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  1. Just reflecting on the game i thought without Chissy McLelland was having to play both half back roles.Does anyone else agree or am i mistaken.
  2. Well done Wakey for a very good win.Humle Pie crumbs all over me after suggesting they may get relegated.Not a chance if they can play as well as today every week.
  3. Well that was hard work,too many mistakes by both teams.The discipline was poor from both teams but it wasn't helped by a poor referee.We always looked in control and i never thought we would lose.Small playing area and boggy conditions hampered a free flowing game,and on a dry ground at our place i think we will win comfortably.For me Harrison and Bussey were our best forwards and Blackmore who did a tremendous amount of work plus McLellan the pick in the backs.Crossley had a good game for Bradford and Pickersgill at full back was very good a Super League player before long i would think.Excellent away support again ,but could the lads in the stand cut out the swearing it is not clever.
  4. Dewsbury should let their Members into the Bradford v Fev game free.
  5. My thoughts earlier in the week were Rovers by 10,however due to the heavy pitch i now think 4 to 6 although any margin win will do.For car travellers the car park is £4 i hope Dewsbury cop for that.For road parking try to park at the top side as you come off the dual carriagway.The other side of the ground was snarled up with cars from the Bradford supporters as they left after the London game.I hit them on the way home from our game at Batley.
  6. If you read my later quote i have stated is was Garry Conolly and i had the players mixed up.Both brilliant players and it was Conolly who scored the winning try in the last minute,diving over in the club house corner after a 65 yard move to win the game.It was a cup match either 1st or 2nd round.Wellens didn't sign for Saints till 1998 so the mistake was obvious.
  7. Got the player wrong Paul Wellens didn't sign for Saints till 1998.It was Garry Conolly and as i remember he scored the winning try in the last minute.It was the 22-24 match.What a player Garry developed into at full back or centre.Agree i may have mixed games up but the game i was thinking about was a night match.
  8. I have a feeling it may have been a John Player Cup game.The first two rounds were played Early December.I think the match was posponed from Sunday and played on a Wendesday night at half time the temperature must have been -2 or 3 the grass was a siver colour.Players playind downhill just couldnt turn.scre would have been something like 20-24 .Just typing as your post came through Horseman it was the 22-24 without a doubt
  9. It was a night match because i went straight from work at Ferrybridge.I got there about 20 min after kick off and all the turnstiles were shut.So bright me decided to climb over the wall,i got over but my hands were cut as broken glass had been cemented into the top to stop idiots like me trying to get over.
  10. Anyone remember when we played St Helens in a night Cup match,could have been the Floodlight Trophy.It was just playable at kick off but started freezing soon afterwards.We played up the slope in the first half and scored three or four tries .The Saints players were sliding all over the place and wanted to call the game off.Second half complete opposite our players couldn't keep their feet and Saints scored easily.Paul Wellens had just started in the Sains Team and he had a hand in a sixty yard move in the last minute when Saints scored a try to win the match.
  11. I know he is injured but Render has never let us down when picked.And he was always the first to be left out to accomodate others,young players need to play regular Rugby fo improve.Downpour forecast Sunday up to mid morning then reasonably fine for the game.Hope the pitch is not too boggy as the cramped playing area makes it difficult to play expansive Rugby.The playing area for our school side was bigger than Dewsbury's and it once hosted a R.L.Cup first round tie between Wakefield Loco and Doncaster.
  12. Not us we can't afford to fund S.L. and The Championship to the right level.
  13. Can't see Toronto avoiding relegation due to the size of their squad.It will be interesting how the other Super League teams respond if that happens.I have said before the only way to stop the Yo Yo effect of Championship Clubs when promoted is to do it every two years which gives the promoted club time to develop their squad.I applaud Toronto for getting into S.L. but feel the better idea would have been developing Rugby League in Canada and the U.S.A.over a 15year period with Coaches in the schools and Colleges for future player's.Our problem is not enough players being developed and not enough funding for Championship Clubs to help players to make the transition to S.L.
  14. I have been watching R.L. for over 65years and it is unfair to pick out teams from different eras.But i will say Reg Gasnier is the best centre i have seen,he was complimented in the Australian team i saw by his centre partner Harry Wells who was built like a young Billy Boston but had pace and tackled like a back row forward.
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