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RL features strictly lateral passing just as RU does, and in my experience this is mostly the bit they don't like. The more I see of American Football the more I realise how little in common it has with any type of rugby, aside from being a sport played by large, powerful athletes and using an oval shaped ball, that's really about it. You could even argue it's more similar to RU with all the stoppages and the specialist nature of the positions/different body types etc.


Well the similarities are running, passing and tackling, basics of RL. The four downs and hand it over aspect has a very close relationship with 6 tackles and hand it over. In fact at one point it was 4 tackles and hand it over.


The restart at the play the ball is much more structured somewhat like the scrimmage in the NFL and nothing like the pig piles they have in RU. Also in RL when a tackle is made we immediately go to a restart as in American football  unlike the arm wrestling, pig piling and shoeing that goes on in  RU


The specialisation aspect is unique to American football as different teams play offence and defence, not a situation which arises in any form of rugby. The quarterback is a unique position also. Neither of the rugbies has a position where on every offensive play the one man is crucial and handles the ball. The deliberate forward pass is also unique in the NFL and all teams do it whereas only Leeds do it in rugby ;) . There is a form of American football which is mostly used in the college game called the wishbone offence where the quarterback runs with the ball like a scrumhalf and either goes himself or laterals it to a supporting runner of two with dummy runners and the whole bit, quite like some RL plays in my opinion. The forward pass is a minimal part of a wishbone offence so Americans will have some concept of our game, more than they have of RU in my opinion.

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Today, 01:53 PM

Leigh aren't some upstart new kids on the block, they are a club which is over 100 years old. So they are treated as a 100+ year old club, and they are judged as a 100+year old club. They aren't a new club, they aren't an expansion club spreading the game to a new area, they aren't building those links and foundations, they have already doe it over the past 100+years.


And lets be honest, in the context of a club which has existed for 100+ years, in the context of a club in the heartlands of our game and all the advantages that confers, they aren't doing well. They aren't even aiming to do well. Even the most biased Leigh fan is not predicting or even really hoping that they do 'well'. In the context of clubs who have existed for 100+ years in the heartlands of our game 2-3k averages are not doing well, 5-6k averages are not doing well, 7-8k averages are not doing well. If Leigh aren't some upstart new kid on the block then they are judged to the standard the other clubs have set, and that is Leeds, or Wigan or Saints, or Wire.


Nobody on these boards, rarely even the fans of those clubs, defend Wakefield or Castleford for the very valid criticism of those clubs, yet for some reason we are supposed to celebrate Leigh aiming for (not even achieving yet) those levels.


I don't want to wallow in the self-satisfaction of I told you so, I want the game to grow, I want the best players to not only stay in SL but to come to SL, I want to watch RL in good surroundings and big crowds


If teams averaging 7 to 8,000 are not doing well then that excludes most of SL. Don't get too smug. I remember Leeds on 6,000 and Wigan on 5,000 and Wire as well. Delusions of superiority breed contempt but pride comes before a fall. Ask Bradford.


The signs are that Leeds decade of superiority with the golden generation are slowly coming to an end and we will see what happens then. Ask Hull.


As for watching RL in good surroundings, I think LSV is a very good ground, definitely superior to Headingley on any measure except capacity.

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Today, 01:35 PM

The BBC shouldn't give one iota for what is happening anywhere outside of Britain, unless they feel it is of interest to their viewers/readers. I'm sure someone could produce a similar map for handball, but what would it prove?


For something to be of interest to a news outlet to cover, it needs to show that it can command good attendances and TV audiences. Outside of Britain and France, the game doesn't really do that, and no amount of playing clubs outside these two nations will change that.  


To be sure, there is evidence that there is an agenda against the game in Britain by certain outlets. At the same time, south of Lancashire not too many people are giving them a reason to change their approach.  


The BBC has a whole channel dedicated to the rest of the world known as the BBC Worldservice. I know. It's on TV where I am which is far from the UK. Why should the growing RL game wordwide not feature on this channel especially given some of the huge attendances in Australia and New Zealand and even in France.


Maybe it's the same reason we don't get much exposure of their domestic channels. A built in bias based on class and geography against our game

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Today, 01:07 PM

Averages get skewed everytime you change the make up of the divisions, if people remember the graphs I have posted in the past they will have noticed that the biggest damage to the average was the introduction of 3 divisions, every time we go from 2 to 3 the average takes a hit.


Yes the aggregate goes up if you play more games, the income also goes up, as long as income isn't below expenditure the health of the game goes up. There is obviously a saturation point.


I think I get you. When we added new clubs to CC1 the average went down as some of them drew very poorly but, of course, we played more games and the meagre crowds attracted to the games at Oxford, Hemel et al, increased the aggregate attendances. Simply put, there were more people watching RL than before.

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I thought Brian Carney was World Class. He was one of the best wingers in the NRL when he went over to Aus.