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  1. A magician with the Rugby Ball.Three players tackling him and he would still manage a back flip out of the tackle to a supporting team mate.Harry Pinner was good he had a wide variation of passes.Going back 60 years Johnny Whiteley was probably the best as Great Britain picked him at 13 forceing Derek ROCKY Turner and Vince Karalius to play in the second row when they were world class at loose forward.
  2. Both Tim Spears and Will Sharp always gave 100% when wearing the Fev shirt.They can look back hold their heads up and be proud of the contribution they made to Championship Rugby League.
  3. Without the gathering which is called a scrum,teams will run out of players as the injuries mount up.Play is a bit too fenetic ,Touch and Pass like.
  4. With spectators at the Snooker Final today,and Owners and a couple of Bookies allowed on course at York next week.The Mount would be an ideal ground to experiment with limited crowds.As i fear even next season unlimited spectators may not happen before July.That's unless Putins miracle vacine works,but could we get our hands on it?.
  5. Agree with that.I paid £22 for full SKY Sports and when it went through i got a £5 discount so only pay £17.Hovever you can't have SKY Sports as a stand alone channel so probably another £16/£18 for Entertainment.
  6. Even i had the common sense not to name any of the Aberdeen players.Thats probably a first for me common sense.
  7. If that is the case no blame can be attached to the players staff or the Club Hull FC.Infection rates up to 5th August Kingston Upon Hull 2 in 100.000.Salford 31 in 100.000 and Wigan 9 in 100.000.So it is likely Pearsons explenation may be correct.However what are the odds of a new born baby having the virus.I may need to do some research.
  8. Glad to hear that.One would have thought the Salford players and staff would have been at much greater risk.Greater Manchester area was supposed to be a high risk so one would think Salford and Wigan players would be more likely to test positive.They must have been more aware of their surroundings.Why Hull FC.,Have Rovers any players tested positive after all they do share the same City.
  9. My ex wife had Covid 19 and 4 residents of the nursing home she lives in died so please don't insult my intelligence.
  10. Why have no other teams players wives or partners passed it on?.I know spitting is not going to pass on the virus but we are a televised sport and players must set an example.
  11. Why have Hull FC players contracted the virus,when all the other teams have not?.Someone has not been respecting the rules.Aberdeen players have let Scottish Football down by not following rules it only takes one or two to put the whole competion in danger.I think Hull FC should forfeit the points against teams they are not able to play against.Any player seen spitting on the field of play should be sent off and banned for 8 matches.
  12. Terry Clawson played for 10.returned to Fev,Bradford, and South Newcastle (Australia)for second spells making 13 moves.Fev Bradford Northern,Hull KR,Leeds,Oldham,York,South Newcastle,Bradford N,South Newcastle,Fev,Wakefield,Hudde rsfield,and Hull F.C.His playing record is a testament to his ability.Played 631+9 sub. 75 tries 1177 goals, 2579 points10 games for Yorkshire.14 Test or World Cup matches for G.B.Played in 3 Yorkshire Cup finals for Fev. Bradford N,and Leeds all won.Challenge Cup Final 5 goals in Leeds team defeated by Saints1972.Championship Finals 1 win 1972 against Saints 3 goals,and in 22-13 loss in 1973 for Leeds against Dewsbury 1 goal.Plus John Player Final 1973 when Leeds beat Salford 12-7 kicking 2 goals.Terry also played every position in the pack Open side prop 268,Hooker 1 when in only his second game when only picked as travelling reserve against the mighty Hull FC pack of the late 1950's Stan Moyser missed his train so Terry stepped up and offered to hook against Tommy Harris.32 blind side prop,257 second row,73 loose forward.Terry was a real Character on and off the field as anyone who knew him would testify.
  13. Don't think they will put any team in.Like i have said in a previous post if they do decide to only London or Fev should be considered.
  14. Only reason most teams have not pulled out is because they wish to offer members somethingiIe Game rather than have to refund money.Although i would estimate over 80% of clubs members would not ask for a refund subject to their financial position.Just my opinion as you know i am never slow to state my point.
  15. Its not a difficult decision at all to anyone with common sense.Scrap this season now and everyone will know where they stand.Don't expect unlimited crowds for the start of next season although 25/30% of capacity will be OK for us.With costs involved and some areas at risk i can't understand teams wanting to take part in a Hybrid competition of very limited value.
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