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  1. The halftime entertainment was zero,I'm surprised Derek didn't seize this opportunity by giving a quick demonstration of his range of endless pvc products whilst perhaps sporting a crown,pointed at a jaunty angle
  2. I don't care who is interested in this game or not,it's very enjoyable as a neutral,some great tries and more entertaining than the challenge cup final,agree about the lack of replays though,would've been nice to watch some of the tries again
  3. Just seen this,I'm lost for words,it's times like this the r.l community come together as we lose one of our own we all feel a sense of loss. R.i.p little fella.
  4. Wigan played in blue and white until 1886,Leigh have always played in cherry and white,ergo, the pastry monkeys copied Leigh
  5. I can only think that we are signing presumably,a few full time players,on the proviso that we do end up with 5 away trips to t.o and twp,to cover for the part time lads that perhaps can't take all that time off(credit where it's due,the young lads have been fantastic),or the other reason could be that,oh wait....no,nothing, I have NOTHING!
  6. wouldn't it be great if you could sign up to join a u.k based Twp fan club? If you're team aren't playing that weekend then the members of the fan club all go and watch toronto,it would contribute money to the home teams,swell the crowds,make new friends from all over the rugby community and you get to watch rugby league,I'd be well up for it.
  7. I agree rach,but put somebody in a uniform with a little bit of power and that's that!
  8. Maybe should've spent the money on a new driveway john??
  9. hope the fans have a good day out,best wishes for all that make the trip
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