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  1. 2nd post in,let the usual games begin.....salary cap,blah blah blah,no academy,pretend crowds,sl17 hate based drivel,if I missed anything,don't tell me,I'm sure someone can fill in the blanks.
  2. You don't think any of us from leigh are clever enough to be a bureaucrat do you????
  3. beats tommy cook,I was thinking about going to Bulgaria this year,but then you mentioned scraps,im sending my bank details,check your p.m!
  4. And it's aboot time someone set the record straight!
  5. If there was such a thing as professional "gobs hite " then he would certainly be ranked the words number one
  6. The shambles? I didn't realise Twp were due to play leigh this season
  7. Surely you mean a disgraced person?
  8. its not deluded Pom! Think about the birds and the bees,except there's twice as many bees than birds,If you don't get that then sorry,I can help you no further
  9. Hands up who thinks mr frisky and tbone fancy each other?
  10. Not sure,my hands are usually otherwise engaged to take an accurate reading!
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