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  1. He signed for Leigh on the 1st of December, with Leigh given the nod of super league on the 14th of December. Are we suggesting that he was unaware that IF Leigh's super league bid was successful, he would ergo become a super league player rather than a championship player?
  2. I think that the decline of the town centres in this country is partially down to retail parks. Its ridiculous because they all seem to have the same shops, fast food outlets etc, so therefore we are quite limited in what we can buy at these urban nightmares. At least with the stand alone shops in town centres, people had a greater range of choice available, nowadays it seems to be next or topshop and the like.
  3. It was actually John Duffy himself who used the term "super league ready" Daz. We have all said regretful things, of that I'm sure.......
  4. A lot of people are not understanding this thread, certainly it's title. The decision to put any team into super league would have been more appropriate, however, one team had to be the sacrificial lamb and we all know why. That said, for the growth of the game, I advocated for Toulouse to be promoted, as did many other Leigh fans. Whilst we can all speculate as to who would have done a better job, the truth of the matter is that no team, leigh, toulouse, fev etc could step up to the mantle, certainly not within the time constraints and financial handicaps. Sure, I want to see
  5. Buy a new cylinder Hindle, I had trouble with mine and bought a new set of handles, barrel etc as I couldn't buy one without the other. It took less than 5 minutes to swap it over, hope that helps.
  6. The lady that comes round our yard is. and trust me when I say this, smoking hot! I could talk to her for hours, I will sign up for anything she says! You lot, by the way, are all condemned to hell.
  7. as in monkey magic??? please say it is, pleeeeease!
  8. I whole heartedly agree with the goose fat, but that's a Christmas treat (the mrs is concerned about my cholesterol). Interesting point about the oils however, thankyou.
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