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  1. Ken Trail's pub was in Hunslet just before the hill up to Parkside dog track and the Rugby Ground.I was at the game 61/62 season which Wakey won 5-4 in front of over 28 thousand spectators.As i have said before the big lad banging on the Mecca doors when the players went in was my brother in law Roy Wilson.
  2. Don played scrum half from Sept 1953 to Sept 1963 then moved to loose forward to enable Carl Dooler to play 7.Don was picked to play 13 for Great Britain against the Aussies only six games after switching.As you know he was some Rugby League player.
  3. Centre stand off or Coach top class in either.One of the good ones .R.I.P.
  4. Alan and John Bates for Dewsbury late 60s 70s Dewsbury had a good team at the time.
  5. Jim and Bill Drake ,Johnny and Peter Whiteley in the Hull FC team of the mid to late 1950s
  6. It was reported early December but China kept quiet about it at first hopeing it might go away.Boris must have read my post because he has now closed the LOT down.
  7. China had no reported cases yesterday only one the day before and one the day prior to that.So three and a half months from the first reported case they seem to be on top of Covid 19.But China have been strict with getting people locked down.Some of our young uns in London are still gowing into pubs and nightclubs and loads partied on St Patricks day.Can't see us being able to play infront of crowds before August with safety in mind.Our NHS workers are heroes.
  8. If we are over the worst play out the remaining League matches between middle of August and end of November.15 weeks play two games one week and one game the next alternating we should be able to Complete fixtures by then.Play offs would be early December and start the following season six weeks later.Although being able to play by the middle of August may be optimistic.
  9. Berwyn didn't look quick coming up the hill at The Mount Batley in six inches of mud.
  10. Defence was poor we didn't move up on them all afternoon.Didn't think it was a forward pass when Chissy had his try disallowed before half time.Blackmore again worked his socks off all game and Jouffret showed up well.Still think Bussey is wasted at acting half although his passing from there was sharp.Swinton had a real go although i always thought we would win,if they had scored another try when 12 nil up it might have been another story.So far i have been totally underwhelmed by the performances of Brett Ferres he needs improve to be worth the pay packet he picks up.Give me one John Davies to two Brett Ferres every day of the week.
  11. Simple Group A PLAY EACH OTHER HOME AND AWAY.Group B PLAY EACH OTHER HOME AND AWAY.A and B play each other once 5 matches at Home and 5 Away 28 games.The hard part would be deciding which teams go into each Group that would be difficult.
  12. If S.L becomes a closed shop or by invitation only Championship could split into 2 groups of 10.Each team would play each other home and away in their group 18 games and the other group once ie five at home and five away giving a total of 28 games per season.The fixtures could be reversed the following season playing the teams that you played at home away and vice versa.Top two teams from each group play off for The Champions Trophy.
  13. McLelland played really well last night when he came on ,speedy passes from acting half and he had a hand in a couple of tries.Hope other Squad S.L. players take note much better to be playing regular Rugby than sitting in the stands.
  14. Two years playing part time in the Championship might suit .I tend to fear the worst but i hope there will not be a failed substance test announced shortly.
  15. First time i saw Harry play was on dual reg with us FEV at The Mount against Batley a couple of years ago.I posted after the game what a great prospect he was.Check the Fev Forum and you will see from my posts about him how i thought he was a tremendous prospect who reminded me of a young Paul Newlove.
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