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In Topic: Chairman statement

18 August 2014 - 08:53 PM

Well, I guess that the underpinning message behind this statement is that we, as fans, should prepare for the worst. If we can't attract investment, can't attract sponsorship and can't attract crowds, then a long stint at the bottom of Championship 1 is the future.
If the current regime cannot increase the club's income - over nearly 17 years in fact, then no-one can. All hope is lost. This after a Grand Final appearance and a fantastic subsequent marketing campaign which massively increased our visibility yet amazingly failed to capture the imagination of the town during the close season. We couldn't even attract any decent players to the club after one of the most successful seasons in our history. I reckon we've truly found our level.
As fans, we need to be careful not to be too critical. If we are, the only people in the whole world who are capable of running the club might walk away and leave us with no club at all to cheer on against Hemel Hempstead.

Have you given Kev a ring yet The Terminator?

In Topic: Pink Weekend

18 August 2014 - 08:40 PM

I think all the pink kits were presented to the buyers straight after the game as far as I'm aware. Also the amount raised will be announced at the Swinton game at the weekend.

Brilliant effort from everyone who contributed, 70+ people on the walk, the girls rugby Pink Cup, pink t-shirts, calendars & the pig racing!

In Topic: Today v Leigh

04 August 2014 - 09:58 PM

I think you maybe in the dark a little bit, Kyle Briggs now at Sheffield on £20k + (so I've herd). You can't expect us to compete with that can you?

And if some clubs have done that then they'll either be world beaters or like you say in liquidation. But I'm glad that is not how we operate.

In Topic: Today v Leigh

04 August 2014 - 09:33 PM

Of course the likes of Featherstone and Halifax have more money than us, but surely we should be more than competing against the rest and not relying on a badly flawed dual registration scheme to pad out the squad. Even with pretty poor crowds we have a food concession that must make a packet during home games, and bars which appear to do similarly well. In terms of this season, taking into account our very successful run in 2013 and the shared gates from our play-off games, prize money from the final and the income from the Saints friendly, and I feel the question needs to be asked as to why our recruitment has been so poor in 2014. There is, I believe, also a considerable sum lying dormant in the BISSA account.
I'm not saying that any of the above income sources place us on millionaires row, but I'm puzzled as to how our close rivals can afford to snap up players like Jesse Joe Parker, Brett Seymour, Ryan Millard, Kyle Briggs etc etc etc at the drop of a hat when we are seemingly unable to do so.
Perhaps I'm not living in the real world and need a reality check? Who knows, but what I do know is that we should at least be on a par with the clubs around us - some of whom which don't appear to have access to a number of the income streams available to ourselves, when it comes to team strengthening

I think you'd be very supprised just how much some players in our division are on! And a lot of clubs will have spent well over their budgets this year offering silly money. Now I don't know this, but what would you reckon the average contract is for the champ?

In Topic: Today v Leigh

03 August 2014 - 07:17 PM

Let's be fair at the start of the season 5 points out of these 4 matches is a fair return in my opinion.

The referee was dire, totally out of his depth, shouldn't have been given this game and I thought lost control of the game from the start. I know they've got to start somewhere but..

Yes we probably were never going to win today but had we gatherd the KO after our try and the Greenwood try been given from the kick (of which rowley said it was a clear try straight after the game) we may have kicked on to get a BP.