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  1. That was early price under 65's were £10 standing £12 seating early and £12 and £15 on he day.One thing i didn't like probably because a small crowd was expected.On the standing side grass cordoned off ,ok with that as it was damp.But spectators could only stand from the try line up to the 30m mark.People were stood two or three deep and viewing was awkward.I tried it but then went behind the sticks which was much better with plenty of room.A note for our supporters when we visit get your tickets printed or downloaded on to smart phone otherwise the pay on the day entrance was very slow 5min to get half a dozen through.
  2. Top class player as his stats show.equally as good at full back centre or stand off.He only took a couple of steps back with his goal kicking and succeeded from out wide or long distance .Not easy with a heavy leather ball.Condolences to family and friends RIP.
  3. When i saw him i thought he had swallowed a mattress.Fair play to him he has had a long career with numerous clubs which is not bad considering he is and has always been an average at best player.
  4. Supporters have to re set their ambitions.Instead of trying to get into SL realise that it is something we cannot achieve under I.M.G .Keep supporting the club knowing that we are now similar to half a dozen other Championship clubs We still get the same feeling with an win against the odds.But the club must play it's part by keeping prices down to a more realistic level.No need to charge excessive prices for Championship games.With no promotion all but two or three doing work in the community and schools could be part time.With £20k a year a top wage which unless there is a drastic drop off of support the club should be able to afford.
  5. Went to the Sheffield v Batley game and in perfect conditions for Rugby League both teams made plenty of mistakes.Batleys passing and ball control was poor.Eagles never looked like losing and in the centre Chris Welham had a good game,looking leaner and fitter than when he played for Rovers.Eagles played their usual style passing the ball quickly and making far more ground in most sets than Batley.They could be a top 5 team.Batley look a bit disjointed despite some decent individual efforts and most of their threat comes from kicks.Not as dominant in the middle as previous Batley sides.I did have a fancy that Swinton would turn Bradford over this afternoon but i got that one wrong.
  6. 26-10 to Eagles who never looked like losing after an early try in the corner by B.J Bishop.Batley supporters complained as the corner flag went over but the touch judge went straight to the in goal area.Second Eagles try came when Farrell put in a short kick which came off a Batley defender and straight into his hands.Batley scored on 30 min after bomb was caught by the Batley player and a quick inside pass for the try 10m from the posts. After half time from a scrum 20m out Eagles passed the ball along the line and Chris Welham cut through a paper thin Batley defence.Mid way In the second half Batley scored a try in the corner from a good pass but the conversion missed.Late in the game the Eagles right winger picked the ball up 70m out and ran to score the try unchallenged and that was that.Eagles pass the ball quickly and looked like a team who will finish two or three places above Batley this season.Both teams made mistakes in perfect conditions for Rugby League but Batley's handling was very poor.The Eagles forwards paid Wardy quite a bit of attention sometimes when he was on the ground.I enjoyed the game and only £8 to get in well worth it.Attendance was 727.
  7. One for Leeds supporters.In the games i have seen on TV Martin has looked very quiet and not the player i have seen in previous seasons.Is he carrying an injury or now playing a different role in the team?.Always rated him as he was often involved.
  8. With Fev taking no part this weekend i am going to Sheffield v Batley which looks a well matched game.Dry day for once so that helps and me living in Sheffield makes it easier only 10 min in the car.The early ticket price were very good £15 adult seating £12 standing.With concessions priced at £10 and £8.Prices will be more for walk ups today.I will give my view of the game later.
  9. 1895 Cup Wakefield 30 Barrow 12.Does that give supporters a bit more hope for a shock Rovers win next week.
  10. Worse than that in the first half went without cards it was very light contact that came up off the shoulder.
  11. Good to see the Ref using common sense there could have been another two or three cards without it.
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