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  1. A house is never too big, you just fill it with more stuff. If the house is OK I'd go for experiences.
  2. I was a small child, and lets face no one dressed like that especially not boys
  3. I watch the repeats as well as recording the day time ones
  4. Been watching the Repair Shop? I didn't realise Andy Pandy was a boy as a a child.
  5. No Dodgy Hodgy ? David Hodgson has to be a shoe in .
  6. Just listening to Al Murray's podcast on the subject of Battle of Britain
  7. Lets face it so many can't identify a picture of tower bridge being of London.
  8. Just had a break in the Trossochs, Loch Fyne lovely area. Benmore gardens are worth a visit. Love Northumberland, Seahouses area is a great place to stay, not far from Alnwick
  9. I may need to put headphones in for the 2nd half. These idiots are doing my head in. Phil Clarke "We start the game even" really Phil???
  10. Bleep, little gestures can mean the most. My Mum's neighbour was buying her bread for her during lockdown. Your neighbours loss will leave a big hole in your life too.
  11. Could be Near neighbours favour scooby snacks !
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