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  1. York have said no haven't they? Didn't the rfl say it needed a minimum of 8 teams
  2. Charnock and Fletcher were already signed for 2021
  3. Lewis charnock is on second of a 2 year deal for 2021
  4. Kris welham going to fev according to twitter and Worthington going to fax
  5. Martin reilly signed from dewsbury apparently
  6. Charnock on contract for 2021
  7. Crusader, swinton, Hunslet, york, widnes all out
  8. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2020/07/order-your-oldham-rlfc-face-masks-here/
  9. https://www.totalrl.com/revealed-the-prize-pot-breakdown-of-rfls-autumn-competition/
  10. Play a minimum of 7 games I believe in each group and top 2 of each group form semi finals n then final. Contracts run until Nov 30th. Return to training would mean coming off furlough I assume, be suprised if we entered this comp and how many players will have holidays booked when season was due to end on September 6th?
  11. Any chance of a few dewsbury votes on this guessing u wont want batley to win it vote watersheddings oldham please
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