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  1. My experience pretty much matches that of JB & Leyther_Matt. Thoroughly enjoyed the games despite the biting cold getting to us towards the end. We stayed in the centre and caught the train in. If they're going to hold more big games there then this is an aspect that needs to be improved - particularly for the return journey. Quite how we managed to get that many people in a twin-car set is nothing short of a miracle! Liked the stadium & popped into the fan village before the first game. Plenty to do in there and a good, convivial atmosphere. This is something that we need to do more of. I used to really enjoy the fan-zone at the Grand Final, particularly when the kids were younger, but that seems to have completely fizzled out in recent years. Like many others, I was under the impression that there'd be more in attendance. Particularly as I struggled to get 2 seats together. Never thought I'd say it but the band actually added to the atmosphere which was a bit flat otherwise. The problem seems to be that we don't really know what to sing & chant at internationals. But we can improve on that by playing more games. Got into a bit of a twitter-argument with some who were slagging the whole thing off & saying that the game should never have been played there. Maybe I'm being harsh, but if everyone who had moaned on twitter about the empty seats and actually bought a ticket, the event would have been a sell-out! Got chatting to a lot of locals, who also enjoyed the event. Plenty of signs, flags & banners around the main square in Coventry centre, so can't complain about promotion in the host city. All in all, a good experience for me & I wouldn't mind going back - preferably in a warmer month.
  2. Very rare to have a one-club man these days and he's stuck with us al the way. A great servant to the club and (I believe) a genuinely nice bloke off the pitch. Been back to his absolute best this year and will leave some very big boots to fill. Always a rock in defence & had plenty to offer in attack. Remember seeing him on the brink of the 11-game try scoring streak (which was later equalled by Richard Horne) and noting how devastated he was not to get over the line. A man truly passionate about the club. Wishing him all the very best for the future & hope he stays involved at the club & in the game in some capacity.
  3. Just back home & had a chance to read through this while sipping a celebratory single malt. Some beautiful, passionate posts on here that just go to personify what a great game this is. It's been a fantastic day, full of peaks & troughs, of fear & excitement, of elation & despair and final of utter, utter joy. And tears, plenty of tears. Not ashamed to say that I blubbed my eyes out at the end. Both sets of fans were fantastic. Heard a great comment from a Warrington fan to his young son before the game: "Yes, son, there are a lot of hull fans here, but you've seen them now & seen how friendly they are. You have nothing to worry about" As for the game, I thought we were on top for the first 20 & then wire came back into it with the Russell try. The stats say I'm wrong. I'll watch again to find out. We needed to score first in the second and didn't. Thought we threw too many panic balls. But it all came right in the end. And that last tackle - my word, the stuff of legends. Never though I'd see us win at Wembley, but at last it's happened. It's a feeling you just can't describe. After so many years of pain & disappointment, it's so, so sweet. The Challenge Cup is always the one for me. It's a magical competition, played in a marvellous venue and the cup itself is surely the most beautiful of all trophies. And finally I Thought Gareth Hewer reffed it well too.
  4. Appreciate that. But not everyone has 138miles to travel on a Friday night either. Just trying to get across that if you really want to get to a game, you can usually find a way. Maybe its a bigger issue with the (in some eyes) devaluation of the Challenge Cup. Maybe its because season pass-holders have to pay for tickets (I'm not a pass-holder by the way). This is just my opinion & I'm not having a pop at anyone really, but I think if you really want to see your team in a big game, you'll find a way.
  5. Been away from all this forum stuff for a while, but this "too difficult to travel" on a Friday is a bit lame really. I work on the Wirrall, for my sins, which gives me a journey of 138 miles for each "home" game via M53, M56, M6 & M62. Can't get to all of the "home" games for a variety of reasons, but for the ones I can get to I at least try. Leave at 4pm & I can usually be at the KC for around 7:15-7:30. On occasion I've had to turn back as the traffic made it impossible to get there (this year for the Leeds game at Headingley, for example). But surely for a Challenge Cup Semi-Final, you'd try your damnedest to get there? Anyway - enough of that. Really pleased with the performance last night. Very, very tough game. Wigan's defence outstanding, but we found a way to win. Now I really, really hope that we can get the win at Wembley. Along with all Hull fans, I've shed far too many tears of despair in that stadium. Tears of joy would be a very welcome change.
  6. Dear me, that was a difficult game to experience. Dropped balls, mistakes, errors. Poor completion from both sides.Warrington only capable off the back of Hull's mistakes. Hull, once again, making it difficult for themselves. Speaking as a fan who was there, it seemed to go really quickly & I can't remember the last time I was that nervous during a game. But we found a way to win again. Hearing some stories about trouble outside the ground at the end. Disappointing if true, but by way of balance - I walked back through the centre of warrington wearing my Hull shirt without a shred of bother.
  7. Strange game this one. I travelled without the sense of anticipation that most of the Hull fans did & fearing we would come unstuck. Thought we looked tired & quite flat for the first half & gave away far too many penalties. Needed to score first in the 2nd half, which we obligingly did & then seemed to get a bit of a roll on. Some very good last ditch defence too. Sneyd's drop goal was top-drawer stuff. Gareth Ellis was nothin short of outstanding, As for saints, Fages did well & always posed a threat but is a little bit headless chicken at times. Walsh doesn't seem right & Walmsley not the threat he used to be. A good showing from the black & white support as usual. Slightly disappointed to see some stuff thrown onto the pitch after Sneyd's DG & at the final hooter.
  8. 136. Not washing your shirt after a win in case it washes the luck out 137. You're mother / wife desperately ringing the your club for a replacement pass after putting yours through the washing machine on a Monday (wash day) 138. Working out how much cash you needed to see you through a Wembley weekend (pre-cashpoint) 139. Realising at 6pm on Cup Final Day that you got 138 wrong
  9. Might well have been. What also sticks in my memory is the confusion over who actually kicked the drop goal. Some had it down as Clive Pickerill, others Charlie Birdsall or Sammy Lloyd. Understandable as they all look so similar.....
  10. It was the other way round OF, but great games nonetheless. The 3-0 cup win was in 1980 and I remember it well. As the drop goal went over I jumped into the air & promptly careered down the Odsal slag heap before my rapid descent was stopped by someone grabbing my shirt collar & nearly choking me. Happy days!
  11. By way of contrast, and probably OT, but I think this is really rather good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3p3Esz3DxM
  12. Just registered to vote using home & work e-mail accounts. On the basis of last nights "strictly" result (which if organised by the RFL would have triggered the words "farce" "travesty" & "woeful") I actually think Kev could win. It just takes all of the sport to get behind him & vote. Which we appear to be doing. Good luck Kev.
  13. Just made it home. Absolutely gutted with the result and the performance. We didn't really look like scoring throughout the whole game. Far too nervous in attack and not enough grunt in defence. But we have another chance next week. Result aside, it was a great experience. Olympic Park is a great venue. With a few tweaks it could be perfect. Disappointed to see tweets wittering on about the attendance and RFL fiddling the books, but I guess thats pretty standard RL fayre. Interesting to see lots of england RU shirts in the stadium & a very cosmopolitan mix of fans. We spoke to people from Italy, Czech republic, France, NZ & Aus.
  14. Fantastic news. He's been blamed, scapegoated and pilloried by so many in the RU camp for England's exit. All completerly unfairly, most utterly inaccurate in their "factual" analysis. All he did was try his best. As always. So welcome back son. Welcome home. You're back where you belong.
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