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In Topic: Friday deadline!

23 September 2014 - 01:49 PM

Fc United's new ground, athletic ground at the side of etihad, Mossley Fc or even stalybridge Celtic. Always options available. No one whinged about Swinton and they found a place. But I do agree boundary park is by far the best option. Oh here's another one, Spotland. That'll get some hairnets in a twist.


I don't think the Biffs playing at Spotland would get many of us in a twist, it might p$$$ off a few of the soccer fans though given how some of them feel about the hallowed turf at Spotland. In fact you might get the odd one or two Hornets fans going to watch a game of rugby when we play away.

You'd be on the road for 7 weeks during the summer as the pitch absolutely must be relayed  :blink: every year. Begs the question of why the Spotland stadium company is debt, especially as they charge us £60K a year and "themselves" £120K. Could the Rougheyeds afford this. 

In Topic: Match Day 2015...

21 September 2014 - 09:32 PM

I've got to agree with with Larry, it may be a ###### idea but the board and club are right  to consider it, and maybe even trial it.


Just on a selfish note Sundays mornings and early afternoons are busy for me, a Saturday afternoon kick off may well be good for me.

In Topic: Match Day 2015...

20 September 2014 - 09:51 AM

Why would the players prefer Saturday to Sunday? Is it just so they can go out on the lash after the game?

 The players are part time semi pro's Col,


Most hold down full time 4o hour a week jobs, add to that training and another days work on match day and it it works out at a lot of hours each week. It's not like being a soccer player, train in the morning, golf in the afternoon, play on Saturday with plenty of time for families and children.


Most of the Hornets players just want a day that they can spend with their families. Sundays is that day.


Also some have jobs that a physically demanding, construction work and the like, playing on a Saturday will give them an extra day to recover from a game and when you've been tackled by three 16 stone men twenty time in a game you ache a bit the day after.


As a club we can't offer the best money but maybe we can offer better terms to attract better players or retain the ones we have.


There's a risk to attendances, some fans may not be able to go to games on a Sunday, but then again there may be some may find it easier.


It's worth looking at even if it never happens. Forward thinking

In Topic: Match Day 2015...

18 September 2014 - 02:51 PM

Change is always tough, and it's a gamble to a certain extent.


We could get all uppetty about it, some fans might have to miss a game or change well established routines and it's a pain but maybe it could work out in Hornets favour.


Seems to be a players initiative, it's them that want it, and I fully understand why. I'll bet there's many a player playing for other teams on more money that would much prefer to play on a Saturday rather than a Sunday. 


Just maybe these lads (on more money for a reason) would rather play for Hornets on a Saturday for a little bit less money than for someone else on a Sunday for a little bit more.


Just a thought, there are others.

In Topic: Whitebank redevelopment

17 September 2014 - 09:03 PM