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In Topic: Wigan renew Workington dual registration partnership

Today, 03:30 AM

I enjoyed that post.


Factual "reality" posts are always welcome, and this puts me in mind of the late seventies when a strong semi-pro Workington with some great local products in the team were regular Lancashire cup finalists. Contrast that with their recent long struggle in CC1.


We'd all love to see clubs build and grow and challenge the order of things, (something the RFL seem to want with a return to P & R) and not have to go cap in hand to Superleague but your observations on how the M62 has a pool of decent semi pros available, but they ain't driving 200 mile round trips to play is a very astute observation.


Most Championship clubs have to do what they have to do to survive, and if they can't there's always the cut price CC1 they can go play in if they are truly skint. It is however truly rich of people to criticise clubs for making the best of a terrible job.


Superleague eat up every budding quality RL player, they stack their academies with them and hang onto them as long as they can in case they come good late on. If your a Championship club just down the road from a Superleague club or even if you are a badly failing SL club!! you can feed off the Superleague big boys for players wether it's signing them after they are discarded, DR, Loans or the latest Fev trick of "sign for a season". It's all the same to me.


Nowadays this puts me in mind of the poor scrambling for crumbs falling from the rich men's table. Some clubs who may have a go at Workington are lucky to be nearer the table. 


But they will drive 200 miles from Cumbria to Yorks or Lancs an d London lads will drive 200 miles to the heartlands and Welsh players will travel there also.  British players will travel to France and French players will travel to England. Aussies, Kiwis, French and Brits will cross the globe to play in the opposite hemisphere.


If a Cumbrian cub found the money and made SL, players would suddenly  be not nearly so reticent about travelling there.


In the meantime the Cumbrian clubs should have a decent shot of attracting local talent, except for a select few who will travel to SL,sinc e there is no travelling involved and they get to see them develop from an early age.


Town or any other club legally taking advantage of the rules are not to be blamed for going that route but the route itself wants redesigning, and stopped from creating 2nd class clubs acting as surrogates for tight fisted lazy SL clubs who should have these players in their reserve teams and pay for that themselves.

In Topic: Great Work and news from Victoria. 5000 Kids playing RL.

Yesterday, 01:51 PM



Great to see in a non Rugby League area that 5000 Kids are involved with Rugby League. I know Slater does a hell of a lot to promote the Storm in and around Victoria. How great it is to see our Sport being developed in places like Victoria, Ethiopia, Spain, USA etc. Just wish we could sort the heartlands out and stop the in fighting so much.


That's great news. According to some bloke from NZ on the BBC thread, the game is small and contracting hence our lack of media coverage. They should give this development as much coverage as they did to door breaking in NZ but it's unlikely.

In Topic: Tony Benson appointed as Belgium Rugby League sport director

Yesterday, 01:46 PM

No they speak Flemish. It's very like Dutch, but it ain't Dutch my little know all friend.


Yea, that happens a lot with English in Yorkshire and on this forum.

In Topic: Super eight or relegate?

Yesterday, 01:44 PM

the system is in place because it provides a soft landing for clubs who don't have the courage to admit they can't compete in the top league.

We saw Hudgell complain of a 'glass ceiling' so what do we do? Give that glass ceiling a name and pretend it is a competition.

This system codified what was already apparent. That there is a split in RL, but that makes a big difference. It entrenches the attitude that some clubs are just warm bodies. It is now writ large in big letters that some clubs, some games are just making up the numbers before the competition proper

One thing I would pick argument with. That 68m figure is incredibly misleading. 68m in debt doesn't really mean much if we have assets worth £100s of millions. The game is nowhere near the poor financial health it pretends it is. It benefits certain parties in the game to pretend it is and it provides a convenient excuse for failure. But that £68m comes down pretty rapidly when you look at how much are tax efficient directors loans, mortgages against new build stadiums, and we remember how much the games assets are worth (not least A £200m tv contract that even big Nige said was enough that it was time for clubs to indulge in a bit of big spending on players)


In general, I agree with your post. There is though, a chink in the armour of the top eight. If a bottom eight club can find players or find finance and purchase players they can crash the eight and some top eight team who are not quite ready for the competition can be displaced.


Next season, I think Salford, having the money and having recruited widely might cause a surprise. This last season, Castleford having recruited well crashed the party. Big City, Big team clubs, Hull, London and Bradford being unprepared paid the price.


Hull KR re another mystery package next season .Look out for them. Leeds are suddenly looking fallible and old, Huddersfield also may have peaked. It will be interesting

In Topic: How To Make RU Laws More Understandable................

Yesterday, 04:51 AM

RU laws are hardly rocket science. 


No, they are way more complicated than that.