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  1. He was talking about approaching Saints and their approach at promoting from the ranks
  2. Only caught the 2nd half of this, it was an interesting discussion. Harrison talked about how things are at certain clubs. Shaun Lunt looked like s small bloke sat between Harrison and Crabtree!
  3. It is a lack of oxygen in this case causing death. Hope people don't speculate just focus on the tragic waste of life. Lets await the Coroner's Court findings. The family will have enough to deal with as it is
  4. Today is international Photography Day https://www.flickr.com/photos/gmpolice1/albums/72157622738919156/page7/https://www.flickr.com/photos/gmpolice1/albums/72157622738919156/page7/ Some great photos here
  5. I'll be surprised if Salford beat Wire on TV. For some reason we don't seem to play up to standards when the cameras are there. It's been quite a season, but still we have to rebuild for next season.
  6. Thought he only joined last week? Bit much claiming his influence in those games. Watson has done an outstanding job, getting money for Lui and player exchange, Tui is playing well for Salford.
  7. Awful news. Thoughts with the family and all at Batley
  8. a coaching consultant? Is Paul Rowley qualified to give anyone advice
  9. no advantage of moving, the ground is no more accessible than AJ Bell.
  10. He was applauded off by Salford fans. The booing was regarding what fans saw as the slowing down of the game, no fan would boo an injured player. He looked in a bad way.
  11. I think Huddersfield also need to answer some questions regarding the treatment of English. He took a knock to the head, received lengthy treatment, played on, at the next tackle he was again injured this time he could barely stand, and had to be helped from the field.
  12. Not a great game to watch for purists. Huddersfield tried to slow the game to walking pace at times, Robinson on the field more than some players. Thought Giants should have had a player in the bin, Wardle should have gone for throwing the ball at Lusick causing a pile up. Salford had huge amount of possession but didn't play their usual flowing game. Really a game of defensive displays. Salford must have been held up at least 5 times
  13. It isn't all about Jackson at Salford, there are players around him in Evalds, Lui/Tui and Lussick in supporting roles. He arrived as a player treated as outcast, possibly with depression. He found a club that treated him as part of the family and his rise is testament to that. Will he replicant that form at Wigan, possibly depends on the skill of the head Coach and the players playing pivot around him. Really sorry to see him go. He has been a joy to watch and the manner of his conduct around the club with fans and especially young supporters is a blessing after this weekend's scenes in France.
  14. Some really sad stories on here. Yesterday I attended my Dad's funeral, in his case it was probably a release from his complex health concerns. The hardest part was writing a eulogy
  15. Tomkins really is a grub. Pleased me no end to watch him beaten time and time again. Salford played in black and defended really well when deprived of ball.
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