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  1. I wouldn't read too much into that, the same "newsaper" also carries an article about the local police surrounding a job centre, even they don't want to work there!
  2. If the promo video included a shot of the Little Italy restaurant on goodramgate then its a winner
  3. The Salisbury? You must be hard as nails John!!!
  4. So that's me, you and Tony Bellew, meet you in the Brookhouse around 3!?!
  5. I live in Wavertree actually Eddie and it may surprise you to know that everybody knows about rugby league. Everybody in my house that is.
  6. i'm with the rest of the Leigh fans on this spidey. I do not think we deserve it. The way forward for me is toulouse or york. I'm bias because I love York as a city ,I would love them to do well. On the other hand, I am in favour of expansion, so I would really like for toulouse to be promoted. Good luck and best wishes to whoever gets the nod, but I sincerley hope its not leigh
  7. I personally don't want us to be put into superleague, I voted for Toulouse as I'm pro expansion, is there anyway @ckn could merge this thread please? 6 pages in and we can already see how this is going. It's only a matter of time before people get banned or the thread gets locked
  8. In the trade Eddie,we call that a "feature"!
  9. yeah it's alright I suppose,3 bedder, decent view and plenty parking, he can't complain.......
  10. He lives in Widnes, I built his house just before lockdown
  11. Although I hate people parking on pavements on main roads, especially when Im trying to pull ONTO a main road and I can't see oncoming traffic, I can see its plus sides, for instance, a few years ago the fire brigade pushed leaflets through to encourage local residents to park half on/half off just so they can get down the side streets easier, it makes perfect sense
  12. Simply put, it doesn't get any better, where do we stand on sauces? brown all day for me.
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