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  1. Aaron Moore. (Wigan)
  2. Dear Peter. If you do read this forum may I please add my support and appreciation for all that you have done for Rugby League in your adopted city. I'm sure I echo all York fans by saying I wish you all the very best and success in whatever you decide to do.
  3. When we entered the ground yesterday there was a stall with the sign 'PROGRAMMES' above it. They were actually selling tickets for the half time draw. When asked if I could please buy a programme the young lady said there weren't any. I said 'But the sign there says Programmes.' She replied ' I know....it's confusing isn't it?'
  4. Well done indeed Bradford. You did the Championship proud.
  5. Dear Bullmania. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  6. There will be four pensioners in my car for the game on Sunday. I see from the Bulls' website that I can purchase a car park ticket in advance. Does anyone know which car park is the nearest and involves the least walking. Many thanks.
  7. Quite agree Fenton Knight. Great turn out who I think appreciated the way the club is being run and the seemingly wonderful team spirit amongst the players.
  8. Dear Hemel. I will be in Apsley that evening and wonder if you could tell me of any pubs/restaurants that might be showing the game on Sky in the vicinity. Many thanks. David.
  9. Dear Moorside Oldham made quite a few mistakes today which proved costly. I was convinced the referee did all in his power to get you on the score sheet, which he ultimately did. In the end it proved to be a very exciting game, played in the right spirit and a credit to the greatest game in the world. Good luck to you in the play offs.
  10. Attendance 1692. Quite a few from Oldham.
  11. David

    York Game.

    As a Yorkie I believe we got out of jail yesterday and all credit to you. If you log on to the York forum you will see that at least two York supporters over the years have been impressed by the Skolars' hospitality. It was the same yesterday and good luck for the rest of the season.
  12. Heard in the Gents from a Skolars supporter that it was their best performance for weeks. This coupled with a strangely below par performance from York did make it an exciting game in the end and we were fortunate to win two points. Upwards and Onwards. Very small crowd but the Londoners are always so welcoming and I've always enjoyed watching matches down there.
  13. 1212 according to The Knights' site.
  14. Totally agree. It was good to see James shaking the Wales players' hands as they came off and not only were the York substitutions applauded by the crowd but the Wales ones as well.
  15. The Yorkshire Post is a broadsheet newspaper and half of the front page of their sports section is taken up with a photograph of Joe Porter being congratulated by his team-mates with the caption YORK SCARE DRAGONS. The main headline on the back page of The Press is GRAY: I'LL GO IT ALONE relating to the soccer club. I'll say no more.
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