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  1. Glad you enjoyed your day , and thank you for participating in the head shave
  2. Calm yourselves down , I call all of us on here , so called Batley fans , no disrespect to anyone , it’s a choice , to go or not , but I would like to know what special privileges I get tho And the so called Batley fans that went to both Sheffield games and Doncaster in cup we’re the losers , in my opinion , and reads some of my comments on other threads , I aren’t happy with a lot of this seasons performances
  3. Well that was a great game of rugby league , mistakes from both sides , but I really enjoyed it , those so called Batley fans that didn’t attend were the only losers
  4. That squad is capable of beating most teams in division , I'm at a loss as to why we can't and it has to come down to 1 thing
  5. Simple answer ......... No
  6. So why expect one hooker to play the full 80 in that heat , such a important position , when you have another as 18th man
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