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  1. Why would you have testing when only 1 in every 2200 people have the virus.Any player not feeling well or with a temperature would probably have one for his teams benefit.
  2. One of the more sensible posts on the subject.How the SL strugglers hated the middle eights because they couldn't just go through the motions in games with no chance of relegation.
  3. In Super League the second half of most seasons will have meaningless matches from the Teams who have no chance of achieving a play off position.Players going through the motions without giving that little bit extra that relegation ties require for survival.The Championship and League one teams players will i hope play as they did pre Super League for pride of wearing the shirt ,their teamates,and us supporters.No need for big contract money without promotion but the players deserve to be looked after with a retainer and as before match fees with winning or losing rates.It didnt stop players developing before in the so called lower teams,i only hope we can find a way to profit if and when the players move up a notch to Super League.
  4. Only surprise is that it took so long to come to the decision.Looks like Super League will want a closed shop again when they negotiate a new SKY TV deal.Probably addmission by invitation only.
  5. I would probably be willing to pay £15 a month for a dedicated Rugby League Channel.But the current deal i have £16 a month for all Sky Sports channels is good value for money.I like the majority of sports even the odd Football match and when the Rugby League season is over i look forward to the American Football Season which i have followed since it started on Channel 4 and had so few viewers no one would buy advertisement space,it was sponsored by The Daily Express.
  6. If you can negotiate a good deal SKY Sports can be value for money.Full Sports channels for £16/£18 a month is OK with me, if it was £34/£40 i might think again.When you consider a £10 fee for weekend pass just for Football everything for £4.50 a week stacks up.One thing i will not pay for is Fight Nights at £20 a pop i listen to them on the Radio as they somehow seem more exciting.
  7. He had to be carefull chopping the meat because he only had one eye.Not a bad player in his day for Leigh and Swinton centre and graduated to second row.
  8. The talk of scrums or no scrums is pretty pointless.The Championship Clubs are almost equally split on when or if the Season will resume.The can keeps getting kicked down the road so before long there will not be enough time left to restart with meaningfull fixtures.It is quite obvious that Super League will not have relegation this season.How could they with teams having to surrender Home advantage to play at a neutral ground.Hope i am wrong because i miss my Rugby League but i fear this season may have to be written off.
  9. Is that Hull F.C who have never won the right to be in Super League but did it by merging with Gateshead and are not always the best side in the City of Hull.
  10. He knew what to do on a Rugby pitch though,and always had the respect of his team mates.
  11. Good luck to them, Barrow have it tough with the virus.I think they had more cases per 1000 of population than anywhere outside London.Hope it brightens the spirits for those who attend.
  12. No over the last 2years they have proved themselves to be far too good for the Championship.I dont agree with the fact that special conditions have been allowed for Toronto.
  13. Despite my age i can assure you i am not Impotent,not important either.I miss Andrews contributions.
  14. Steve Nash,Paul Newlove because they had plenty of game time left in their careers.I am really struggling for a third.Age wise and for his potential third choice may have been Zak Hardaker but with his off the field antics i will leave it.
  15. If Players and coaches from all three divisions were tested it is odds on that none would have a positive result.Current rate although i think it will be higher is 6 in evey 10,000 have the virus.So 30 tested from each Club would be under 1,000 tests so less than 1.Although in the latest Premier League tests 2 had it in 1200 tests after 0 the previous round of tests.I think the wise move would be to write off this season,giving Championship and League 1 clubs a vote to continue or not seems to be the fairest way to proceed.Never thought i would live long enough to see Rugby League without scrums the Worlds gone mad.
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