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  1. my mum, aged 82. Proud Leigh supporter, season ticket holder for god only knows how many years, the woman that took me to my first match and made me a knitted scarf for the event( Leigh versus Australia). She also founded and became chair-woman of the ladies branch of the Leigh board in the late 60's?. I have a fabulous photo of her holding the challenge cup in 1971 with a wonderful smile on her face. She was also a non contributor on this forum, a lurker if you will, under the name of anne moores, because, well, thats her name. I will miss her, goodnight mum.x
  2. we should have signed someone who won't miss ten attempts at goal, thats pathetic
  3. As a Leigh fan, I am quite envious of Fev this year. The team they have, the fervent fans, the direction they are going in. They have been building up to this for some years now and have perhaps let other teams surpass them, but in doing so this seems to be now working in their favour, I for one would not be upset if they gained promotion to super league, The downside being that along with the likes of fax, batley and of course leigh, a great championship fixture would be missed.
  4. Do you reckon she will go on to sign for Leigh when she nears retirement??
  5. pre book, or pre order. Surely by defintion you can not pre order something as the direct act of ordering means by definition you have ordered it? So if I have pre ordered it,have I ordered it to be ordered?
  6. banter, bants, general Essex slang that dumbs down the English language.
  7. Interesting score prediction Spanish Knight, what makes you think we have anybody on our team capable of kicking a goal?
  8. Toulouse have just played a game of rugby league in super league, really disappointed in this remark gubrats. I quite like some of your posts, this one? a bit sh!tty for me.
  9. Told my 83 year old mother that Sir des has died, her very were words and I quote, "I think I want to cry"
  10. I believe Leigh are having a round of applause at the 2 minute mark tomorrow, sometimes things are more important than the game
  11. I remember when Leigh won the league and everybody was outside the town hall cheering. All of a sudden everybody started cheering " desi desi desi" and he appeared at the top of the town hall holding the cup. Brilliant moment for a brilliant man.
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