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  1. Had plenty of time to think about mischief seeing how there has been nowt going on at their place since they finished outside the play-offs 7
  2. Have to agree with the above, (tho' he has never been one for passing!). I don't think we actually missed Stu whilst he was out injured at the end of the season and I don't think he brought anything to the Keithley game tbh. As for a testimonial year, how does it work because others have been at the NWC since the beginning, like Hoody, TJ, Jonny W, Mously, Rob Massam and Jono even Andy Oakden who had come through the youth team, they were all there at the very first game at Leigh East. Whereas Stu Reardon wasn't. 7
  3. Well that went totally wrong!!! Well done Cougars and good luck next week. 7
  4. Well done Cougars, we finally ran out of steam but not down hearted. Its been a great season and despite the horrific injury crisis we had to deal with the club still did what it set out to do, that being WIN the I-pro cup and make the play-offs. Many a 'heartland' club would like to stay that they had hit their targets as well as we have! Onward and hopefully upward next year with another season to consolidate our club which lets face it, is nothing but a baby in years. Many thanks for the warm welcome the club and its supporters has received today in Keithley and other clubs this season, looking forward to visiting many next year. Regards 7
  5. Not really lots of people getting ready for a play off game ! ;-) ( or fishing) Regards 7
  6. Well that Sunday came and went with the only game that mattered being Oldham v Keithley, huge congratulations to Oldham for their rightly deserved promotion btw. But it wouldn't have mattered who we had to face in the play off cos' the NWC "Fear Nothing" Now for this weekend and the play off game between NWC and Cougars should be a cracker and as usual I'm sure that win or lose there will still be great relations between the 2 clubs sets of supporters, we even took a minibus full to cheers them against Widnes last season. Win or lose, I just hope its a good game and played in the right spirit. 7
  7. A 3.3Opm ko on a Sunday! A later kick off ,oh great just what we need when there's a quite a distance to travel back home for quite a number of clubs. Some real joined up thinking there then! 7
  8. Excellent, well done to our friends over at Oldham. A well deserved promotion best team in the league this year, should have been automatic imho. 7
  9. Never mind at least you finished top of the bottom 9! ;-)
  10. Game day and what a big one it is. Lets hope the lads can do it today as yet again we are down to the bare bones with just enough players to fill the bench. The crowd will need to be right behind them today it could make all the difference. Lets do this and today and kill off any hopes for them up the road before a nail biting last game. Cru, cru crusaders!
  11. Well done, great win 46-28 .
  12. The best news to date is rochdale getting totally stuffed by Barrow, its all in our hands now a win tomorrow will see us in the play offs. Be there or be square as they say, Come on the Cru'
  13. 44-16 latest, come on Barrow .
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