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  1. Only saw the second half in which we were a bit scrappy.poor kicking at goal and straight to defenders out of hand.Thought the rest has done John Davies good he played well with Parata and Cooper also taking the eye.Oldhams defence was poor but they looked decent with ball in hand.Wise move of them not to take us on up the middle so they did the right thing by playing to the fringes.Think Welham and Minns in the centres would be my pick as Hardcastle lacks a bit of pace on dry grounds.Should be an interesting season as we have the strongest all round squad for many years.
  2. Don't see why we need a full time C.E.O. for this season.There will be thousands of C.E.O.'s over the country who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.Don't be insular stretch out and interview a few candidates to go part time this season as a trial and if we get into S.L. a full time contract will be on offer If they have grasped the working practices.I don't think the candidate has to be fully conversant with R.L. if they have a bit of sporting business acumen.Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can spot ways to improve which people on the inside pass by.
  3. May not be a normal season look how some of the Football scores have gone.Fev and Toulouse odds look about right.I don't know much about the teams this season but think Widnes at 10/1 and Fax at 20/1 may be overpriced.Trouble with backing Fev at 2/1 is if they don't do it you are dissapointed twice.
  4. Newcastle doing things the right way.Growing from bottom up with firm foundations.Its OK throwing money at getting into S.L. and using players other clubs can't afford or deemed too old just after a last payday.But when the money runs out you are in the brown sticky stuff.Well done Newcastle.
  5. Because i am talking about Championship match prices.If we do get promoted to S.L. of course a new price structure would be put in.I think some Championship clubs are employing too many full time players on good contract money just to chase the Holy Grail that is S.L.Iwould expect that without promotion and nowt to play for our crowds would drop to the 1200/1300 mark if we are lucky.
  6. Chisholm,Harrison,and Holmes will be gone anyway if we don't get promotion this season and S.L pull up the drawbridge. With no promotion what would be the incentive for good players to stay.Unless like the Amatuers they loved playing for nowt even paid out of their own pocket to support the club.Any player who is in the game purely for money will eventually get found out.Although i stress i don't think we have any in our club.
  7. Totally agree with you about attracting more younger supporters.I do think over the last few years the prices for the last minute walk in supporters has become almost out of reach for some of the not so well off.For Championship i would Charge £14 and £10 concessions then a supporter could take £20 out of the cash machine and go to the match and have a couple of pints (if not driving}.For some of the less attractive games i would offer a family ticket to new supporters{might be difficult to police} at £22 for up to 2 adults and 2under 13's.Go round all the schools within a ten mile radius and
  8. S.L would want the game played with crowds above the 5000 mark.Our neighbours accross Ponte park can attract crowds of 7000 plus.All i am saying is if we can't get 3500 home supporters we don't deserve to be in S.L..York would easily get 3500 home supporters.We dont try hard enogh to attract new supporters.Selling cut price tickets in Ponte town centre is about all we manage.
  9. If we don't get promotion this season and S.L go back to self preservation mode will we need a full time CEO.That aside Longo has done a good job in his time with us.Only dissapointment for me is we have not increased our attendance from the days when playing well under Powell, to be a S.L club we need 3500 home support and encourage away supporters with decent price packages.
  10. Sad news i knew his dad Walt from going the the dog tracks and Ponte races.Good number 9 Bob who could get the ball but also pinch yards from acting half more like todays number 9's than ones operating at the time.I wish him all the best for the future.
  11. S.B.W is waiting for FEV being promoted to S.L.It's been his lifes ambition to play at Post Office Road.
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