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  1. I thought this event was in direct competition with a long standing RU sevens of legendary popularity and it has decimated the attendance at that to the point where they had to cut their ticket prices. On the marketing aspect, we ought to be able to replicate that. Weave in clips of the WC semi highlights and the England 4 nations near misses, llink this with clips of the Auckland even and then push the " And now there is an opportunity to watch this at the new England nines at the location of choice, be it Millenium, Man City or wherever. If we started with a 20,000 attendance and built from there we should be able to replicate the NZ event as a must see event.
  2. I think the championship is exactly the right place to test their readiness. If they cannot get better crowds, sponsors and players than the likes of Leigh, Bradford and the rest then they are not ready for prime time.
  3. You smug person you. I hope for your sake Leeds play better than they did at then end of last season or their aging team will be coming face to face with the reality that father time is undefeated and might be competing for their lives with the rest of the great unwashed you so despise.
  4. Relegation wasn't irrelevant to "big" club Bradford and "Big city" club London mow was it. Promotion wasn't irrelevant to upwardly mobile Hull KR or top eight regulars Huddersfield, was it ?
  5. So all that diatribe adds up to the fact that you want an eight team SL, since there are no other candidates to be a "big"team. You claim to have ambition for the sport but, in reality, your nirvana is a small footprint ( where Leeds are ring fenced and protected for evermore and where the game never spreads it's success any wider than that. You are a modern day SL Luddite.
  6. The exposure of the Auckland event and the tremendous rugby on show there ought to have whetted the appetite of the fans. How come the smallest nation of the big three, NZ, can generate 40,000 attendance and huge TV interest but in this country it draws poorly.? We must have missed something.
  7. What are you talking about. If Leeds highpoint in attendances was 18,000 then that was the zenith, Have they ever been higher, Jeopardy. Who mentioned jeopardy ? But, seeing as you introduced it into the thread and equated that with instability. Well that's your take on p and r and jeopardy. I feel that giving opportunity to broaden the scope of teams who have competed at the top level and replacing underperforming teams from that top group is healthy for the game, and, in the long run contributes to the stability of the code even if a particular team is inconvenienced along the way by being relegated
  8. Well by new I mean new to SL so Featherstone, Leigh, Cumbria, Halifax, anywhere that's been out of the pale for a goodly length of time.
  9. And Leigh or Bradford or whomever won't be promoted by chance. It will be the result of a good team, well coached winning the prize on the field which will have been achieved by backroom planning and management. That was the absolute zenith of Leeds attendances and so it is more likely they would fall than rise, but I will admit that if any team can breach the 20,000 barrier it will be Leeds as they are in by far the biggest city represented in SL. I do not see why the 20,000 level cannot be gained by Leeds under the current system.
  10. To avoid relegation all those bottom placed clubs would have to do is beat off the challenge of the championship clubs in the middle eight. It s likely they would do that.
  11. And it looks like it will do again as the game is heading for a sellout and the club increased their gates last season whist FCs fell, again, which begs the question, which is the bigger of the two Hull teams and which should we keep seeing as how Hull are failing and have stadium problems ?
  12. Why do we ever play the games if the result needs to be voided if it doesn't suit and endangers a "big" club.? Maybe the health of the game is enhanced if there is success in new areas and a wider distribution of enthusiastic and passionate fans, as a result, over a wider area.
  13. Seeing as how, in the history of the game, there has never been a club averaging 20,000, I think that is highly optimistic if not downright delusional. The London figure might be doable but only if they had a vey successful team which they have not had for some time. London might bounce back and achieve that. Perpignan went from nothing to something. Sheer chance throws up some unlikely outcomes sometimes.
  14. But the total aggregate attendance will be 42,000 as against 27,000. That's progress and a change of format so it's a little difficult to make direct comparisons but the totals are the totals and 42,000 is greater than 27,000.
  15. I think they should transform it to the northern hemisphere nines tournament and I think it would sell out both days then.
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