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Yesterday, 12:35 AM

General skills yes ball handling skills no.


Hayne is very flashy and it looks good but Tomkins can do what Hayne can do just make it look simpler. I recall Hayne doing a tip on pass the other week and everyone went absolutely mental, Tomkins did it against West Tigers twice and no one made half as much fuss.



Tomkins is a fine player in attack.

But tipping the ball on is only a small part of the game.

Hayne has a superb passing game, a solid all round kicking game and is also the leading try scorer.


I think the Warriors and their fans imagined that Tomkins would be devastating in running from the deep in broken play more than a link man.

In Topic: England's 4nations fullback

26 August 2014 - 01:12 PM

No, i want to play a full back on the wing, a centre in the centre, and a second row in the 2nd row. They just happen to be a centre who can play wing and 2nd row who can play centre, meaning that we can give more freedom to our winger, getting him more involved than simply being the finisher on the line. Australia will likely line up with 4 of their back 5 being (at least nominally) fullbacks, Slater, Boyd, Inglis and Hayne. 


Ablett has been Leeds second best forward to Peacock for probably 4 years or so now, he is, in my opinion, comfortably the best ball handling back rower in the country. I wouldnt swap him for any british back rower, and that includes the now 33 year old Westwood. 

I really doubt that Boyd will be anywhere near the Australian Test Team.

In Topic: England's 4nations fullback

26 August 2014 - 12:07 PM

I think people need to realise that Tomkins game has completely changed since 2011.


He has lost half a yard of pace due to an injury which I am not sure he will get back. He is very quick but he is no longer Slater in his prime quick. He has enough pace to break the line but no longer has the pace to run the length of the field. He has had to adapt his game because of this and it has made him a better player because of it.


I think Tomkins' style of play is very beneficial to the Warriors. They have big strike weapons out wide which he brings into the game. He has the best ball handling game out of any full back which is rarely argued. He creates space and puts people through gaps which is hugely beneficial. He also is a very good decision maker in 3 on 3 or 3 on 2 situations.


He is no longer a try scoring machine but you don't have to be. People say he had a poor world cup because he didn't score but he was 4th on try assists behind Foran and 2 Aussies (can't remember who) which is impressive as England didn't really rack up any massive victories against any sides whilst the Aussies and Kiwis were racking up 60 points against some sides.


His form in the Warriors side has been solid. Poor first 5 or 6 games but since then he has rarely had a bad game. Around May time the southern hemisphere journalists were reporting he was living up to his pedigree and justifying the amount spent on him. The main problem with the Warriors side in their inconsistent forwards. They are either red hot or very cold. Against the Roosters Tomkins was extremely exposed. He's no Brett Stewart or Anthony Minnechello in defence but I really don't think you can argue he is any worse than Anthony Milford or Ben Barba who are of a similar build. Under the high ball he has much improved especially with the added pressure in the NRL. Most full backs will drop the ball with 3 players contesting it against you, the odds are against you for a start as the opposition has a running start. The Aussie national team are the masters of shielding Slater - it makes the full backs job so much easier. The Warriors didn't do it and hence he was dropping the ball.


Hardaker is a very good back up but I think Englands team is better with Tomkins. He provides structure and space for his three quarters and we should have plenty of pace come the end of the year which is our biggest asset. One thing you can't question about Tomkins is his attitude and maturity in the last couple of years which can't be said for Hardaker, although we gave Tomkins a chance to grow up we should do the same for Zak.



I believe Jarryd Hayne has better ball handling and general skills.

In Topic: England's 4nations fullback

24 August 2014 - 11:05 PM

Yes it was. It was live on Eurosport on foxtel.


Only 28% of Australians can be arsed to pay the exorbitant fees of cable TV.

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24 August 2014 - 12:17 PM

Tomkins game is about setting up tries hence having the 3rd most try assists out of any full back.

The point about defenders is extremely relevant. The Aussies are the masters of blocking players off. Most full backs will drop a contested bomb when under severe pressure.

Tomkins is according to NRL stats

Not in the top 20 Try scorers

15th  in Try assists

Not in the top 20 line breaks.

9th in line break assists