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#3064696 Only 330 tickets left

Posted by keighley on 01 February 2015 - 08:10 PM

Then what is the point in expanding it? it doesn't really make much sense to take one game that averages 27k and turn it in to three that average 14k


But the total aggregate attendance will be 42,000 as against 27,000. That's progress and a change of format so it's a little difficult to make direct comparisons but the totals are the totals and 42,000 is greater than 27,000.

#3064000 London Broncos Business Club Launches!

Posted by keighley on 31 January 2015 - 06:27 PM

It seems to me that the Broncos are much more organised and ambitious since they were relegated than they were before. Anyhow, good luck to them and well done on this initiative.

#3063088 Only 330 tickets left

Posted by keighley on 29 January 2015 - 08:46 PM

Im not sure what you think you are proving with your first point. Did anyone dispute that at any stage?


The John Charles can 'theoretically' configure itself for 4k capacity, it theoretically has 3450. I doubt either of those figures are either true or likely to be all that tested.


So despite getting the best attendance figures for the event ever and expanding the tournament, all you can do is ##### about Saints and their use of their new ground which only seats 18,000. If , in future years these game continue to sell out and demand vastly exceeds supply of available seats, I am sure consideration to looking at bigger venues will be in the plans For now, we are looking at a roaring success and I think your criticism is negative and destructive to our game.

#3063069 Only 330 tickets left

Posted by keighley on 29 January 2015 - 08:21 PM

Yep, criticising comfortably the worst attendance in the WCC for over a decade is definitely what's holding the game back. The game definitely isn't held back the low ambition of putting a game on in a stadium that was guaranteed to get the worst attendance in over a decade.


I haven't bashed the game at all, im a huge supporter of it. Im bashing the administrators that guaranteed the importance and visibility of the game, the first big event of the season, has gone backwards so they can get a bit of money.


Perhaps next year we can put it on at South Leeds Stadium, we can celebrate selling all 4000 tickets. It will be brilliant.


Building blocks and all that, we have managed to go from 37k in 2005 to 18k in 2015, play our cards right and by 2025 we can put it on in my garden and celebrate selling out all 8 tickets within minutes.


In actual fact we have expanded it to three games , so 18,000 at Saints, 20,000 at Wigan and 12,000 at Warrington will add up to 50,000 so by far the best ever.


By the way if you sell 4,000 tickets for a stadium with a capacity of less than 3,000 you will be watching on Sky from your gaol cell.

#3062897 5 Positives from your club

Posted by keighley on 29 January 2015 - 03:58 PM

Oldham Roughyeds


1. eeeeerrrrrr ????????? :banghead:

2. mmmmmmmmm?????? :banghead:

3. aaaahhhhhhhhh?????? :banghead:

4.let me think now !!!!!!!!! :banghead:

5. Theres nothing at all happened at Oldham to be positive about now for 20 years to my knowledge :maninlove:


That's a very funny post but come on 1.The club still exists.

                                                            2. The nomadic trek looking for a ground has ended. be it ever so humble etc etc.

                                                            3. Pushed Leeds A team to the limit having reached the grand final from a low playoff spot.

                                                            4. Hope springs eternal. One day you WILL win promotion.

                                                            5. Maybe it will be this coming season, going up along with Keighley.

#3062571 Shaun Johnson wins the 2014 Rugby League World Golden Boot

Posted by keighley on 29 January 2015 - 05:56 AM

Simon Mannering crowned Kiwi player of the year!! I would have expected Shaun Johnson the golden boot winner to be the best Kiwi player of the year but there you go aye  ;)  :onthequiet:


I would have expected it also. Mannering is a workhorse 2nd row but not the star of the flair that Johnson is and has.

#3062504 Growing reach of RL

Posted by keighley on 28 January 2015 - 09:55 PM

I logged on to the board and saw threads about WCC v the Aussie clubs, Cardiff RLFC, Newcastle Thunder and Catalans all grouped together on the board and it struck me that, despite all setbacks, the reach and footprint of the game is inexorably spreading slowly to the point whereby the heartlands are not the sole focus of our attention and I thought this was good to see.

#3061539 Salford Red Devils

Posted by keighley on 27 January 2015 - 03:40 AM

and if it weren't for very rich men throwing money at it they would still be dead. South's aren't the little club that could they are the rich club who did. Nobody at all is advocating keeping rich people out of the game. If Paul Allen wants to throw millions at keighley bring it on.


They were dead. They were evicted from the league because of supposed lack of potential. You should brush up on the issue. Tens of thousands marched in the streets demonstrating against this madcap decision.

#3061311 Leeds in Division two.

Posted by keighley on 26 January 2015 - 03:07 PM

You know nothing about my outlook. How would you assess your own outlook?


Positive and hopeful. That's all you can be when Keighley are your club.

#3061283 Leeds in Division two.

Posted by keighley on 26 January 2015 - 01:57 PM

This information changes the entire complexion of the discussion. I can't thank you enough. And only a hundred and twelve years ago as well


Just a little trivia to lighten your always miserable outlook.

#3061068 Leeds in Division two.

Posted by keighley on 26 January 2015 - 02:30 AM

I meant to post this on the Leigh season tickets sales thread but it was locked before I could do so.


Scotchy was in his Leeds are  aristocrats mode and was  making much of the fact that Leeds had never been in the second division EVER.


Well I wish to inform him that in season 1902-03 Leeds were promoted from the 2nd Division behind, WAIT FOR IT, the Champions KEIGHLEY.


So that dispels that little myth.

#3060555 Record ST sales at Leigh

Posted by keighley on 25 January 2015 - 01:53 PM

Leigh aren't some upstart new kids on the block, they are a club which is over 100 years old. So they are treated as a 100+ year old club, and they are judged as a 100+year old club. They aren't a new club, they aren't an expansion club spreading the game to a new area, they aren't building those links and foundations, they have already doe it over the past 100+years.


And lets be honest, in the context of a club which has existed for 100+ years, in the context of a club in the heartlands of our game and all the advantages that confers, they aren't doing well. They aren't even aiming to do well. Even the most biased Leigh fan is not predicting or even really hoping that they do 'well'. In the context of clubs who have existed for 100+ years in the heartlands of our game 2-3k averages are not doing well, 5-6k averages are not doing well, 7-8k averages are not doing well. If Leigh aren't some upstart new kid on the block then they are judged to the standard the other clubs have set, and that is Leeds, or Wigan or Saints, or Wire.


Nobody on these boards, rarely even the fans of those clubs, defend Wakefield or Castleford for the very valid criticism of those clubs, yet for some reason we are supposed to celebrate Leigh aiming for (not even achieving yet) those levels.


I don't want to wallow in the self-satisfaction of I told you so, I want the game to grow, I want the best players to not only stay in SL but to come to SL, I want to watch RL in good surroundings and big crowds


If teams averaging 7 to 8,000 are not doing well then that excludes most of SL. Don't get too smug. I remember Leeds on 6,000 and Wigan on 5,000 and Wire as well. Delusions of superiority breed contempt but pride comes before a fall. Ask Bradford.


The signs are that Leeds decade of superiority with the golden generation are slowly coming to an end and we will see what happens then. Ask Hull.


As for watching RL in good surroundings, I think LSV is a very good ground, definitely superior to Headingley on any measure except capacity.

#3060092 Record ST sales at Leigh

Posted by keighley on 24 January 2015 - 02:06 PM

The central funding - TV and sponsorship revenue - is entirely generated by SL. Why should those clubs give more money to Championship clubs who don't do anything to generate it.


Because it's important to expand the footprint of the game and also to have as many strong clubs as possible. Your argument is exactly the one the uber rich spout when they decry giving any of their money via taxes to the great unwashed.


Looking at the standard of living today for the average Briton compared to 1895, I would say giving money to the championship clubs should payoff over time.

#3060087 European RL Map

Posted by keighley on 24 January 2015 - 01:49 PM

I have said this before but I am probably one of the older posters on here and when I was a boy, the only RL clubs in Europe were in Northern England and France. Internationally there were only four teams worldwide and we held several world cups with only the four.


The growth of the game is nothing short of amazing to me and every month it seems like there is a new country or foreign club taking up the game. Even though the expansion of the game in the UK has slowed or even contracted a bit recently  still has a huge footprint compared to what was in situ when I were a lad.


Long may such expansion continue.

#3059427 Sweden Rugby League

Posted by keighley on 22 January 2015 - 10:42 PM

The crowds were awful, but worse still the coverage non existent. Honestly you wouldnt have hAd any idea a RLWC was taking place, with the cricket you did...and both sports are on a par on terms of profile. The difference was there were Irish cricketers performing and that garnered some attention.

The attendance in Ireland for the world cup might seem to be small but I believe it was the highest attendance RL had ever managed to attract to a game in the Emerald Isle.