildcats KO 3.30pm

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 07 September 2014 - 06:57 PM

Great effort by Wakey after we'd given Cas a winning start. To come back after such a slow start against a good team like Cas was really encouraging. Cas winning keeps the dream alive of them topping the table and playing Brisbane in the World Club Series down the lane. What a night that would be!

#2986795 Sinfield Quits International Rugby (Merged threads)

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 01 September 2014 - 08:42 PM

Not sure who the halfbacks in the autumn could be then. Widdop and Sinfield is miles better than anything else open to us.

Trouble with Sinfield was that a lot of fans couldn't get over the fact that his squad number at Leeds was 13. Players evolve. Lockyer started out at 1. Sinfield has been playing in the halves at Leeds for ages, so it's nonsense to suggest that he's been playing out of position for England in recent years.

#2978074 Challenge Cup Final Advertising

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 15 August 2014 - 08:59 PM

It is all very well advertising the game, but at £105 return on the train there is a major barrier if you are not on an organised trip

Should have bought train tickets earlier when they were cheaper then.

#2978011 Why the empty seats?

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 15 August 2014 - 07:41 PM

Because the CC been treated as second rate for past few years. Early rounds...then hide the semis...then play the final the day after. Stupid. Breath life into this fab comp....earlier in season and with focused rounds.


The Cup final was moved from May to August because it was seen as almost a pre-season comp after the move to summer.

#2970070 Broncos sign another international

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 02 August 2014 - 09:13 PM

Looks like London will have most of their squad in place to start pre-season training together in November, which will be a massive step forward for them. Be really interesting to see how they go as one of the "big boys" next year.

#2968390 Catalans Rumour

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 31 July 2014 - 07:46 AM

Which means they have no plan or idea.
It isnt a plan, its entirely reactive.

People seem to think the RFL can just do what they like. They can't.

The RFL have to operate within the rules of the game, which gives all members clubs a vote to some degree.

The RFL can't just grab a big chunk of TV money and go invest in Toulouse to bring them into Super League. I suspect the other SL clubs might have a view on whether that was the best use of the TV money, and I suspect that clubs outside SL might have a view on whether Toulouse should get the SL spot if one is up for grabs.

The RFL can only try and create the right environment that allows for expansion and for well run clubs to thrive.

Ultimately clubs are private entities, that are run by their owners and rise or fall by the decisions the owners make.

#2968387 Catalans Rumour

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 31 July 2014 - 07:23 AM

@David606David asked
M Solly do you have à plan for Toulouse olympique in this #RLNewEra for super league?

Blake Solly
We are always talking to Toulouse however their entry into the competition will be dependant on the ability to generate more revenue and interest for Rugby League in France when we are confident that this will occur we will revisit Toulouse’ entry into the new structure.
I.e we have no idea or plan for expansion clubs.

I don't see it like that at all. What it says, is that once we're sure Toulouse will add value to the comp, we'll consider it then.

#2967949 Salford launch Season Tickets

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 30 July 2014 - 09:47 AM

Seriously? Leeds have been selling season tickets at this stage for years. I thought it was the norm.

That is the difference between being a proper SL club, and being in SL. Several clubs at the bottom end, are so far off being a truly professional sporting club that it beggars belief.

It will be important for those clubs especially to use some of the new TV money to improve in these areas, as that will have long-lasting benefits, rather than chucking a load of money at some over-rated Aussie in the hope of winning an extra match or two next year. The same applies to the better clubs in the championship. It's not all about getting into SL NOW, it's got to be about how you can be a SL quality club in 5, 10 and 15 years' time.

#2967948 Salford launch Season Tickets

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 30 July 2014 - 09:42 AM

Really good to see this from Salford. I really hope this keeps up from them. They have been a real shambles in recent years, and becoming more professional off the field like this, is as important as putting a decent team together on it.

#2967879 Marwan Koukash: I'll turn rugby league into a global sport

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 30 July 2014 - 07:34 AM

im not sure about the governance, but surely there are ways and means of overthrowing the chiefs. Perhaps the fact there is a lack of desire to do so is because the majority actually support what is going on.
Little can happen without support from within the game ie. The clubs.
Surely if things were so clearly bad and people incompetenet and things would be much better with new people it would be easy to get support for new people?
Fwiw, id be delighted with an international-focused RFL, so Im genuinely not sticking up for them, i just dont get this 'jobs for the boys' cosy club claim that is often touted.
Most people involved at the top of the game have come from different backgrounds, and lets be honest, even when 'outsiders' come in, we still get 'typical RFL' and they get ripped too.

Most of the anti-RFL stuff is just ignorance. There are huge challenges for rugby league, a distinct lack of money being one of them. Under the constraints they have, I think the RFL do a pretty good job. Most people in RL would say that things aren't perfect and that we need to do something about it, but there are so many people pulling in so many different directions, that making any progress at all is extremely difficult and slow.

#2967857 The all-new never-ending League Restructure debate (Many merged threads)

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 30 July 2014 - 06:56 AM

It always seems to me that for you justifying your own point of view is the main thing. It's getting less & less convincing.
The massive increase in TV funding next year makes every club financially viable,the new structure promises to make the entire season more interesting and the return of potential P & R ends the divisive closed shop which would surely have eventually torn the game apart.
I'm afraid you are becoming one of those Luddites you've always despised - don't be left behind in the brief but failed experiment of licensing. It's never coming back so if you care about RL and not your need to be right then get on board with the new structure and support the changes. If you can't then I'm sure you will miss the game more than it misses you.

I'm not sure licensing was a "failed experiment".

Sure there has been an unstoppable cry for the re-introduction of P&R from people in rugby league, based more on feelings than sound judgement, but then this is a sport that we are meant to enjoy, rather than it being about business, where all that counts is the bottom line, but several clubs have improved their infrastructure under licensing, and we've got more quality clubs than we've had for a long, long time.

I'd say the game is in a better state than it was when licensing was brought in, let's hope it is in a better state in another six years under the new system. I think it probably will be.

#2967851 top 8 play off formula

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 30 July 2014 - 06:27 AM

I know some people were unhappy at buying a season ticket not knowing which group of 8 your team might be in. Now there is also the uncertainty of how many games you get too. I think they might sell a ST for the first part then the last part separately. Can't see how else they can do this.

Expect most clubs will sell season tickets which cover all their league home games and their play-offs. You pay for three, if they get four, you get one for free.

This is quite a clever move, as it effectively builds the play-off matches into the season ticket, as everyone will get three or four home matches, whereas now, some clubs get none, or don't even make the play-offs.

The only matches which will need to be sold as tickets on the day, will be the semi-finals and finals, and they will be big enough, do or die games that people should buy those tickets anyway.

#2967413 Mullaney to Bradford

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 29 July 2014 - 08:44 AM

Good to see both Bulls and London assembling squads for next season. Championship should be really interesting in 2015.

#2878520 the Dr Fined before a tackle is made ?

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 10 February 2014 - 10:54 PM

It is really important that the RFL do not silence Dr K. For the first time in ages we actually heard real opinions from the people running our clubs. Don't agree with it all, but it is not helpful at all for all the people running our clubs to say nothing.

#2857427 League Express - 30 December 2013

Posted by South Wakefield Sharks on 30 December 2013 - 09:01 AM

Pretty good issue this week. Good article by Chris Jones on the Bulls. Some proper news in it, though shame that most of the almost full page story is a direct quote from a week old press release. First two columns is informative though.

Martyn's clearly been on the pop over Christmas with his list of youngsters destined for big things - Bobbie Goulding!! There is more chance of his dad becoming a decent coach.

Schoey must have finished his column in the pub too, suggesting that we bring back the county cups as a pre-season tournament. He reckons it would be easy to get a sponsor and thinks the TV companies would want to cover the finals. Wise words Garry. If only you were in charge!

Phil Hodgson is having a bit of a jape as well, by describing himself as a "neutral" in the falling outs between the RFL and BARLA. Oh Phil, stop, you're killing me!
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