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  1. I feel like I spend 40 plus hours a week in the gym either laying around 800 bricks/day or 300 ish blocks. I can't go to work as my site is closed. The difference in my physical and mental wellbeing is noticeable already. I'm snacking on things I wouldn't normally touch,chocolate and biscuits,had 9 slices of toast for breakfast and as a result feel sluggish mentally and very lethargic. The beautiful Sefton park is on my doorstep and I've done my mandatory half hour walks,anybody got any tips for anything else?
  2. my building site closes on Friday,as I cant work from home and im self employed,can anybody lend me 80%,of anything!
  3. Saw a red Audi on the m62 yesterday morning,reg c45 rl, come on,own up
  4. Enid blyton,like many others first and foremost followed by roald Dahl,Thomas hardy was forced on me at school and although they were hard work re reading his books as I got older was very enjoyable. Christian jaques, the amazing Bernard Cornwall,Carlos Ruiz zaffon and many more who would deserve a mention. Magazines wise,in no particular order,razzle,fiesta,escort and club,some great and very descriptive stories in those high class publications
  5. was going to take my mam to watch this but by the time ive driven from Liverpool to leigh,to wire,paid parking,got our tickets and food,then made the reverse journey,I figured I would give it a miss
  6. Andy Farrell,albeit,it was a football match,apprentice joiners v apprentice brickies at wigan and leigh college,lost 4 nil,he scored all 4 because when he kicked the ball,we all ducked,1991/92
  7. What did the super league think tank that is Mr elstone say? My moral compass forbids me to have any interaction with the sun newspaper,if you can call it that
  8. Ooh that's tough! I never met 1 of my grandads,so he would be up there,but if we are talking historical figures I would go for,hang on, how many can we have? D.b cooper,to find out what happened to him,sir Francis bacon because I imagine him to be very intriguing and genghis khan,because he's genghis khan
  9. bought a new Stanley knife for work,guess what? need a Stanley knife to open the packaging,ffs!
  10. I'm 45,when I was kid,this was just bad weather. At what point did this/these become storms?
  11. whats wrong with people? if you have to start removing posts from an obituary thread then its time to remove it,or them
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