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In Topic: Batleys ground now to be known as fox's biscuits stadium

Yesterday, 10:22 PM

I think you need to bear with Batley on this one - it's not a black and white issue and there is no need to bamboozle anyone at the moment.  :ph34r:


As Charlie Brown would say 'Oh good grief". I guess Fox are leaving cookies and milk for the Bulldogs this festive season. Happy Christmas to all.

In Topic: Dual Reg: Conflict of interests?

Yesterday, 10:14 PM

Top four leigh bulls Fev and London IMO its nailed on dont know in what order though. Then for 5th to 8th its between fax eagles dewsbury and town the other 4 will be the bottom 4 IMO. But like I say its just guess work.Thats why I don't think DR will get anywhere near the middle 8 as if I'm correct theirs only fax donny town hunslet and haven using it and none of those clubs will make the middle 8 unless their parent club DRs them big game players which I very much doubt will happen in this new system as the fear factor will be their for their parent clubs too. DR will be massively downgraded next season IMO as the parent club won't want to DR a good player out with the fear factor and every game meaning something. If the player in question is a good player the parent club will play him even if he's not fit under this new system as theirs too much at stake for them too.


Well, time will tell. Fev were very dodgy last season and seemingly have cash problems and Doncaster were in the top four and are again fielding Hull loanees. London seem improved but time will tell there as well. Batley are much improved and so long as Aston is working his magic at Sheffield I would never count them out. Fax are always solid.Town with new money and Wigan players cannot be counted out. I don't think this division, apart from the top two, is cut and dried at all, so the DR conflict of interests might well arise. 


I share your hopes that the DR will fade, fail and die, the sooner the better.

In Topic: Dual Reg: Conflict of interests?

Yesterday, 08:33 PM

Like I said previously keighley no club that is DRged will make the middle 8 I'm very confident about that. Also I think the top 4 positions in the champ are nailed on its from 5th down that could be anyone or anything IMO.If I were DRing I would be more worried about fighting relegation without having the DR players than the middle 8 as IMO it won't happen.


It applies to both p and r. Workington have every chance of making the top four therefore middle eight playoff league and they are in a DR. Halifax also. As far as I am concerned the 3rd and 4th spots are up for grabs between Halifax, Town, the Eagles, the Dons ( another DR team) Batley, Fev and maybe even Dewsbury and the Broncos. Any two from that lot could get the spots.

In Topic: Dual Reg: Conflict of interests?

Yesterday, 03:05 PM

Lets face it if a club is in a DR agreement with a SL club theirs little to no chance they will make the middle 8. Clubs who enter into a DR agreement obviously don't want to go up or are struggling to compete with the competion their in. I don't like DR but I can honestly say any team in a DR agreement will not make the middle 8. Its a way of saving money any trying to keep up with the competion not using it to try and get promoted that's for sure. I am very confident this scenario will not come to pass unless most of the championship clubs are in a DR agreement which won't happen.


Take Workington as an example. They just got a record sponsorship deal and they have a DR with Wigan. Combine the two and they might just  out a team capable of making the eight. After Bradford and Leigh, the other two championship spots are up for grabs.


Even if Wigan don't drop to the middle eight, the Wigan team might have an injury crisis and decide to recall their players from Town for the benefit of the club just as they were preparing for fixtures against SL teams in the middle eight. The team would be up against it even with the Wigan players and suddenly the team is decimated just when they need all hands to the pumps. That would kill stone dead any renaissance in Workington. The public will not flock to watch Town A team.

In Topic: gloucs/bath

Yesterday, 02:50 PM

Blimey a proper competitive scrum with pushing and everything, makes league scrums look utterly pathetic.


If they reset it one more time I'll get hypothermia hanging around in the cold like this.