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In Topic: Swinton away Sunday 3pm

29 September 2015 - 04:16 PM

Gutted, however firstly, immense efforts by the lads today and fourth position is very credible given off field antics this season at the club.

Now for today's showing.....

Simply beaten by a smarter team today, missing 4 conversions(3 easy ones) has been a problem all season, why haven't we had someone practising kicks all week, then the forward pass from Dent inside to Minikin when 2 on 1 just not good enough and should have been a walk-in.

Swinton looked the far more organised side from the start with plenty of dummy runners, a great fullback and a pair of halves who were far better than ours and that's what told in the end, their sets of six were simply better than ours all 2nd half. More yardage and smarter use of the ball.

Why don't our forwards run on to the ball at pace? too many static forwards receiving balls then trying to make ground and no reverse angled running? Presley and Walker just don't do it for me I'm afraid.

I think we need a recognised No.1, 6, 7 and a line busting prop with experience, hang onto some these lads as well and we'll be ok next season.

We have a recognised no.1 Andy but unfortunately he was sat with us in the stand with his leg brace on due to the bust cruciate he received a few weeks back. As for Presley, man of the match for me, and a lot of other people too judging by the comments on here and on the Swinton site. I'll go along with you re the 7 jersey.

  Actually, your bit about "Walker" has me wondering a bit about the rest of your post.

In Topic: North Wales Crusaders - travel info

31 August 2015 - 12:55 PM

Many thanks for that gogledd. Very thoughtful. I won't be able to make it myself as I'll be attending the York ex player's lunch in York but I know quite a few people who are making the trip.

In Topic: North Wales - home

23 August 2015 - 12:42 PM

I thoght they were all very very naughty boys for dropping the ball on purpose

Well said Deano. Like Fordy said, seen the best do it. Remember Billy Slater in the World Cup final in Brisbane? The lads had there worst half, yes half, of the season. Massive credit to them for coming out the second half and trying to pull it round and almost succeeding. A lot of teams would have gone through the motions second half and got well stuffed.

In Topic: Oxford at home - Sunday 3pm - at Heworth

10 August 2015 - 03:56 PM

I suppose we get games like yesterday's now and again and it's disappointing when we do but fortunately there have been very few this season and at least we won this one and got the points. I agree with Shades [for a change!] and thought we'd have a decent game with that ref. in charge but how wrong can you be? Didn't he have the game when we played Featherstone Lions in the Cup earlier in the season? He cut out most of the niggling that night and clamped down on the spoiling tactics straight away but of course it resulted in quite a lot of penalties. I wonder if he got a boll.....g from Red Hall for it as he was definitely a different guy yesterday. The thing that puzzled me was the lack of use of the sin bin as surely that's what it's there for. Fordy said after the game nobody wants to see a hundred penalties in a game and he's right but he also said he could have put Oxford on a team warning early in the game and he's also right there and if he had done, unless the players are absolutely stupid, there wouldn't have been any need for many penalties.

 Just a word on the point Shades made about missing the tackling of Mallinder and Ed. Smith, I totally agree with him there as well. I must go and have a lie down! [Only kidding Shades.]

In Topic: Coventry away - Sunday 3pm

30 July 2015 - 03:29 PM

Very quiet on here - hoped we would be getting back to talking about on the field stuff now

Anybody else going Sunday?

I reckon the reason it is quiet on here Shades is well illustrated by the reply you received unfortunately.

 Keep up the good work Fordy and the lads!!