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Gerri Monside

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In Topic: Erasure star Andy Bell to attend Hull KR's opener v Castleford.

31 January 2016 - 10:31 AM

Was that the game Tim Wilby got concussion early on and couldn't remember the rest of the match?

Might well have been.  What also sticks in my memory is the confusion over who actually kicked the drop goal.  Some had it down as Clive Pickerill, others Charlie Birdsall or Sammy Lloyd.  Understandable as they all look so similar.....

In Topic: Erasure star Andy Bell to attend Hull KR's opener v Castleford.

31 January 2016 - 09:57 AM

I appreciate what you're saying Steve but I'm not sure if my definition of being entertained coupled with being a fan of a club is quite the same as yours.


If my team get mullered by another, it hurts very much and that reaction can't come as a result of me personally being entertained. It's similar to when my team, and before you say anything it doesn't happen very often, put a big score up against another team. Although it was satisfying last week because for a while it looked like Rovers were going to make a fist of it, it has to be said the four tries in a 9 minute spell (IIRC) were scored as much by Rovers poor defence as by Hull's newfound attacking prowess, although exactly which contributed the most is probably difficult to pinpoint. So although I was greatly entertained to an extent by my team last week, it was watered down ever so slightly by Rovers' inability to defend. (Once I'd stopped laughing I realised this.)


I've often wondered what it must be like to support St Helens. Clearly they've had more success in the SL era than the two Hull clubs combined but I'm not sure that I'd necessarily be too keen to support them. This isn't intended to be a slight on them as they're one of the teams that consistently put a big score on my team but also they're one of the teams that I nearly always think my team might just be in with a shout of beating before a game starts. And that clearly can't be down to their squad's ability as they can beat anybody on their day (Where have I heard that spouted often?), so it must be down to attitude and perhaps mental toughness. Also, when it comes to losing a game, without the slightest worry about repercussions, the week before a cup final due to fielding a weakened team, ask any RL fan which club would be happy to do this and Saints would certainly not be a pointless answer. (This perhaps occurring not quite so often as it used to, btw.)


I suppose it comes down to what your own personal definition of entertainment is.


I recall a couple of games at Odsal between Bradford and Hull around 1979/1980, one was a Yorkshire Cup SF and the other was a third round RL cup game, if memory serves. The first ended 0-3 and the other 2-3 I think, somebody may help me out here, but the point is there were no tries scored. Those two games are right up there with the most enjoyable matches I've ever attended so I guess it should follow that they're up there with the ones that entertained me the most. The defences in those two game were relentless and I felt privileged to have been at both.


I'd much rather attend a game like that than a free scoring affair where whichever team comes up with the least of many basic defensive lapses wins the day. 

It was the other way round OF, but great games nonetheless.  The 3-0 cup win was in 1980 and I remember it well.  As the drop goal went over I jumped into the air & promptly careered down the Odsal slag heap before my rapid descent was stopped by someone grabbing my shirt collar & nearly choking me.  Happy days!

In Topic: What bad news story can we expect this week?

30 January 2016 - 08:29 PM

By way of contrast, and probably OT, but I think this is really rather good.



In Topic: Kevin Sinfield

20 December 2015 - 10:27 AM

Just registered to vote using home & work e-mail accounts.  On the basis of last nights "strictly" result (which if organised by the RFL would have triggered the words "farce" "travesty" & "woeful") I actually think Kev could win.  It just takes all of the sport to get behind him & vote.  Which we appear to be doing. Good luck Kev.

In Topic: Nice Touch From the RFL

18 December 2015 - 01:19 PM

They sent me a Christmas card and a complimentary 2016 Grand Final key ring for my continued support of the game. Anyone else get one or am I special?

I got the same.  Rather nice I thought.