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In Topic: Does a weak SL help the England team?

Yesterday, 12:33 PM

Agree with that to some extent but for the first time in living memory if fit 6 or 7 of the starting 17 will be key players in NRL teams. And we aren't talking about basement dweller teams either.


Our pool of elite players is tiny and we need 17 players well coached, fit and playing to their full potential to trouble either Aus or NZ. It does rely on Australia underperforming but you have to challenge them hard to bring out those dodgy displays. We don't stay in those games for long enough and you are right Origin is a huge advantage. However, you could argue that after Thurston, Smith, Gallen, Slater, Hodges, Parker, Cronk, Bird etc. have moved on are any of those up and coming players significantly better than the top Kiwi or English counterparts?


With SL struggling then players like Daryl Clark can whizz through the system and into elite squads. I've said it before (and remember Gus Gould saying it quite a few years ago) that English players are very talented and half of the battle is mentality and intensity. I am more than happy to see young SL players trying their luck in the NRL. It also helps the English system gain more respect.

There will always be new players replacing the ones that retire.

They may not seem as good now but once given the chance they will do the job asked of them.

Cronk had to wait till Lockyer eventually retired to get proper recognition at Test level.

Cherry Evans will step up, Hodges and Slater are hanging in with past respect and performances.

I am sure Hayne could fill in at fullback or Centre if needs be. Apparently he has done it before.


Its not really about waiting for Australia to fall or fail, its about matching them and perhaps playing a different style to beat them, having Macca as the National Coach is not a great asset in this regard, IMO.


Hayne has freakish skills as shown in the link below.



In Topic: Does a weak SL help the England team?

Yesterday, 11:59 AM

I think there will still be a gap between England and Australia for a few years and that will have a lot to do with SOO, better Coaching and structures.


I do think the opportunities for English youngsters to come through will be the significant factor long term.


The NRL based  players have a role to play but a few of them have been in the NRL for several years going back to Ellis at the Tigers and that has not resulted in a win against Australia.

It may well be Super League backs that make the breakthrough I think.

England need a quality Halves pairing, Widdop should have got his chance for a bigger role earlier but I am not sure if he can beat the best at the top level, he will certainly give his team every chance though.


I do not believe Sinfield's selection has helped England's cause over the last few years.

He may be a great leader and total professional but that is not enough in a specialised role that leads the team around at Test level IMO.

Its been like a stop gap option that has gone on for a few years too long without any real success from the start.

In Topic: Does a weak SL help the England team?

Yesterday, 11:17 AM

No, its a good thing.

In Topic: Alleged Canberra Signings

26 July 2014 - 07:39 AM

Curtis Naughton is playing reserve grade at redcliffe ATM I believe

Yes at Redcliffe Dolphins

His first try below.


In Topic: The Most Versatile "Utility" Player there has been?

25 July 2014 - 10:14 PM

A versatile player in my mind should be a player that can play in several positions at a given time in his career.

A player that fills out as he gets older and perhaps slower and moves to the forwards is just that, he can no longer play in the backs anymore.


Menzies and SBW a a couple of the few top notch players that are really forwards that can do well also as a Centre.