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  1. Not a fan of Derek, however, I think Paul raises a valid point. Why should superleague have to release any sort of statement in regards of which direction we are heading? If we are to be relegated all well and good. Promote Toulouse and let the cards fall where they may, let's face it,they were the better option in the first place.
  2. Bloody hope we get relegated we should go back to the championship (with a mumbling apology).
  3. Man United might have won if degsy wrote the programme notes......
  4. yes I am Harry. I think its important to weigh up both sides of an argument before firing off an angry response, though I am not quite sure what you are alluding to in your highlighted quote? If it is an attempt at being clever then maybe you should have wrote today's program..........
  5. I believe he is now offering to run Leigh in SL 2022 at a cost of 670k without central funding. This not only beggars belief but what he is saying is basically " dont promote anybody and I will do it for free" We can argue about sky sports contracts, we can argue about central funding division too, but trying to hold super league to ransom is next level super villain. I put up with a lot of stuff on here and comment little, I have learned that opinions are like ar5eh0le5, everybody has one. The one thing I cant abide is the owner of our club making us look ridiculous, Im sorry Harry and sweaty, if this offends you but at some point you have to take the blinkers off. Rugby is a game,blatant bribery should not play a part, although I suspect it does and I am quite naive to it all
  6. Really? Why on earth have you and Sir kev not mentioned this before???
  7. shameless product placement Paul, there is no room for that on here, I for one would never dream of telling you about my free quotes and that all work is undertaken, neither is any job to big or to small!
  8. I mean its laughable is it not? can you imagine if he actually won? Every team in every sport would go to court to avoid relegation. If we were prepared to apply to super league then we should also be prepared for finishing bottom, which means relegation.
  9. Well yes, I base that on the clear vitriol you have towards Leigh via your posts. Although I applaud your posts when you champion expansion, i can't help but feel the small town of Leigh keeps you awake at night. Don't worry, you are not on your own, they give me sleepless nights too.
  10. I think. Paul, with due diligence, you will find that I am not, nor ever have been an advocate of Derek Beaumont. My response was to The Daddy and his ( by his own admission in the past) willingness to jump on any anti-related Leigh thread whilst never engaging in any topics that relate to London Broncos, as I stated. Oh, and fwiw, I do agree that he can be, using your words, " a tool"
  11. Which included your beloved London Broncos being protected in Super League for 2 years. I find it amazing that you never post anything on any London threads yet the minute Leigh pop up you have to go to W.H. Smiths for biro's. in case you run out of ink.
  12. Don't know if this has been mentioned before, so apologies in advance. Just finished watching The Queens gambit on netflix, wonderful story, who knew chess could be so much fun! Great storyline, the acting is very good, give it a whirl.
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