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In Topic: That clip of Rangi Chase...

03 March 2015 - 12:20 PM

Had a look last night and it was close to 1 million "re-loops" on Vine.  As I'm not down with the kids I'm assuming that means close to 1 million views.  That's nothing short of fantastic.  When I saw it live at full speed, I thought "poor defending".  Having seen it again & in slow-mo, I'm really not sure how you can defend against a play like that.  Credit where it's due, it's a piece of magic.

In Topic: 28 Feb: Salford Red Devils v Hull FC KO 7.30pm

28 February 2015 - 10:46 PM

Well that was thoroughly disappointing. The defence which was so solid against Hudds & Wire seemed paper thin at times while the attack stuttered and spluttered apart from moments of individual graft & guile. Wrong options time & again.  Why take a tap on halfway when you could go for touch & start the last set on the 20m line? Why kick at goal with 20s on the clock at the end of the first half when you're 15m out? 

Salford seemed to want it much more than we did & Chase had some magical touches. 

I will make only one comment on Tim Roby's refereeing - how is it possible to put a team on a warning twice in the same game? Beggars belief.

As ever there was a great turnout from the Hull Faithful in a pitiful 3606 crowd. From the way we were crammed into the north stand I'd say we must have made up half of the total gate.  And on that score alone, we deserve better. I fear another false dawn and more empty promises beckons this season.

Sadly I'm hearing that there's been trouble outside the ground too. Some scrapping been posted on instagram, but it's too dark to really see what's gone on.

Finally - why is it necessary for the Salford stewards to prevent traffic from leaving the car park until 5 minutes after the final hooter?  It just gets people wound up. Fortunately I was parked at Barton, so it didn't matter to me - but this is no way to run a stadium.

All in all a pretty depressing evening.

In Topic: worst import ever ?

21 January 2015 - 12:05 PM

Who was the Aussie, signed by Millward for St Helens?  Clearly obese and only tackled pies.

Barry Ward?

In Topic: The Allams flexing their muscles?

16 January 2015 - 10:17 PM



I can't believe what I'm about to type but.....


To be fair to the Allams  :ohmy:  :rolleyes: , they arrived when the Football club, and thus the SMC, already ruled the roost and had an amount of scorn for their co tenants. History tells you it's the fault of the previous people who ran Hull FC as, when the Stadium was built, they were offered a 50% running of the SMC for a fee but seeing as they were effectively fly by nights they declined allowing the soccer team full control.


(By the way, you forgot to mention putting "Tigers" and "Tigress" signs over all the toilets at the stadium.)




Indeed the set up of the SMC was a farce of epic proportions and our board at the time showed a catastrophic lack of vision / ambition / strategic planning. However the "benevolent philanthropist of this parish" (for it is he), could have put things right when he took over. Instead, he went off on a mission to make the stadium his own & god forbid anyone that had the temerity to get in the way.


On your last point - I now use those "special pants"..... so it's not an issue!  ;)

In Topic: The Allams flexing their muscles?

16 January 2015 - 06:49 PM

Yet another little step on the road for the Allams in their attempts to push us out or make the situation so untenable that we walk of our own volition. First we had the "rebranding" of the stadium - which seemed to involve removing all references to RL. Then the charging for permission to display anything in the corporate suites. And now this. Oh and I hear on the grapevine that they're putting up the price of the flat, tasteless, yellow liquid that they have the audacity to call beer to £4.20. 

It may well work for football, where I assume there are far fewer "walk-ups" - but it will do nothing but antagonise the RL supporters. Personally, it'll make it very hard for me to get to a game. I've got the M62 Friday Funhouse to contend with, which usually results in getting to the ground just before kick-off. I don't have a pass (as I can't guarantee getting to every game) - so how exactly am I supposed to get into the ground? Get the ticket posted to me? With our parlously inefficient postal service? 

I would remind Mr Allam, that this was supposed to be a community stadium. Built for the people and the city of Hull. To benefit all of the sports teams that chose to use it. To bring a focal point to the community. To put Hull on the map by holding concerts, international sporting events. It was never, ever intended to be the plaything of the chairman of the football club. To do with as he wishes. It was never meant to be used in favour of the football team and to the detriment of the RL team.  

What is happening there now is tantamount to discrimination in its basest form