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  1. Two names I've heard have applied so far, mike grady ex crusaders and south wales coach. Alan kilshaw ex Hornets coach
  2. He damaged his knee, potential ligament damage but trained fully the week before london game so maybe the knee still isnt right
  3. Precisely, I do however find the timing of this strange a few days before the biggest game of the season so far. I personally think nobby will go back to salford working with the reserves again. I wish him all the best, done a good job under testing circumstances
  4. Yesterday was a difficult day for the lads and those of you watching at home may not be aware of how it unfolded. The bus broke down before it even left Oldham so had to wait for a replacement, by the time the lads got to the ground around 14-50 they were only afforded a 10 minute warm up and then the game had to start at 3.15. Yday wasn't about the performance it was about the result
  5. Going to put my neck on the line here n say we will finish.......... 5th
  6. The FA pay for ground improvements as reward on promotion
  7. To be fair, stevie wonder has more vision than our Elton
  8. I thought gaz owen had his best game for a while, cru are no pushover but we definitely contribute to our own downfall, hopefully we will bring in a prop asap with a bit of go forward. We are slow and predictable
  9. So valu said that, why would a coach ask a chairman to sack him, if he wants out just quit
  10. Masters of our own downfall again
  11. Tbf I think the smaller ground suited us yday, nice ground that and a very tough place to go get a result. Thought some of the big earners let town down personally ie Hopkins was poor looked shattered. Tickle out for a month will hurt you and what's wrong with forber?
  12. Was at his brothers wedding yday
  13. Shambolic performance littered with poor handling, poor tackling and dreadful decision making. No money available to make improvements no doubt, but we need another prop and as stated above replacements for Holmes and maders. Painful to watch
  14. Got a serious knee injury that's why hes come home I'm told
  15. Would bring him back in a heartbeat, cracking player and has that aggressive streak we dont have at the moment. We need another center in my opinion
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