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In Topic: Empty Seats On The Telly.....

27 August 2014 - 12:51 PM

Would a "club membership" type offer work to make the costs more managable for those struggling. The club would arrange transport / tickets well in advance & you pay, say, £10 a month over a full calender year. That should enable you to get a reasonable ticket & a coach trip down for not too much pain. It could also build a greater sense of club ownership or belonging. As an added "incentive", you could get the clubs to take giant flags to display at a certain time in the build up, or get members of each club to parade their flag around the perimeter as part of the build up. And a parade of mascots....

Just ideas of course. I'd include clubs at all levels of the game in this.

In Topic: Empty Seats On The Telly.....

24 August 2014 - 03:53 PM

This year was the first time, as a neutral, I've left the ground with a very melancholy feeling about the final. I think melancholy  is the right word, not disappointment because the game itself wasn't bad & the spectacle is always great. Maybe worried might be a more fair reflection. The feeling actually started in our usual pre-match watering hole of the Allsop Arms which, though busy, was nowhere near as "rammed" as it has been in previous years. The same was true of the tube ride & to a certain extent the walk up Wembley way. There seemed far fewer food outlets etc. Then inside the stadium, there was the mass of empty seats and a more subdued atmosphere than usual. For me, despite the best efforts of Hull FC, the challenge cup final is THE event of the rugby league calendar and its such a shame to see it in the state it is now. Yesterday was perhaps the most dramatic illustration as many have stated on here: fewer neutrals, fewer "lower league" shirts, fewer amateur shirts & even fewer fancy dress.


I don't know what the answer is, but rescheduling would definitely help. A more practical gap between semis & final (4-5 weeks), more intensive promotion & less "bargain basement discounting" should also be considered.


Despite my melancholy/worries, I'll still be going again next year as it is, and always will be, the best date in the rugby league calendar. 

In Topic: Challenge Cup Final preview on YouTube

20 August 2014 - 10:33 PM

Subject matter is ok, with two clearly very knowledgeable people talking about the game. And I suppose any publicity is good. However, if were going to do stuff like this, a bit more thought on production values would help. A few clips of the earlier rounds showing the finalists in action, would have made it much better. As would a somewhat more atmospheric setting - anything would have been better than just sitting in an office.

In Topic: 17/08/14 - Bradford Bulls v Hull FC KO 3pm

17 August 2014 - 09:24 PM

Its difficult to know where to start. Non-existent right hand side defence, woefully ambitious offloads under no pressure, lamentable kicking game & a coach so clearly lacking ideas and ability its an embarrassment. And while we're at it, who from the management at Hull FC thought it would be a great idea to give our loanees (Pitts, Arundel) the freedom to play against us?

Fair play to Bradford, they wanted it more, played the conditions well & once in front had excellent game management.

An awful season from us. Mediocrity punctuated with moments of pure garbage. Didn't agree with Radford as coach, but was prepared to back him but he's served up tripe week in, week out. I don't buy the "transition season" & "clearing out the dead wood" either. This is the man who (allegedly) led the mutiny against Gentle with the claim that he could do much better. Well Lee, we have our answer now, don't we?

In Topic: Why the empty seats?

12 August 2014 - 09:44 PM

Probably an awful lot of factors influence the apparent demise of the Challenge Cup, which for me is something that must be addressed. Personally, I find it interesting that when overseas players sign for clubs over here, there seems to be one thing that they want to do above all else & that is to get to the Challenge Cup final at Wembley. So the interest is still there among the players. I'd also say that interest remains among a hard core of spectators who will go every year - many for the weekend. So why the empty seats?


From the start of superleague, the challenge cup was devalued by some at the very top of the game - including uncle mo. Sky, for years described it as a "distraction" and refused to even acknowledge its existence for a few years. There was a minor volte face a couple of years ago when Sky got a couple of games & all of a sudden it became "this wonderful old competition". And then there was what happened after the superleague split. The playing field became significantly less level & the chance of a shock appearance in a quarter, semi or even final became much rarer. I also think there is still an element of resentment from those clubs who didn't make it into superleague, who maybe still don't feel that they "belong" any more.


So for me, no single factor but it is something that needs addressing. I love the cup - it still has its magic after nearly 30 finals for me & I still intend, at some point to pick a team from the preliminary round & follow the winners all the way through.


Can't really say how I'd boost attendances &profile, but starting earlier, holding the rounds more regularly, really pushing it through all forms of media and not constantly discounting tickets would probably help.