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In Topic: Why you love RL

Yesterday, 12:51 PM

Put it this way, with the assorted whingers and moaners and 'can't be arsed going'-ers that make up a too large percentage of RL fans, it must be a hell of a game to keep me interested!
Even with the Bulls down in the dumps, the game is still brilliant.

Really can't be doing with the attitude towards international RL though. ...its a disgrace.


If I was a Bulls fan, I would take a glass half full approach to next season.


The Bulls will be a top Championship team and should win most of their games. There will be some new locations to travel to to pique interest. A trip to Cumbria in the middle of summer can be made like a holiday weekend with the coast and the lakes so close.


Then there's the beauty of the Aire valley and the throbbing metropolis of Keighley to visit, You could always do Haworth and come down on the steam railway and have a pint of the best beer in the country. This coupled with a massive derby game should be the highlight of the season ;) .

York seem a good bet for promotion this season. If so, York is a great place for a day out.


Then, look at the playoffs? The Bulls will be nailed on for a 3 x 8 place. if they were still in SL they still might be but the chances of making the top 8 league would be not so high and coming in looking at promotion is way better than coming in looking to avoid relegation. Triumphant attacks are way better that gritty rearguard actions.


Then you get to see what a top class stadium looks like on your visits to Leigh, Doncaster, Halifax and Featherstone.


Lots of positives for the Bulls fans.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Yesterday, 12:26 PM

What good are the lower tiers to the total game? They dont provide the players they come from youth and amateur RL, they dont provide the visibility or money that comes from SL. 


Why does the game belong to a small subsection of clubs in the middle parts of the game?


Maybe the lower tiers should try and earn their own money instead of demanding handouts?


Maybe the SL clubs should do the same.


The number of players moving to SL clubs from the Championship teams would suggest you are not entirely correct there.


Being the whole enchilada and being a part of the meal are two different things. You don' even think they belong on the table.


If there is a breakaway 8 team league I'll give it ten years before it folds. Too small, too repetitive, too geographically small and don't throw Catalans at me, Sky could care less about France. Expansion would not occur. They are too greedy and self centred for that. No pie for you is their mantra.

In Topic: Expansion

Yesterday, 12:16 PM

What you are a proponent of will year on year. reinforce exactly that image. You favour automatic promotion and relegation a sure way of seeing that pro rugby league in this country remains in its ghetto and eventually loses what status it has.
If you think heritage of the game is what you say it is then I suggest you study it's history. The club's that broke down away were some of the biggest most successful in the game, the areas in which the games gas had underdog status have seen little if any triumph.

Your comment on another person's post is arrogant and lacks an appreciation of what they are saying.


And this has not happened in soccer and RU because ?


I have studied it's history. The clubs broke away because they depended for their income on working class support and to keep that they needed to play their top class working class players and they could not play without broken time money. No matter that the management/owners of these clubs were rich, they were working class dependent organisations in complete contrast to Blackheath, who needed nothing of the sort.


The triumph is that they still exist after a 100 years of virulent hostility and repression from RU and it's assorted Govt.friends.


You are the undoubted expert on arrogance since you exhibit it in almost every point you make so you must be right about me. I'll try to tone it down in future.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Yesterday, 12:02 PM

As a test case, it'll be interesting to follow Salford's attendances over the next few years. 


They had, until very recently, a poor team, an old stadium and no money to spare for marketing/promotion. 


Now they have a team that is building in quality, a brand new home and an aggressively proactive rich owner.


One to watch...


They should improve their attendances with a decent team and a new stadium although it has some drawbacks. In the David  Watkins era with a top team but at the old stadium they were pulling in some good attendances.

In Topic: What can we do to increase attendances?

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

I dont disagree, i dont even think they are wrong in doing so. Its their money, for their product, built on the back of their efforts, im not sure why others think they have a right to it.


However once again, the NFL model makes it in the top clubs interests, they dont get more of the pie but there is a bigger pie to start with. That is why revenue sharing is good for them, it isnt getting more pieces out of the same pie, its getting more pieces out of a bigger pie. They end up with more,. That is what would work,


What wouldnt work is simply expecting them to give more to other people for nothing in return. 



We are one game or we are not. If there is to be no aid to the lower tiers and SL want the lot, then they should break away and do their own thing, What good are they to the total game.?