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In Topic: 29 Mar: iPro Sport Cup Semi Finals Thread

Yesterday, 08:34 AM

Absolutely no disrespect to Oldham and Swinton supporters but would love a North Wales vs Newcastle final.


I with you mate, the Cru have always had a fantastic relationship with the thunder army, what a great way to cement it by meeting in a final. But as Gog' says above both games could be very tight affairs, gutted I can't make the semi at Whitebank on Sunday, it is a 'special' place but I do like going there and of course they have a good club house too. 


HAGWE everyone


regards 7

In Topic: Sunday's match

Yesterday, 08:11 AM

Gutted I can't make it to Whitebank tomorrow, but the sun is calling and I'll be 'taking off' as your 'kicking off'  :beach:.

Hi Moorside, can't see the Yeds stuffing us sorry mate  :no: but it might be a close game. Thanks for the comment about our fans, I know that we always get on well and have a good laugh with yours win or lose, we love the singing in your clubhouse after the game.

So everybody have a great time at the semi final and I'll be finding out the score on tinternet as soon as we land (unless i can get it on the plane, anyone know if that's possible so I can follow as its played?) 


Have a good Easter and upcoming season.


Regards 7


p.s. please come up to Blackpool to watch us in the final   :biggrin:

In Topic: Challenge Cup: Featherstone Rovers

25 March 2015 - 07:58 PM

Lets just hope the good public of Wrexham and further afield realise whats happening at the Racecourse Ground and come along too.

In Topic: Ian , Who?

24 March 2015 - 10:44 PM

Pathetic really and I'm sure their fans that came down to watch the game against the Cru' will be embarrassed by his comments.

I know I would be.



In Topic: North Wales Crusaders 40-12 Doncaster RLFC

24 March 2015 - 10:15 PM

Pretty much out thought and out played in this match, much improvement needed if the Dons are to stay in the Championship I think.

Best wishes for the rest of the season, hope you can turn it around.