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  1. This is at least a year away, Salford have demonstrated that anything can happen in a year. This is just another stick to beat the club with. Some people won't be satisfied until Salford disappear.
  2. When Salford sold The Willows, Red City Developments was building the stadium. This would have provided an income. The Willows needed huge amounts spending to keep the safety certificate. Brian Kennedy the then owner of Sale was offered a share of the new stadium but refused. Later Sale had to move after doing the dirty to Stockport County. History repeats with this latest move. It should be interesting to see which sport/team come on on top. Moor Lane is an awful place for a stadium, the crowds won't improve. The low crowds have little to do with the move, the constant drama is the issue.
  3. Just spent a week in Scotland including a visit to Mull. Lots and lots of cyclists on the roads. Is there a protocol that the last rider of a group, rides wide when they consider it is unsafe for cars to pass?
  4. Manchester waking up. It was on Talking Pictures and is a documentary from the early 60s' It shows the docks as a working port rather than Salford Quays. Health and Safety ? none of it.
  5. He didn't impress at Salford, he isn't involved enough in the game for a half back
  6. Persoanlly Moor lane is the worst of the 3 grounds to get to and park. (Weaste and Willows are the area and ground name and are the same thing) Salford aren't a well supported club, even in the glory days. Think more will drift off from the crowds if Moor lane becomes a reality.
  7. Not a celeb as such but saw the news today that Fulham player Ben Davis was on the move. Didn't expect a player with that name to be a Thai under 23 international.
  8. I would employ a full time marketing team of the highest quality and pay them on results. I'd employ a media spokesperson or 2 who knew how to sell the game. I would employ development officers around the county. (UK) I would fully fund the league structure below SL so that if a team is relegated it isn't the end. I attempt to turn the sport into a professionally run team. I'd buy the aussie set up and make them play to my rules. I'd also try to make the sport less dependent on SKY.
  9. Not missed those, but most clubs have postponed games, yet Salford break training ground protocols? They didn't wait until a few hours before kick off to call off a game, be interesting to see what other punishments are handed down
  10. What a surprise Salford fined. I am no longer surprised by punishments handed out to Salford. I don't expect the same will be applied to other clubs.
  11. Did he? Salford ended up in default on a CVA he promised to pay, had points deducted and are now run on a shoestring, having taken a while to undo his mess. I'd say they are now in the same position as when he joined. At best he bought time to set up as a community club.
  12. Well done Leigh, It's typical of Salford. Lack of discipline is telling, but out played. Marshall doesnt seem to know what team to play, never plays the fullback instead picks a centre or half back.
  13. Went to the cinema last night to see Free Guy, first time in a long time.
  14. I think the telling part was Huddersfield choose to take kicks for penalty rather than back themselves to score in the first half. I understand the first as the last game hinged on a drop goal. The first half was played almost entirely in the Salford 30 metre line. The only way we looked likely to score was via the breakaway. The second half was more even I was relieved to get a win. The celebrations are routine at Salford as we don't win many. Thought Kendal was at times baffling, did quite a bit of arm waving, he seemed to have no support from his team
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