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  1. Agree with all the above posts tragic news thoughts are with our friends in Batley.
  2. So sorry to hear of your and his friends and familys loss.R.I.P. young man.
  3. Well done to York for their win but i think if we had played anywhere like we did against Swinton last week we would have won comfortably.Chissy not at his best again and his ten minutes was the game breaker.We bombed three good try scoring chances and then let Horne touch down with four players trying to tackle him.We should win at Batley in a couple of weeks time and if we need to we are capable of beating Toulouse in our final home game.However we have lost 9 matches this season and the team is lacking pace in the centre and wing positions.Without better players we will continue to be in the top 5 places but outside the top two places.After next season i think S.L. will pull the plank away and become a closed shop again.
  4. Another season in the Championship and Josh may be ready to step back into Super League.Although if he joins London i think he will still be playing in the Championship next season so why move?.
  5. Tackling round the head and neck area is rightly penalised but before contact in Rugby is banned surely Boxing,Wrestling,and MMA. will be banned as they are much more dangerous.
  6. Old 4 cups was League winners,Top four play off winners ,County Cup winners and Rugby League cup winners.
  7. Good all round TEAM performance today.All 17 played their part and we were too strong down the middle for them.Backing up was much better two or three players following the ball carrier.If we play as well next week we will beat York.Fairclough still chirping to whoever would listen, and it made my day when John Davies flattened him.
  8. Rest day for York they play FEV at home next Sunday that is more important as they lost the previous 2 games.Away and Summer Bash.
  9. Think the hard games Swinton have been in over the last few weeks will have caught up with them.If we play a more expansive game and limit our mistakes i can see Rovers winning by 14+ points.
  10. Holmes didn't have a good game but the week before he outplayed Gaskell who has been excellent this season.Frawley was no better than Holmes on an off day.To drop a player after one moderate game does nothing for the players confidence.My daughter supports Huddersfield and she thought Holmes should have kept his place for at least some of the game.
  11. We like to take a gamble with players recruited.However Carr's biggest problem at the moment is getting 80min out of Chissy.He surely is match fit now so why does he go missing for minutes on end.Without Holmes or Reynolds alongside it leaves us short at half back when Chissy goes missing.
  12. For me it would be 50g fine for Wire and a 25 g fine for Dragons plus a severe warning against any repetition + at least 3 matches for those sent off.Can't make my mind up about Childs last 30 min was not an easy game to ref.Catalan seem to get fired up more when Greg Bird is playing.
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