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  1. Pleased Minn's is having a week off to recover depending on how bad it is maybe another week off as well against Newcasile home so he is fit for Widnes away game.Any news on Welham?.or is he not bothered.Moors was quiet against Bradford was he carrying an injury noticed in the second half he took up the right outside centre position and didn't do much tackling in the middle.
  2. Trial run to see if he is good enough to replace Lolohea who may be moving to Huddersfield next season.
  3. It's coming to summat when your team has one 7 out of 8 games and a big city team like Bradford can only bring 120.Remember the game when we opened the new stands v Bradford p--sed it down but they brought thousands attendance must have been about 7000.As i have said before lets encourage away fans to matches let's face it we need them to grow attendances.
  4. We have a group of about 12 to 15 who stand behind the sticks at the back of the terrace.I was too far away to hear what they were shouting but it does not do the clubs reputation any good.By rights we are all supposed unless exempt to be wearing face masks inside the ground.Some of those in the group are much nearer 30 than teenagers.Get the cameras on them take photo's find out who they are and warn them about the implications for the club.If Bradford supporters were in the stand behind the sticks they only brought about 120 with room for more,let's not scare away supporters off coming to ga
  5. Widnes away and Bradford away either side of York at Wembley so we could do with players back from injury.
  6. Apparently i have to send my son a E mail snapshot of the ticket and he can then print it for me at work(his own business).I am still in the 1980's i can reply to E mails but can't send them.Was kidding about the mobile it's one of those £10 pay as you go.I keep it in the car in case of breaking down on the NOT TOO SMART motorways.As an ex bookie if people knew your mobile number they would ring up to put bets on.If the bet won they wanted their cash straight away but if the bet lost you very rarely got paid.So you live and learn.
  7. Thank's for that i have just bought mine.No printer on my lap top so i will have to get our young un to print it tonight.
  8. The same Huddersfield who merged with Sheffield to get into S.L.They would still be in the Championship without that how many years did they try without success?.
  9. If Brad Day has a ruptured achilles i can't see him being fit to play inside 10 months.Gutted for him i posted earlier in the season that he was not at his best.He was just finding his form and this happens i am so sorry for him bad injuries are a nightmare for players.Lets hope we get some back soon.
  10. Day was having a very good game until his injury two strong runs and a couple of hard tackles.Minn's his best game i have seen hope his injury is not too bad.They all deserve credit today for by far the best display of the season.James Harrison was ball boy just in front of the community stand and someone asked him when he would be back.He did a m sign with his fingers which i take as not next week week after.
  11. Leigh remind me of a dog walker with arthritis in his hands.Can't hold a lead.
  12. Agree about the brainless idiots but they will get their beer from somewhere before a game.We have always had some supporters who seem to latch on to us when on a cup run or doing well in the league.Can't we install cameras to monitor the trouble spots to help identify the culprits.
  13. With 13.5k stadium the minimum should be 2350 if there are enough entrance points.
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