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  1. so leigh or fev shouldn't play in the final against twp? well neither should York based on the fact you could get a decent scrabble score off their name,that leaves tolouse,so there was no point in any other teams playing this season,arise sir kev!
  2. To be fair sir kevin,derek could solve 3rd world problems and you would still find reason for outrage
  3. I was waiting for this thread to pop up and the usual responses have already been thrown out. Nothing wrong with leigh signing players,it's a sport after all,but my personal opinion is that this is a waste of the money we allegedly don't have. Our aim should be top 5,granted,let twp get promoted, they deserve it God only knows,once they are out of the way, then reassess our sl ambitions and see what capital is available for a sustainable promotion bid
  4. Don't be daft,if the world is flat then how do our reptilian overlords live in the earths core??
  5. Saw "5couse" on an Audi in Manchester once which amused me,then there used to be a lady regularly driving into Manchester on the east lancs"minge" was her personal moniker,always left people wondering wtf?? That reminds me,what's a cowboys favourite car? Audi pardner! Sorry everyone.
  6. Running out of steam Scotchy? You have gone from articulate to 12 years old in 1 post
  7. Therefore the operational rule isn't operational,making your argument null and void
  8. I know right? Another reason I picked London is because they also start with an l. Good thing there isn't a linton swions
  9. My point being that the current Leeds and leigh threads are vitrious attempts at trolling by both o.ps,one of whom I expected better of,the topic was covered by 30 odd pages yet here it is,just rehashed and reworded,it's pathetic,for both parties
  10. Making them pay all that money every other week to travel to the north? Automatic relegation and a 2 year transfer embargo should be enforced immediately
  11. I agree with a strong players union certainly but without knowing the facts 100%,this thread seems like one of Adrian Durhams faux outrage spouts,have a day off lad,you come across more diddy than daddy
  12. Today I brassoed my front door furniture,it looks ###### .
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