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Swinton 1st Dec open meeting

21 December 2014 - 05:24 AM

There is a long report well worth reading on the Swinton Lions website regarding an open meeting on 1st December


The bits I found most interesting were

1. At the beginning of 2014 the club was 250,000 pounds in debt.

2. They entered a CVA and formed a new club involving the supporters trust whilst the old club received central funding to service the CVA.

3. In mid summer it was discovered the old club was negotiating with Sale RU behind the back of the new club re ownership.

4.The RFL stepped in and the two clubs went into negotiations

5.The end result was that the new club are now the owners of Swinton Lions, debt free but having to resolve the CVA issues

6.The club is to quit the LSV and have signed a three year deal with Sedgeley Park RU

7..The club is still in touch with Dr Khoukash, who is in negotiations with Salford mayor to build a 4,000 capacity stadium for the Lions in Swinton town centre.

8. The Lions will not enter into a DR next season.

9 The Lions are re engaging with the Swinton community and have forged contacts with Swinton High School, Eccles College and Manchester University and have invited local amateur clubs to a 9's competition.

10. The club knows it has had bad communications in the past and is trying to improve this using the web site, twitter, facebook, Salford radio and a TV outlet costing 3 pounds fifty a month for Lions matches.


I thought the Swinton club was on it's beam ends but much of this is positive. It takes a lot to kill a RL club.


Union giving 10,000 to state schools who start RU teams

22 October 2014 - 07:16 PM

I read an article in 21st October's Independent about the RU trying to get 750 state schools playing RU and they will each get 10,000 pounds, training, equipment and expertise.


Not only that but at Eccles RU club, in RL heartland territory, Prince Harry turned up to promote this programme.


I have two questions abut this.


1. How can a sport be given access to promote itself in state schools and are other sports given equal opportunity ?


2. As Harry is on the public payroll is he going to promote the RL's school tournament to show his impartiality as befits a Royal. ?


In any event this is a serious threat to RL in schools. Why would any school enter the RL school tournament when they can get 10,000 for dabbling in RU ?


Does anyone else on here think it's a threat to out game ?