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  1. well what a surprise, especially with 12 men for half the game. Maybe Sage will get in real trouble once they determine it was him and not greenwood. Good to take the early drop goal
  2. Are the windows not part of a fire evacuation plan ? Seems unsafe to have windows painted shut.
  3. I just can't see where the next Salford win is coming from. Brown is injured, Watkins out for the season, Escare injured. Sarge must have served his ban by now..
  4. Awful scenes , shows what having the right equipment at games can achieve and why Lizzie Jones campaign is important. I was at the Salford game when the Chris Sanderson happened all those years ago. That awful silence stays with you
  5. If anyone is in any doubt that education is needed in this area, read the recent Ofsted reprot about the number of requests young girls receive daily for nude pictures, or semi nude pictures. Also look at the survey for the inappropriate touching in schools, sexual pressure, etc. Imagine this is your 12 year old in school then tell me education is brain washing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-57411363
  6. Salford and the RFL conducted an investigation. It is hard to deny it when it appears in writing. "so called victim" is unacceptable following a trial in a court of law. He was Guilty. This crosses the line in "supporting a mate" 2 months ban is from the date of his suspension, and I think 4 weeks is the max fine for a club to impose. Inu also has a warning that any repeat will have consequences. Education will inform him why the phrase used is so offensive
  7. I started watching Salford at the best time, players like Steve Nash, Kenny Gill David Watkins, Paul Charlton, Chris Hesketh, Colin Dixon and Keith Fielding. Nash was a tricky little player, loved watching him.
  8. This will show the muck, it isn't that dark
  9. It's not a 4 day bank holiday, it is a 2 day holiday
  10. It seems to be the latest fad, getting the UPVC window frames spray painted. Whilst I can understand that if they look messy why is grey the colour of choice ? Maybe I should have added this to the rant thread
  11. I've lost much of my enthusiasm for the game in the last year or so. It started to ebb prior to the lockdown and so far not feeling it. Marshall is annoying me, can't see anything but another loss, so me and my little black cloud will go else where.
  12. The biggest question is will Salford score ? It just feels like there is no improvement
  13. Salford have released Elliott Kear to Bradford to enable him to train as a fire fighter. Not really had a run out at Salford but wish him the best
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