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  1. As I said on the other thread, the head of refs needs to be more visible, he needs to back up his employees. Coaches need to be able to question the decisions and Ganson needs to admit when an error occurs. Fans are a whole other matter and the tribal nature of some areas of the ground needs to be addressed. Personal abuse is not acceptable.
  2. Watson was rightly fined a nominal amount, however in his defence the club has written to Mr Ganson seeking clarification both last season and this season without a response from the Head of refs. This is a huge failing, there has to be a dialogue between the clubs and the officials. This only seems to happen with certain clubs. It isn't a new problem either. Clubs should be able to question a referees performance (just not in public) My favourite ref' story was when Karl Harrison was in charge and was particularly irate about a ref's performance, the RFL sent a ref to the club, the rep spent about 15 mins pointing out how the team in red had committed offences. Karl nodded but explained Salford were playing in blue and none of the decisions mentioned had been given for Salford.
  3. Are you are seriously saying women only watch the sport to objectify the men involved? Blimey most of them are younger than my son. I've been a fan since school days, many years before meeting my husband and his attendance at a game.
  4. It's been interesting this week watching the video of Rhys Williams Try going viral this week. It seems people think he looks like someone called Mo Saleh. The Video has been seen over 5 million times. Is this the modern marketing method? If so how can we cash in on it
  5. I'd say a very small % are female, and I'm not sure it matters that much. All posters are treated with equal contempt where it is due
  6. Tomkins has also got lazier and nastier the older he gets. If someone side steps him he seems reluctant to chase, even to make the angle harder.
  7. Tallinn is a very friendly city, the people and the service in the bars was great. Not sure what there is to entertain kids though
  8. He played but looks far from his best, whether he is going to pick up soon, who knows as he is off home for a few weeks now. Salford will improve ( I hope) once the play becomes instinctive
  9. Salford are poor at the moment, playing one man rugby, only looked lively when the ball went out to Brown/Evalds/Williams. Really dislike some of the tactics McDermott uses, players supposedly dummy runner but stopping in the defensive line until a player . wants to run through the gap. Toronto off loaded plenty but they won't have the space and time when playing the top sides. Welham went off for an elbow according to the ref signal, think Toronto player went for running in. Glad Salford managed to hold out for a win but need to make huge improvements.
  10. Is there any danger to players when someone plays with a drug such as cocaine in their system? Would his judgement be impaired, with the possibility of causing injuries to others? If so then the reckless nature of the drug use would warrant a ban.
  11. Salford lacking discipline and concentration. Saints looking to pick up where they were at the end of the season. As for the play the ball, how hard is to to gain your feet before putting the ball down
  12. I just hope it isn't a thrashing, first game on tv for Salford. The feel around the club is positive just hope it is a good performance tonight. Loads of promotion for next week trying to get school kids to attend. Fingers crosed
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