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In Topic: match reports

Yesterday, 07:33 PM

And we're lagging with the match videos an' all. The Bradford match still isn't on YouTube, and on the official website it keeps freezing, at least over here it is, not watchable at all....

I would almost say that there's method in this madness. And I wouldn't like to think why that might be...


As I said before, the website is a mess.

why is it on every single page you need to scroll down half a mile to read an actual article, at least those in charge and the chosen few looked to have a nice day on the golf course

In Topic: Morrison delivers further injury update

Yesterday, 01:45 PM

Yes he did. In fact he played most if not all games on the wing at Wigan and Bradford. However he's too slow to play on the wing these days!

Nah, you dont need speed from 10 metres out ALA Mick Nanyn or even Ryan Hall, brute strength can get you over the line as often as pace.

In Topic: match reports

Yesterday, 12:41 PM


Nah, Toms Cherry is still intact, he's even been turned down by prozzies.

In Topic: Doncaster 19 man squad

Yesterday, 10:10 AM

40+ points win for the dogs easily

In Topic: match reports

Yesterday, 10:08 AM