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  1. I feel garry is fast becoming the david icke of rugby league
  2. apolgies if its been mentioned before,but jabberwocky by edgar allen poe (my dad knew it by heart and used to call a "gang meting" on a Tuesday night which consisted of me and my kid brother lying in our bunkbeds whilst he recited such things) and goblin market too. my dad didn't leave me much except the importance of sharing special time with your kids. my daughter is now 23 and not only knows jabberwocky by heart,but teaches it via sign language at the school she works at. Brings a lump to my heart.
  3. Firstly fantastic thread and a great idea. for me,taking my mams old papers to the chippy and get a free fish with your order,followed by" tell your mam I was asking after her". secondly,we used to walk to the grocers,fishmongers,butchers( the butcher was tony cotterrill that used to play for leigh,wonderful fellow,and I mean that. that said,on the rugby field he would tear you in half)! we would then drop our bounty off at home,go to the farm,get fresh eggs and bacon etc,come home and have a family breakfast. grandstand was on the telly and when it finished there would be a knock on the door from brad miller or steven cleworth,rugby ball in hand! I never did get to be Ellery hanley………….
  4. certainly gives off an air of inadequacy in regards to the Australians,that said if they aren't interested in playing us,then who will they play?
  5. Buying flea preventment for our cats,had to wait to be served by a member of staff who was trained to open the cabinet where the treatment is kept.fifteen minutes later this alleged "pet lock specialist " appears and before he tackles the safe,asks me to fill out a series of forms before our transaction is complete,one of which stated that unless I provided my name and address then they would refuse to sell me this no doubt highly dangerous concoction of cat chemicals. I walked out in disbelief ,the four horsemen of the apocalypse are indeed fast approaching
  6. Agreed and seconded,it would be nice for the winners to receive similiar plaudits as Salford did by our fellow forum members too,best wishes to both teams
  7. I kind of like them in a "carry on" type of way
  8. I've never been but I'm super excited for you and maybe a tad jealous! Hope you have a brilliant time and like John m said I look forward to the resulting photos,you could be this forums Paul Theroux
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