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  1. Thanks for that he was a very good stand off.
  2. Steve my team for the 1973-77 period would be H.Box, Mick Smith, John Gilbert ,S Quinn,Paul Coventry,John Newlove,Steve Nash- Forwards pick themselves Jimmy Thompson John Bridges,Vince Farrar,Peter Smith ,Richard Stone ,Keith Bell. Mick Gibbins back up forward and i pondered on Mel Mason at stand off and Newlove in the centre but Mason did not stay very long with us before departing to Barrow.
  3. Probably using the rent money Bradford are paying for playing their home games at Dewsbury.Hope they get their cash up front.
  4. My only complaint is Batley Away on the 2nd Feb.Would have prefered it on 26th July when we play Sheffiels Away.I love my Sundays up at The Mount but with a bit of sun on my back.
  5. As i said in a previous post ,thought he played well for us when here on loan.Will strengthen the forwards and i see his addition in a positive light.We seem to be putting together a good squad for next season and top three looks easily achievable.
  6. Although he wouldn't have been my choice i hope he goes on to have a cracking season and prove me wrong.All players are judged by their efforts on the field in my book.
  7. With Brads injury 9 months out would be a good result it is often more.
  8. Craig Hall yes he can play in multiple positions and reads the game very well he will be a great addition to our team.Bret Ferres as they said in Up and Under i 'd rather eat my own sh-t than play them.Well i think the same about Ferres putting on a Fev shirt.
  9. Good replacement for Ryan, plenty of experience so i think he should not have too many problems.Squad looks much stronger than at the start of last season si i will be surprised if we dont make the top Three.Bradford look to be in the brown stick stuff so as long as we don't slip up in games we should win ie Barrow and Dewsbury at home we will be fine.Webster was a decent half back when playing so he will know how to get the best out of Chissy.
  10. Thought Tronto deserved their win but only by 8 to 10 point margin.Our lads were heroic in defeat and have put everything on the line for the club and supporters.So proud to be a Fev supporter after this seasons efforts.And i supported Wakey until i was 21 and saw the light .over 50yrs a capper and will die a capper witjh a rugby ball and Fev shirt on my box.
  11. I think our forwards can match Toronto's and i wouldnt swap Chissy and McLelland at half back for theirs.Like i said in a previous post i just think they are a bit stronger out wide.Who would have given Norwich a chance a few weeks ago against Man City but they won 3-2.So we have a chance and all the pressue will be on Toronto.Just read the above post seems like Blue Pike is getting excited allready.
  12. Fantastic performance from the Salford team.And a joy to whatch the celebrations by their fans behind the sticks.Early in the season some poster were saying why don't Salford change their name to Manchester.Well the support they have had the last few weeks tells you why.I posted that Ian Watson was a canny half back and is developing into a very good coach.For me Ian and James Ford at York have been a revelation this season getting much more than expected out of players who are not just in it for the money.
  13. For the last few years prices to attend Championship matches have increased for the casual fan who attends on match day.Early membership or season ticket for clubs regular supporters are OK but i would like to see away supporters paying a little less.However it is a fine line as Towcester Racecourse in Northhamptonshire only charge addmission at Bank Holiday meetings on other race days it was Free.And they have just gone bust althought they are trying to save Greyhound racing,the track is opposite the stands in the centre of the course.The landowner at Towcester is Lord Hesketh who gave James Hunt his chance in Formula 1 That folded in a couple of seasons due to lack of sponsorship.
  14. 33/1 were the odds on the start of the Cup rounds.On the day Fev could be backed at 7/2 to 4/1 to win in 80min. with 12-14 points start on the Handicap priced at 1/1 or 11/10 much the same oddsa as Saturday night.
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