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  1. Ryan ince joins on a months loan from leigh
  2. Haha I was dancing left to right to keep my circulation going haha
  3. I was behind the sticks screaming for a penalty try, thought it was blatant myself. The trip is no longer an automatic red, pretty sure a rule change last season that
  4. From that list out this morning Beckett not going for sure
  5. I'm not going unfortunately, gutted to be missing the game and probably whitehaven week after too
  6. Worthington went hospital with a sore jaw, charnock came off with a knee injury, bridgey had dislocated thumb I think, beckett not going to Toulouse signed after was all booked I assume
  7. Yeah they will be, they get them every year
  8. I'm expecting to dual reg with Saturdays opponents tbh, hence the friendly, maybe I'm wrong again
  9. Haha don't be like that ya yorkie pudding haha
  10. Last season I had a 3xl but I was bought a 2xl this season so I should have got a 3xl, blaming a few xmas pounds for the need
  11. I got a 2xl and could of probably and should have got a 3xl I think, pretty similar to last season tbh
  12. Spencer has bicep injury and Hutchins pulled hamstring
  13. Spoons possibly mate, message me n will let u know
  14. Apparently I'm wrong haha, just googled it and they are, I'm sure I read somewhere they had decided not too. I'm wrong it would seem, apologies
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