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  1. When we had him at Fev he was always the fist to be dropped if the team didnt play well.He is still learning his trade and the Championship top half would be his level at present.With todays tight defences he is just short of pace to get through the half openings but there are a lot of halves like that.
  2. In similar circemstances York would easily achieve that figure.Hull KR when in the Championship would double it .Leigh would probably pull 5000 plus and Bradford despite their huge Asian population most who have no interest in R.L. would also easily double it.Fax are similar to us at the moment and would probably settle for 3500/4000.
  3. Just heard Gareth Hock has retired from Rugby League due to multiple injury problems.He certainly got a bit of stick from the Family Stand during our game.Thought he did OK for us once he was match fit.I tweeted him a few times when he played for us and he replied to most of them.He has had a good career with his various clubs despite his flawed character.And i for one hope he enjoys retirement and makes a success of the rest of his life.
  4. One reason the video clock is on the screen for so long is to get maximum TV exposure for the company who sponsor it.Bores me to death the time it takes to make a decision.NRL it only takes up to 10 seconds and their Refs don't seem to use it as much.
  5. Looking at the run in i think Leigh will finish 2nd,but we should with only one more loss make the top five.The last game of the season against Toulouse will probably have a big bearing on our final position.Hope the Club promote it and offer incentives to get as many non regular rugby followers to this vital game.If we can't get 3000/4000 in for that game we are not showing that we are serious Super League contenders.
  6. Would think SKY subscribers have dropped in the last 12 months,loads of people ditching it because they have stopped doing deals.Quite easy up to then to get up to 60% off subscription costs with minimal effort.A couple of years ago i got all the lot Sports ,Movies Entertainment,and Disney channel{i still like Tom and Jerry and i saw my first game of Rugby League in 1955].for £30 per month.When my deal ran out the same package was £65 monthly take it or leave it.Best i could get was Sports and Entertainment for £40 and i had to plead poverty to get that.
  7. When Super League split from the rest of R.L. forceing the Championship teams to downsize and go part time,Where will the young up and coming players come from?.Too big a step up from part time level for most players,as i see it more players playing at the highest level they can achieve is the way to go.
  8. Scrumdown was well worth watching with John Helm.Shown about 11pm as i remember.I even picked myself out in the Bullock stand at Fev v Hull KR .Think ITV showed those games and i had loads of video tapes of the programme.When i moved house they all ended up in landfill,now i would have loved to transfer them onto discs.Some great characters in those games they didn't need to consult the Coaches plays they made it up as they played.The most memorable game was Oldham playing at the Watershedings on 8inch of snow with the lines marked out in blue dye.B-ll-cks to health and safety.
  9. I was at the 1962 Final p-ssed it down all the match.Trinity's enforcer Rocky Turner had the tables turned on himself and played most of the match in a daze.Big Neil {Fox}got a couple of drop goals two pointers then and soon after drop goals were only scored as 1 point.Wakey needed to beat Huddersfield at Odsal the following saturday to win all 4 cups but Huddersfield beat them quite comfortably.It again p-ssed it down all the match but a crowd of about 70,000 turned up..I stood three quarters up behind the posts and the top sections had not been terraced.I had to dig my heels into the ashe to stop sliding down.
  10. Very good display the lads can hold their heads high for taking Toronto to the edge.Conner Jones had a great game and considering he must be jet lagged having two flights in 5days.Exciting times ahead with him and King at number 9.Render again did not let us down and as i said in an earlier post he is worth taking a punt on.Dagger oh dear not a full back not a winger and not a stand off, he can kick a ball though but if i was picking a team he would be near the bottom of the list.Briscoe Golding Hardcastle Walters and Makatoa stood out for me.Day had a quiet game by his usuall standards.Another 3 silly penalties in the second half didn.t help matters.But we can be proud of our team.
  11. Thought Connor Jones effort was very close would have liked a look from the video ref but we can't afford them for the Championship.We have given away a couple of silly penalties.Just a matter of keeping the score down in the second half i fear.But with Chissy ,Reynolds and King playing we might just have made them sweat.
  12. Didn't Gareth Hock pick a niggle up before last seasons game or was he suspended?.
  13. Belle Vue Manchester was the first stadium to race greyhounds round bends.Before the invention of the system which allowed the dummy hare to run on pulleys greyhounds ran a straight course unless coursing a hare (cruel and rightly banned now}.I think it was 1929.
  14. 35/100 would have been generous.Can't remember seeing one as bad ever but having watched R.L. for 65 yrs i probably have.Thought Gareth Hewer had a very good game at Fax he tried to keep the game flowing despite both teams making errors.
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