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  1. Just rung our young un and told him who our new coach is.He has fallen out with the game and only been to three or four matches in the last 4 years.When i said it was Sean Long he said he would come to more games.converted one already.
  2. Start from bottom up give League one clubs £120k a year funding.12 teams would cost less than £!.5 million.In the long term it would give a pathway to the top teams for younger players who are lost to the game.I will now put my metal hat on to await replies.
  3. Good choice Long likes to play open Rugby ,the backs should see more of the ball and he has always valued the kicking game.Would like to see a defensive coach as his assistant we need to improve there.Happy for once
  4. Leigh are the best Championship team i have seen but the Batley forwards never took a backward step.Held them down the middle but as i feared were undone on the edges.Congratulations Leigh but what a season for The Gallant Youths.
  5. You should be very proud of your club and players.Your forwards never took a backward step all night and held Leigh down the middle.They are the best Championship team i have seen so well done Batley.
  6. What a good game.Swinton looked a bit quicker in attack and just deserved it.
  7. Not a clue with this one.Both teams seem to have struck form at the right time.I fancied Donny last year to beat Workington and they never looked like winning.Manchester derby kicks off at same time so easy choice for me Swinton v Donny on Sportsman.
  8. Difficult to coach offloading in the tackle.You have either got it or not.Watch youngsters play 11 to 14 year old and the odd one will do it naturally.
  9. I don't know how they come up with such tripe.
  10. Both no's for me.9's bears no resemblance to a proper 80 min game but it is fine for under 14's.
  11. Bradford only need to sort out the ground,on field performance and finance.Then they could be a B with ambition to be A by the end of the decade.
  12. Thought it was going rather too well.Brainless idea.
  13. As i have said before Dewsbury have made a really good job of their terracing behind the sticks.Ours is not in a good state and not up to modern standards.Your right about the roof no chance of planning as it would block out light from the houses.
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