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  1. Everybody going is in the novotel upto now that I know of. Have u got a different passport with your background mate haha
  2. No signed again for Dewsbury for 2020
  3. Heard mick has had a major heart attack
  4. It's the very same. Part of the deal to transfer ownership for Hornets is that the name stays as is so be no merger, and god forbid any mention of it, although had same thoughts myself tbh. Defo more than a sponsor
  5. I think they are so for that reason I am out
  6. Few yeds staying at novotel I think
  7. I have asked the club and was told they will see what they can do. No direct flights from any northern airport to Toulouse, some booked Gatwick friday to Monday £49 return
  8. Aaranson and brook both staying
  9. Matty Wilkinson signed another one year deal
  10. Gutted to hear ex Oldham prop Hugh waddell passed away this morning
  11. Jack Spencer new one year deal
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