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#3019484 Salford Red Devils sign million-pound kit deal

Posted by keighley on Today, 12:07 AM

other than mentioning welsh unions deal with UA, at the same time I mentioned spurs deal with UA.......I haven't mentioned Union in this thread. However, it would seem that certain posters here would rather try to turn this debate into a cross code thread rather than discuss the 1 million pound deal.
How my questioning the validity of the 1 million pound claim is "making League smaller compared to another sport" is quite a mystery. As it stands, the deal "could be worth up to a million" so I was right to question the original statement that Salford had signed a deal worth a million pounds.They haven't.


What if we edit it to read " a potential million pound deal" Would that shut you up?.  

#3019208 "Rugby league's international failure is spectacular"

Posted by keighley on Yesterday, 01:38 PM

Out of interest, why did Mal Meninga want the Four Nations to be cancelled?


Because there is a very remote possibility that the relatively weak Australia squad might not win. :biggrin:

#3019198 Leigh to announce 4 new signings

Posted by keighley on Yesterday, 01:25 PM

I wish I didn't agree with you, but I do.


I don't think there are any people out there who actually want(ed) franchising - just those who thought it the most pragmatic response to the problems the game faces. As long as we continue to see the number of young players coming through that we have in recent years, I'll be quite happy with the change. It's just that I suspect we won't.


The decline in players coming through will be due to the serious decline in junior rugby at amateur level rather than anything else.

#3019195 "Rugby league's international failure is spectacular"

Posted by keighley on Yesterday, 01:18 PM

Keighley, clearly the media ignores the game to a certain extent (not during last year's World Cup) but you've got to ask why as clearly there are reasons behind it and we can't hide behind the idea of sporting racism and the establishment any longer in my opinion.


Firstly, I agree, the administrators of the game could do much better pushing the game to the media via press conferences, Talk show appearances, press releases to the newspapers.


However, when the Flowers incident can get repeated mentions and the four nations cannot get even a peep out of them then one has to ask if sporting racism is not alive and kicking. I'll bet a pound to a penny the meaningless RU international friendlies in November get pages and pages of coverage and even knock soccer off the lead stories on the sports TV bulletins.


I think the establishment prejudice against our game is still there, a little more subtle than in the past but there nevertheless and their adulation and beyond favouritism coverage of all things RU continues unabated.


If Burgess plays a blinder with a broken cheek for Bath or England they will put him up for a medal not completely ignore it or consign it to a little box under the hockey scores.

#3019180 Two South Wales Youngsters Sign For Widnes Vikings

Posted by keighley on Yesterday, 12:57 PM

Of course I am lol its the RFL your talking about remember lol. Like I said where are these world class young academy players? You can't even name one? I rest my case.by the looks of the grading system you have the facilities just not the talent to fill it.


The talent at Widnes got them into the cup semi finals and the first round of the playoffs. The talent at Leeds got them one round further in the cup and the first round of the playoffs.

#3019162 "Rugby league's international failure is spectacular"

Posted by keighley on Yesterday, 12:40 PM

And this is the point.  And it has jack all to do with whether the media are nice to us or not.  With so little thought given to international RL it follows that it will only ever be a handful of sports fans who know it's going on - especially when it's on the other side of the world.


Nobody knows because the publicity and promotion are practically nil. We certainly need Sky but we fail to reach the majority of the populace when we are not on terrestrial TV.


I live abroad and was watching the BBC overseas channel sports. They spent five minutes out of 15 on Serbia and Bulgaria failing to finish a soccer game but failed to even mention that England are playing Samoa in the four nations tomorrow.


We may plan badly but we get ignored by the media as well. I read two pages in the mail on the England RU squad but never a mention of the England RL team who are playing internationally imminently not next month.

#3018316 Salford Red Devils sign million-pound kit deal

Posted by keighley on 23 October 2014 - 12:33 AM

It's not a negative light. Salford have a new kit manufacturer and this supplier is a large US company with lots of other sports connections, such as I had outlined earlier. This is great news. 


What is under discussion is the value of this deal and the claim that it is "reported" as being worth 1 Million Pounds.


Given the Good Doctors propensity for exaggeration, it is perfectly acceptable for anyone to question the accuracy of this claim. Simple maths, as used by another poster show the calculations for UA to receive a ROI.


You on the other hand believe that UA are buying a foothold in the game, an opinion not without merit.


Alas, if I were the marketing executive charged with gaining a foothold in Rugby League for my employer, I can assure you that the side with the lowest average attendance of the 28 professional teams in the top tier globally would not be where I'd be looking.....especially if I had a million quid in my sky rocket to hand over. Nope.....I'd be off to a Leeds or a Wigan if I were set on the UK, but probably I'd be heading to NZ Warriors where I could be confident of shifting many shirts in many different designs to a supporter base made up of an entire country.


Salford sell no more than 3,000 replica shirts a year. Hell...say they sell 6,000. Exactly what foothold in RL is that delivering to the supplier?


Who knows what the intricacies of the deal are ? The good news is that it is a fact. Maybe the company took a punt on Salford because Dr Khoukash moves in the same circles as the CEO and this is an old pals deal ? Maybe the location of the club in Manchester was a factor. Maybe the other SL powers already have kit deals with other manufacturers.


Maybe they will also broker a deal with an NRL Club.


This is good new for RL. however small a deal it might be. Look on the positive side of things. Last year they were looking for a deal on a shroud for the Salford club.

#3018210 Two South Wales Youngsters Sign For Widnes Vikings

Posted by keighley on 22 October 2014 - 07:41 PM

Your point is? Theirs only one club in this thread been mentioned and that's Widnes. Where did I mention any other club doing the same thing even though I know they do. VW tried to bull his club up for producing home grown talent so I responded as these 2 players are not Widnes's home grown talent.


I thought he was extolling his club on their vision in scouting in Wales and finding talented players for their team.

#3018173 Two South Wales Youngsters Sign For Widnes Vikings

Posted by keighley on 22 October 2014 - 06:58 PM

Spot on parky if Widnes's production line was that good they wouldn't need to look else where for young talent. I'm not saying its a bad thing bringing in outside young talent but VWs post is blowing his clubs trumpet ( which nothing wrong with that if it was true) but its the opposite IMO. It says to me Widnes have none or not many good youngsters coming through so had to look else where.


Isn't McIllorum from Leeds ? Aren't Dudson and Flowers from Wales and a couple of their first team squad from London and yet nobody is claiming Wigan can't produce their ownplayers.

#3015502 Keighley: “We must assume we’re in League 1″

Posted by keighley on 17 October 2014 - 11:42 AM

I don't know how their acceptance of CC1 status gels with the fact that they are forcing an EGM of of the RFL to dispute and discuss this matter. It looks like two opposite arguments are coming from the club.They should make up their mind exactly what they are trying to do.

#3014881 Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Posted by keighley on 16 October 2014 - 10:40 AM

Until the game here can get itself sorted out financially I do not really see the point in expanding beyond the boundarys we have now.
Speaking of silly posts, I noticed somebody mentioned the NFL earlier in this thread. You cannot even consider using that and the possible establishment of an NFL franchise in London as a comparison. The NFL is a global brand watched by millions, I doubt RL would ever get near that even though it might aspire to it in it's own mind.

Was the game in any better financial shape when Catalans and all the new CC1 clubs joined.? Should we tell Toulouse to stop bothering us because of the finances being in bad shape ? Should we tell Coventry not to proceed for next season as the finances are poor ?

This particular proposal seems to be pretty much self financing if they are giving us genuine information and have their ducks in a row.

#3014875 Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Posted by keighley on 16 October 2014 - 10:31 AM

Right expansion has failed big time barring the Catalans. Who is going to lose their place and be sent out of existence to accommodate Toronto? Also this they should be exempt from the cap well so was the NW crusaders and look what happened their. I'm all for expansion but not at someone else's expense (I was before expansion failed) but doing this is on another whim hoping it works etc. if they want to make it work they should be in the same cap as everyone else in the champ one unless they are going full time if this is the case then the other clubs in champ one should have the option of full time RL too. If other champ one clubs don't want to go full time fair enough but they should still be offered the chance. Fairness in sport I'm all for where rules are concerned. Obviously not everything is fair in sport but the rules should be the same for everyone and not just for certain teams it suits. By all means bring them in but no special treatment as every expansion club as had special treatment and all barring Catalans as fell on its aris.

1. Did they ask for an exemption from the salary cap.? I would have thought keeping their wage bill low was in their interests,

2.Why does anyone have to lose their place due to the Canadians getting a spot.? did anyone lose their place when Oxford, Hemel, Gloucester and North/South Wales joined.? Will anyone lose their place when Coventry kick off next season ?

#3014426 Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Posted by keighley on 15 October 2014 - 01:40 PM

It won't happen.

And even if it did it would last a couple of seasons at most.

In my view this is all about the fact there is not much RL to report at the moment. (It also distracts from the fact that the leadership in northern hemisphere RL don't really don't seem to have a realistic plan to go forward for expanding the international game.)

All that ignores the fact that the Canadians approached and, in fact, applied to become members of the RFL in general and CC1 in particular. It was not a publicity seeking off season PR exercise form the RFL.

It may last only a couple of seasons as did the Crusaders, many previous Welsh ventures and Toulouse in the Championship.

On he other hand it might last a long time like French RL, Hemel Hempstead, or the Cumbrian clubs or Featherstone and Castleford.

Also I don't think the Northern hemisphere should be singled out. The Aussies have failed to push expansion in their own country and have belatedly discovered that the Pacific Islands are worthy of their attention this very year. The RLEF have kick started the game in many European nations. What have the Aussies done ?

#3014391 Ben Flower banned for 6 months

Posted by keighley on 15 October 2014 - 12:59 PM

I know you are talking about 'that' video. But your assessment there has two MAJOR assumptions. First, that SW says something to that effect every single match. I highly doubt that the team talk before the GF, when the player would have been pumped up any way would have been the same, or even close.
Second, you are assuming that the players take SW literally when he says that.
If your assumptions are correct, then I suppose we will see wigan the top of the foul play list, in particular for striking. I can see that Wigan are fourth overall for penalties from the SL site (presumably in the regular season as no reds are shown), but I have no idea how to tell how many of those are for punching or other 'stricking' foul play as opposed to offside, obstruction, holding on and the like...

Watching Mcillorum consistently hitting players late after the ball has gone, Robinson in the Giants game, and others makes you wonder if targeting the playmakers is a coaching philosophy. The Samoans did the same against France in the WC and knocked out both their halfbacks.

There is no proof but it makes me wonder. Burrow in the WCC against Manly at Elland Road comes to mind as well.

#3013813 Canadian team apply to join Championship 1 (merged threads)

Posted by keighley on 14 October 2014 - 01:07 PM

Yes another PSG pipe dream. Another club with dreams.


The PSG was a figment of Lindsay's imagination and was thrown together in haste in a hope and a prayer situation in the wrong city with no history of support for the game.


This proposal looks to have been considered with a little more thought and planning behind it. It's still a gamble but so was the whole of Australian RU going over to league in 1908 or the French in the 1930's.


There was a nascent league in Italy in the 50's which was crushed by RU and the infamous ban. If it was started today I bet it would do better. RL is making strides in Serbia, Russia, The Ukraine, Scandanavia, Fiji, PNG and the USA. All these countries don't have much in the way of finance but here we have a proposal which, at first glance, appears to be self financed with sponsors, TV magazine programmes, a history of 4 to 7,000 attendances in Toronto with only baseball as a competitor in summer and we are running it down. 


Let the RFL do due diligence on the finances, examine the logistics of the whole thing, and if it looks like a winner, let them have a go. They are taking all the risks. They will be the ones carrying the can if it falls flat and fails.


For RL it's a great opportunity to expand the game to the most affluent continent in the world with an affinity for a rugby sourced type of game. it's like manna from heaven with no risks and we are decrying it. I hope the RFL, if they are satisfied with what's on offer, give them the green light.