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In Topic: Rfl

02 February 2015 - 04:51 PM

The Auckland Nines were on Premier in the morning, they will have whetted the appetite of none but the most zealot of RL fans.


As for why RL (and the Nines) are doing well in NZ?  I'd suggest a franchised NRL allowing the Warriors to aggressively market to the whole country and Kiwi success in international finals, combined with a seeming lack of direct conflict with union fans, plays its part.


I thought this event was in direct competition with a long standing RU sevens of legendary popularity and it has decimated the attendance at that to the point where they had to cut their ticket prices.


On the marketing aspect, we ought to be able to replicate that. Weave in clips of the WC semi highlights and the England 4 nations near misses, llink this with clips of the Auckland even and then push the " And now there is an opportunity to watch this at the new England nines at the location of choice, be it Millenium, Man City or wherever.


If we started with a 20,000 attendance and built from there we should be able to replicate the NZ event as a must see event.

In Topic: Toulouse news

02 February 2015 - 04:33 PM

But the Championship will never provide a satisfactory answer - because failure will be met with 'you can't expect big crowds/sponsors in the second tier'. I think the only way to put it to bed would be straight into SL (with a couple of years exemption a la Catalans) given that there are agreements in principle in place that they would get satisfactory sponsorship (or whatever income) to be able to spend the SL cap (or somewhere close). Before you hit me that not all current SL clubs are paying the cap, there is no point replacing one whipping boy with another, is there?


I think the championship is exactly the right place to test their readiness. If they cannot get better crowds, sponsors and players than the likes of Leigh, Bradford and the rest then they are not ready for prime time.

In Topic: Salford Red Devils

02 February 2015 - 04:13 PM

1. If we don't have a SC then the good Doc (if he is the richest) after a couple of seasons and good recruitment becomes top dog?


It's not going to happen as the big clubs won't let him dismantle them, let's say it did and Koukash offered silly money to players across the world as well as here then I suppose we return to a Wigan like dominance of old. That may be accelerated if chairmen at other clubs decide not to bother any more. However most chairman of the big clubs have been clear they won't compete if such as Dr. K. were given license to wreak havoc. The marquee player is the sop to him, even that has not taken off

2. On the other hand, I would you say if Davy left Huddersfield they in a short period would be a middle eight and maybe a little lower.


I'm assured that Davey has left money in place to continue support of the club. If he hadn't and his money was all taken out then they would be a club dependant on 6,500 crowds. Players would be up for signing elsewhere. Whose first? Brough? How many more need to go to see the club unravel and fans stay at home?


Remember that clubs on better crowds like Cas and HKR survive on regular half £Million cheques from semi-rich directors like the frozen food magnate and the Ambulance chaser. How could Fartown even match them with no Davey money?

3. Do you think if their respective teams lost Moran, Lenhigan, Caddick, Pearson, Hudgell, McManus and no one with the same clout wanted to step into the breach they would retain their status?


Each is different. Moran created a bigger club at Warrington that could compete for trophies. He got the ground and the bigger crowd reaction awakening a sleeping giant (Ironically Fartown didn't turn out to be Giants). Lenegan and McManus have done a lot to take already big clubs into the modern SL era and keep them there. The big clubs Chairmen aim to hit the £6,000,000 a year reportedly needed to compete in SL without having to sign big cheques, I'd guess if any walked new rich men would come in knowing the clubs are big enough for them not to have to be that big a cash cow.


I'd guess it would be easy for Wigan to find a new wealthy chairman, maybe very very hard for Castleford as these clubs are oceans apart.

4. Given we have this situation, what do you expect the rest to do, wither and die, or have ambition and press on?
Although, a number of the posters on here think it is a complete waste of time and effort, the town of Leigh has been reawakened in terms of RL


They are all withering and dying from the mighty Bulls who didn't find the rich man until collapse(so they may come back), Wakefield who lost their rich man and the two who have followed had no money to give, Cas whose cash cow is sadly and with respect may not be around for much longer as their stadium crumbles, Halifax a shadow of their former selves, who constantly boast having rich people on board but never show any evidence of that, Whitehaven who don't have a full team etc etc.


I expect all clubs from the top eight down to carry on competing. The RFL/KPMG have given them an exciting new competition to play in that they can concentrate on whilst the big eight chase the trophies. After all the RFL were clear this competition, this "Middle eight"  was to raise the excitement levels and bring the fans back for what were indeed "withering" clubs.


Nowhere has it worked better than at Leigh so you go for it, you try and knock the Wakey's, Castleford's Widnes's and HKR's off their perches and dump them on their derriers. You and I and all staunch RL fans will find this exciting, but please don't believe that after that, if Leigh make SL it's onward and upward, unless Mr. Beaumont is going to pump at least a £Million or more a year in for a good number of years to come. You may one day get a hubcap like Fartown if he does, if there is no more money then enjoy anyway.


As Leigh's number one fan after you and craiq said - I just want promotion, even a year in Superleague will be a laugh even if we go straight down.


You smug person you. I hope for your sake Leeds play better  than they did at then end of last season or their aging team will be coming face to face with the reality that father time is undefeated and might be competing for their lives with the rest of the great unwashed you so despise.

In Topic: Salford Red Devils

02 February 2015 - 03:59 PM

You'd like it to be.


All this stuff about P & R and Licensing - both systems being totally irrelevant to the big clubs, and what it takes to be a big club.


Sure Huddersfield became a regular play off club but pretending it was by "building the club" is nonsense.


Huddersfield's academy has been condemned in recent years, and their crowds are only 1,600 above what they were on TEN years ago. Those stats getting in the way again?


They are where they are because a man decided to sink £10's of Millions in the club for free. If Davey money stopped going in tommorrow what would be left? What was left when Wilkinson walked away at Salford??. Nowt.


Hudgell pops half a £Million a year in as does Fulton who had to up it to a reported £800K last time. 


How much is Beaumont prepared to spend of his own money year on year is the question for you. That will tell you how far he'll take your club.....



Relegation wasn't irrelevant to "big" club Bradford and "Big city" club London mow was it. Promotion wasn't irrelevant to upwardly mobile Hull KR or top eight regulars Huddersfield, was it ?

In Topic: Salford Red Devils

02 February 2015 - 03:53 PM

They are all in it for success of course they are. Of course a club would break the bank to avoid relegation and the damage that would cause.


The idea clubs are treading water in SL or the idea these failing clubs should be replaced by thrusting up and coming Championship clubs from Halifax (went totally bust when in SL didn't get a league point and never recovered) Featherstone (small club never been in SL lost their chance when they lost their rich man) Cumbria (crowds in the hundreds) etc. is the "them were the days bring 'em back" brigade dreaming.


The clear reason the smaller clubs seem to "lack ambition" is that they cannot afford ambition, once in Superleague they face competition. Bigger stronger clubs with money who will buy your best players off you. Look at Leigh, the Championship's champion to show Superleague failures how it's done.


They hadn't even kicked a ball on their quest for SL before Leeds came knocking for Barlow and Brierley who Leigh desperately clung onto but meekly accepted once the contract was up these lads could choose to go.


Look at Castleford bringing through young players and mixing it with the big boys. It happens every year with them, Thompson, Westerman, Arundel and others. Reached Wembley and Davey said "I'll have Huby" Pearson said "Sneyd's mine" and Wire said here's some money we'll have Clarke.


Even the imports like Moon who was going to go home, but in fact was being picked off by Leeds. Look at HKR's ability to find Aussie half backs and other big clubs ability to take them off them.


That there is a money divide between the have's and have not's stifles ambition, as the top eight use the lower SL clubs to find and develop players for them. Leigh up Wakefield down doesn't refresh anything. There's the daft idea that once in SL the fans will flock back spreading interest back into new areas. 


Nowhere was more pertinent to this than Widnes who were promoted and worked their way into the eight. They were on 3,600 on promotion now that's 5,600 that's well below their break even and the gaffer ain't wasting his £Millions. It's different at Salford, the gaffer would be happy to spend £5,000,000 on players if you let him.


For Superleage, "ambition" is irrelevant, "building a club" isn't possible, "Refreshing the league" is replacing one small club with no chance of success with another.


It all runs on money. If you ain't got it then like Salford pre-Koukash they faced sharing a ground somewhere to keep the name going in CC1, post Koukash top players are happy to go sign there.


The new structure won't change a thing to the good for the lower clubs it will make it worse, the top eight get to play each other three times so crowds and money will go up for them. The top players outside the eight will jump even higher if they are offered a chance to be in it.


The Middle Eight competition is not Superleague, it's the new second tier, it's the new Championship. Those who are bouncing about promotion, about "refreshing Superleague" firstly face the very strong possibility that there will be no promotion, secondly even if they realised their dream and Halifax, Fev Sheffield and Leigh smashed their way to promotion in some sort of dream sequence where do you think they will be once the first 22 SL games are played out 2016.


Still in the new Championship.


Try to face the reality of Money league, forget this building rubbish. Nowhere was "building for SL" hailed louder than at Fev where they spent every penny they could find standing still. Then along comes a very rich man and it's Superleague here we come on his £Millions laying bare the lie of building. He walks out and it's Dual Registration in disguise here we come as the club nurses Leeds reserves. 


The biggest clubs develop most of the best players, and those they don't develop they buy up anyway. There's only a few of them who win all the cups. Beyond that you can find a very rich man to pay £10's of Mllions in to be a big club too even though on matchdays the stands are mostly empty and they don't win cups. There's only a few of them.


It's professional sport, the league mirrors the cash available to the clubs.


So all that diatribe adds up to the fact that you want an eight team SL, since there are no other candidates to be a "big"team. You claim to have ambition for the sport but, in reality, your nirvana is a small footprint (8) where Leeds are ring fenced and protected for evermore and where the game never spreads it's success any wider than that. You are a modern day SL Luddite.