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  1. Personally I would go for Stuart littler, build oldham back up, went wrong at swinton this season granted but done a great job there tbf
  2. Yeah challenge Cup semi final the fages try
  3. Can only of been a double knock on or the injury, who knows
  4. Yeah I was told you can pay on gate
  5. Probably a loan from Huddersfield I'll guess a two week loan
  6. Massive game this feels like do or die for our league campaign to me
  7. No just been told the bar didn't want to open on Sunday apparently
  8. There is no escape this season not being funny but we are gone. Would need probably 5 wins now to survive and can't see where they will come from, trying to be as optimistic as possible but also realistic too unfortunately. Roughyeds league one barring a miracle
  9. U confident it will be whitebank are you? So do you know he doesn't even have an office there now and runs the club from his house?
  10. The organ is decent, avoid spoons very slow service
  11. Agreed. Going up there nevertheless, long few months ahead on current showing
  12. Gifted Sheffield most of their points again yesterday, the key for me was the try we gave away right on halftime, and the dropped ball from kick off after getting back into it. Agree with the above key positions just just not upto it at the moment, I would get bowman on loan from batley and also nisbet back for season to strengthen the halves and fullback, play barran every week when he's fit. We need to roll our sleeves up now I fear we won't get out of that bottom two without drastic changes now unfortunately. I'll be there as always though next weekend
  13. Here we go, I'll end up with egg on my face again now but we will win today won't we ....
  14. Second year of a two year this for diskin I thought
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