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In Topic: Opinion: Rugby League exposes its own Achilles heel again

30 August 2014 - 08:28 AM

Did you see the large amount of nations attending the very recent RLEF meeting. This was a child of the RFL. When I see Australia doing anything remotely similar, come back and discuss it.

They only juts figured out that moving into the Pacific Islands would be a good idea. They just tried to stymie the entrance of Italy and the USA into the next world cup and also cut the number of competing countries ( I think). New Zealand had to arrange a test series with France because Australia were too burnt out to play NZ more than once a season.

If you guys think Queensland and NSW are he be all and end all of RL, send the winner to the UK and NZ to challenge their best. Do something for the game other than trumpet your own success and the devil take the rest.


Australia has been developing the Pacific Islands for decades my friend.

I see plenty of Scout troops attend the local Jamboree but it does not mean the Scout movement is going well.


The USA and Italy were not part of the international set up were they? its hard to include none members they say.

Those nations you speak of at the RLEF meeting what does that mean? most of them are two bob setups that have no foundations beyond a couple of PUB TEAMS and one delegate that can accept a free plane ticket to represent "his Nation"

In Topic: Opinion: Rugby League exposes its own Achilles heel again

29 August 2014 - 10:21 AM


Australia has moved away from the International game.

The game in England is supported by a couple of Cities and some medium sized Towns.

The game has moved backwards in England for the last 20 years.

Until recently the dependence on average NRL imports to prop up the lack of foundations in the game damaged the game both in England and Internationally.

They gave up their partners in the game down under during the Super League wars.


There is no happy ending IMO.

Not trolling, just being realistic, all of the development areas have withered on the Vine.

Everyone in England asks why Australia don't do more for the game when in fact they do far more than England does, unless the management in England move up about four gears and actually sell the game and get some positive things happening the game is in trouble.

In Topic: Opinion: Rugby League exposes its own Achilles heel again

29 August 2014 - 09:55 AM

The Super League War did not help when League in Australia  was on the front foot and was then hijacked by the pay TV media money and their Test International partners jumped ship to grab the media money.

That damage has never been resolved in Australia and  while many  English fans complain about the lack of passion from Australian fans for the International game they only have to look back to recent times to see why Aussies feel no empathy with English fans complaints about Test matches.


It was not that long ago when England and NZ fans wanted the ARL to stop breathing and die.

80% of Aussies supported the ARL in the Super League Judas debacle, you wonder why SOO is held as the best game in town and there is not as much interest in supporting Test matches?

Memories are not that short are they?

In Topic: NRL to go to THREE referees?

29 August 2014 - 07:37 AM

As has been said above, the NRL can do their own thing if they want, they trial plenty of ideas, some work some do not. nothing stays the same for ever does it?

If you stand still you are going backwards.

Its unlikely that new concepts will be trialed at Test level by the RLIF so that either leaves the NRL or the ESL to put forward new ideas.


Test matches are played under International rules are they not? I thought that even though the NRL had run two Refs for some time there was only one Ref at the World Cup games last year or did I miss something.

In Topic: Six of the Best: Rampaging Rugby League wingers

28 August 2014 - 08:03 PM

Eric Grothe senior is the best I have seen.