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#3031435 RFL release embarrassing and delusional statement regarding Four Nations!

Posted by squith83 on 11 November 2014 - 07:17 PM

He,s not far off the mark though is he!

he is miles off the mark. anyone with an ounce of knowledge can see that. 

#3031432 RFL release embarrassing and delusional statement regarding Four Nations!

Posted by squith83 on 11 November 2014 - 07:08 PM

this is the sort of negative bulls**t that really gets on my nerve. no, we didn't reach the final, but we have made huge strides this year. the fact that we were in these games at the end is a massive improvement. 


obviously, we have to continue to get better. but we have not been this good for many years. how about we get behind our national team instead of slagging them off. 


for the first time, in a long time, we have a national side to be proud of. one that can compete with the aussies/nz. in the 2 games we have lost by 6 points. and if we wasn't robbed by an aussie ref and video ref we would of scored as many tries against aus/nz as they scored against us. and we would of been in the final.


so stop your bitching and moaning, because i for one is proud of the effort of England RL.  

#3029699 08/11/14 - New Zealand v England KO 7am GMT (Dunedin)

Posted by squith83 on 08 November 2014 - 06:03 PM

what a great game of RL, the best i have seen in many years. i think there were 2 periods of the game where we lost this match, 


1, 15 min period in first half where we were all over NZ, but didn,t put any points on board. this gave NZ a lot of confidence and seem to affect ours. 


2, first 15-20 mins of second half. we let them get on a roll far too easily. they were getting fast men around the play the ball and scouting out of dummy half. this put us on the back foot and it took us a while recover. we needed to slow it down, but that is easier said than done. 


it was a brilliant effort, but we came up just short. 


i believe we have the better brand of rugby. we played fast and open, not like the nrl. every time we moved the ball NZ struggled to cope with us. i don't think anyone prefers to watch one up drives and kicks over fast flowing rugby. 


i am not a big fan of mcnamara but i gotta say i have ate humble pie this tournament. don't agree with all his choices but sarginson was a master stroke. i just feel he dropped the wrong centre. 


clarke was amazing, but we lost it when he went off. had racthford been on bench then i believe he would of destroyed NZ around the ruck. 


i must admit i felt a bit weird after this game. normally i am gutted but this week i was just so proud, all i could think is everyone who has half a rugby brain can see we are just about there. NZ defo knew they had been in a test match, and knew they to work bloody damn hard for that victory. 


second row is still an issue for me. joel tomkins just not good enough to warrent number 12 jersey. 

would of had hardacre in there somewhere

joe burgess on wing instead of charnley. i though ryan hall had an amazing game. ok, he let a try in, but he had to come in as it would of been a 2/3 onto 1 overlap anyway. and he lost that ball but over line but it wasn't excactly a gimme though. he has more positives to his game than negatives. 


i think some people need to really get a grip. we have gone down under and worried the 2 best teams in the world. i still believe we were robbed last week. 

ok, we came away with nothing points wise, but we came away with a lot of respect, and have changed the way people perceive RL in this country. 


all in all super proud, just hope samoa kick the living daylights outta them aussie C**TS. 

#3026122 02/11/14 - Australia v England KO 5am (GMT)

Posted by squith83 on 03 November 2014 - 10:24 AM


Show me a still photo that shows the ball grounded that is clear and definite and I will believe it was a try.

Christ the three "box browny" pictures posted don't even show who's body is attached to the hand that barely shows you what that hand is doing.


scrapping the barrel there pal. 

#3026103 02/11/14 - Australia v England KO 5am (GMT)

Posted by squith83 on 03 November 2014 - 09:57 AM

well its more than 24 hours since 'fingergate' and im still angry. its not because we lost, we are all used to that. its the way we had victory snatched from us. 


to be fair the first half was reffed ok, apart from the aussies being allowed to flop on, hit around the head and hit players after the ball had been passed/kicked. seems Graham got a few cheap shots after he had passed the ball. but apart from that all is good. 


then comes the second half and what we all witnessed was a total disgrace. it is what a lot of people feared would happen when the ref was appointed mid week.

BLATENT CORRUPTION. it was embarrassing and cringe worthy to watch. the flopping got worse, the cheap shots got worse and then WE get penalised to death. 


its about time we stood up to the aus/nz rl and stopped accepting this bulls**t. 


time and time again we let them do whatever they want because the RFL dont have the balls to stand up to the mighty australians. F***ING GROW SOME.


now to the "TRY". it is so clear that Hall gets the ball down its unreal. everyone could see that. ever MR Sutton the video ref. so now he is a bit worried that he might have to knock his own country out of the comp ( a predicament he should not of been put in unless he was happy to be put in). 

When he realises that hall had touched it down he then goes to the onside/offside. why would he do that if he didn't think it was a try???

he the looks at the grounding again. by this time he must be really bricking it. so he then looks to see if Hall had pushed another aussies in back play, but S**t, he didn't. so he looked at the grounding yet again. and again, and again, and again and so on. if he was sure it wasn't a try then why would he look so many bloody times???? by this time im jumping around celebrating when up flashes " NO TRY "


EH???? I will not repeat what came out of my mouth, but it is the same as what came out of most other English fans mouths that had got up at silly o'clock to watch us get royally screwed by the video ref. then came that moment when Sam Tomkins asked the ref "did you just see what we saw??????" and that reason. well i will tell you i learnt new swear words when i heard the excuse. what a load of rubbish, and its that excuse that makes myself, and most other rugby league fans that have half a brain cell, believe we were cheated my 2 bent brothers. 


now im sure i will get called a whinging pom/bad loser etc etc. but i dont care and any real english fan should think the same. everyone who watches rl, no mater what team or country you support, knows what has happened. and unless the powers that be kick up a fuss then it will continue. i would like to see the players, coach and RFL come out and say we were robbed/cheated. i know this won't happen, but its what i want to see. 


like most other fans, when we lose fair and square then fine. but when we actually play for a full 80 mins against a good aussie team and get a winning try in the last minute instead of conceding late, only for some cheating aussie b*****d to do us over then thats not ok. 

#2994290 Gateshead Thunder announce Falcons double header (merged threads)

Posted by squith83 on 12 September 2014 - 08:49 PM

well i dont see the problem at all. get there and play the game. they are not complaining that they cannot get there, just that it will be a late night and their players might be tired the next day. well sorry but they aren't the first and they wont be the last. amatuer players do this every week. 

#2994081 Gateshead Thunder announce Falcons double header (merged threads)

Posted by squith83 on 12 September 2014 - 04:44 PM

i cannot believe this is even a issue. people all over the country sacrifice things for the love of there chosen hobby. alot of amatuer players of all kinds of sport play and go straight to work after. i used to finish playing at about 4-4:30 then go into work for 10 hours. we do this because we want to play the game, so i think they need to remember this when moaning about having a late night. 


this game should be the most important game of the year so far yet, many people would love to be in the position they are in. so get over yourselves and bloody man up. 

#2963583 Why shout SET before running forwards/backwards in a line

Posted by squith83 on 22 July 2014 - 02:35 PM

Theres arguments to both using paddings and also with no padding. I think that having the option of having padding will result in a stronger player than a player who has been coached without that option - that doesn't mean that the player will always train with padding on - perhaps it could be used to give them confidence to get the next level in making more confident tackles and having fun.

i totally disagree with this. surely it would be easier to make it non contact if that was the case. in fact there is the option at under 7 level to play touch rugby if the coach thinks it is too dangerous to tackle. but non of the teams we have played have chosen this option as im sure they can see that this would be delaying the inevitable that the kids will find out that sometimes you get hurt playing RL. 


if a child doesn't like the physicality of the sport then they will not play it. so by introducing the knocks at a later age is wasting that childs, their parents and the coaches time until that point. 


also, these suits cost about £40. if you have a team of 10 kids, many teams have more, then thats 400 quid before you start. who is going to pick up this bill??? the parent who have to pay subs, signing on fees, travel to training and matches ect?? or the clubs who are already struggling to keep afloat?? 


keep it as it is. let them play full contact, because this has been happening since the game was invented. think we need to stop been so over protective of our kids and let them decide if they wanna play RL. 

#2959482 Gareth Hock

Posted by squith83 on 15 July 2014 - 02:17 PM

how anyone can say this wasn't deliberate beggars believe. he had plenty of time to change his direction but instead dropped his shoulder into him. he is a halfwit and gets all he deserves. 

#2943034 And just as Zak was getting his act together

Posted by squith83 on 11 June 2014 - 04:46 PM

Nope.  No sanctions.  In fact, they are defending their player, according to this interview with McDermott (who gives the impression that he thinks Hardaker really didn't do anything much wrong):



i think you are struggling with what he said and what you wanna hear. not once does he say that the lad didn't do anything wrong. 

i dont see how you or anyone else can get that impression. what else could he say?? 


im still wondering if you had the same principles as you do now when sean long and his cronnies where causing all sorts of trouble?? 

#2942719 Peacock Escapes Ban

Posted by squith83 on 10 June 2014 - 10:40 PM

he was provoked. no doubt about it. and he has generally got a decent record. but self defence is using minimum force. can you honestly say he did this. i dont think so personally. what if one of them punches had seriously damaged the opponent, or worse??? i know it is unlikely but not impossible. 


and it was the second time he has reacted like this in 2 weeks so maybe he needs to look at his temper issues and address them. 

#2940978 Wigan Warriors v Castleford Tigers RL Cup 1/4 Final 7/6/2014 KO 2.30 BBC 1

Posted by squith83 on 07 June 2014 - 08:36 PM

just WOW. how good were cas today. you cannot buy team spirit, just ask the dr about that. and that is what got cas through. outstanding performance and would love to see them at wembley. 

well done cas, and good luck in semi. 

from a wildcat supporter.