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  1. Got to disagree with that statement sweaty. It was only the other season that we signed players from amateur divisions to swell our squad as Derek said we had no money, plus we had the buckets out to help fund players, does that mean we had no ambition?
  2. I like the gentle ambience of this building, I believe it's somewhere in Holland, but I really can't remember much about the specifics of the night I took the photograph.
  3. Finally got the nod to go back to work today, drove 45 minutes to site only to be told the internal job I had been asked to do couldn't take place as there was somebody working in the same space, fair enough. I am now back at home for the rest of the week, but what really pisses me off is the fact that the contracts manager and site agent knew my work wouldn't be able to be done, yet neither of them could be arsed to pick up the ###### phone to tell me. These are so called professionals who earn around 60-80 grand,yet couldn't run a ###### bath let alone a building site. Maybe I should have put this in the rant thread in hindsight
  4. There is a gentleman who on occasion graces these pages with the most thoughtful insights available to the world of rugby league. He is a much respected poster and it's certainly interesting to listen to his views. He goes by the name of parksider.
  5. I spoke to the subby I work for this morning, The conversation went as I expected. The nations house builders, Redrow, Bellways, Taylor Wimpey etc, are only going to finish building houses that are more than half way up, or build the corporation houses that they are committed to building for the local council on each new estate. This step has been taken as for obvious reasons, nobody will be buying new houses anytime soon. As the banks are all tied into new builds, I think it's fair to say it's crunch time.
  6. Wasn't born then((wind it in you lot) and although this may be Leigh's finest moment,my proudest moment was seeing a photo of my mum(78,still has a season ticket) holding the challenge cup with the MOST beautiful smile on her face. She was one of the founders of the original Leigh supporters club too, maybe not the greatest feat, but makes me proud of her,well done mum.
  7. just union in Ormskirk,maghull seems to be the same,which begs the question,if there is no tgg in Maghull,how did james graham get into it?
  8. Leigh,Los Angeles and Liverpool. only went out to America on a 6 week visa when I was younger and decided to overstay my welcome by a year.I saw it rain maybe twice,briefly, when I was there,when I came back,it was throwing it down as I got off the plane,I thought it was wonderful,for about 30 minutes.The first job I got on my return was on a site in Liverpool,I went into a shop on the first day I was there,got talking to a girl by the fridge and 6 weeks later we were living together,happy to say shes now my mrs.
  9. I feel like I spend 40 plus hours a week in the gym either laying around 800 bricks/day or 300 ish blocks. I can't go to work as my site is closed. The difference in my physical and mental wellbeing is noticeable already. I'm snacking on things I wouldn't normally touch,chocolate and biscuits,had 9 slices of toast for breakfast and as a result feel sluggish mentally and very lethargic. The beautiful Sefton park is on my doorstep and I've done my mandatory half hour walks,anybody got any tips for anything else?
  10. my building site closes on Friday,as I cant work from home and im self employed,can anybody lend me 80%,of anything!
  11. Saw a red Audi on the m62 yesterday morning,reg c45 rl, come on,own up
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