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  1. Unfortunately as a leigh supporter,we are more ebay than Amazon!
  2. in your opinion marty,however,I did state that team spirit plays a major part.London last season are a shining example of that,they competed very well and im of the opinion that Toronto are in a better position to compete than London were,that said,I do think they could have done better with the salary cap,but time will tell
  3. For the moment Eddie,I'm inclined to agree with Oxford on this.You are scouse,I've lived in liverpool for 20 odd years and for me the proof is irrefutable,nobody is interested in rugby league except for a passing polite question if mentioned,that's the cold hard truth of it. I was by prescot cables ground yesterday and remarked to myself how good they have done for themselves. if a liverpool rugby league club could be formed and achieve a similar size following of the cablemen then I would class that as a success. Now,in a city where people are so passionate about their teams that it consumes them,is that an acceptable level?
  4. I'm with you, toronto have a better squad then Catalans,as much as I would like to see Salford reproduce last seasons performances,I think toronto maybe around the same level. Twp don't have the greatest squad,sbw doesn't make a team,however,the team spirit is a factor,if toronto get a couple of early wins under their belts then who knows what could happen
  5. Koala bears coal mining in Newcastle? I Blame thatcher
  6. Joe rogan has some great guests on his podcasts ranging from mike Tyson to some guy who claims to have worked in Area 51,plus he's quite funny
  7. Bedford high per chance? I Had exactly the same
  8. You could solve all these problems by sticking with a winning format,simply promote teams whose names begin with the letter L. It's been quite successful over the last couple of seasons
  9. Emmerdale emeralds,nicknamed the woolpack,coached by Zak dingle,sponsored by paddy the vet and marquee signing has to be Martin offiah as he's appeared there before
  10. My lads can't tackle,he said with a cackle as the Kumuls scored again!
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