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  1. Says on Knights' website that the Rochdale game will now be played at Featherstone tomorrow 15th ko 3 pm.
  2. Lovely article about John Flatman in today's edition.
  3. Had a word with Neil and he says the club have been so busy that the luncheon will not take place this year but will, hopefully, next year with it being held at the new stadium. Thought Featherstone were brilliant tonight and these statistics are interesting. The population of the following is as follows. Toronto. 2,731,571. Toulouse. 471,841. York. 208,300. Featherstone. 14,175.
  4. Gav. I know you'll be very busy over the next few weekends so I'll write to Neil rather than post on here. Thank you. David.
  5. For over thirty years I have had the honour of compering this luncheon which is one of the highlights in the York Sporting calendar and is so very well attended. Last year the secretary John Duck, on behalf of the committee transferred the organisation of it to the Knights as there were no ex players willing to take over the organisation as a whole and the luncheon in particular. Up to press, there has been no indication that there will be a luncheon this tear and I have sent a message to the Knights asking why not. I am not very computer literate I'm afraid and don't know which channel I used to communicate. Can anyone help please as I have been approached by email, text and in person by people who would hate to see this most popular function die. Thank you.
  6. Completely agree. Well done.
  7. David


    If I could navigate on to the Halifax site I would tell them that I thought they did The Championship proud today and their supporters were first class.
  8. Completely agree. Well said.
  9. Dear Peter. If you do read this forum may I please add my support and appreciation for all that you have done for Rugby League in your adopted city. I'm sure I echo all York fans by saying I wish you all the very best and success in whatever you decide to do.
  10. When we entered the ground yesterday there was a stall with the sign 'PROGRAMMES' above it. They were actually selling tickets for the half time draw. When asked if I could please buy a programme the young lady said there weren't any. I said 'But the sign there says Programmes.' She replied ' I know....it's confusing isn't it?'
  11. Well done indeed Bradford. You did the Championship proud.
  12. Dear Bullmania. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  13. There will be four pensioners in my car for the game on Sunday. I see from the Bulls' website that I can purchase a car park ticket in advance. Does anyone know which car park is the nearest and involves the least walking. Many thanks.
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