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  1. The hardest thing about debt is taking the first step and acknowledging the problem. There are so many solutions and something will fit your needs. There is a new solution in the pipeline called Breathing space, which will provide a short space to consider options think it will be 3 months. This gives you a break from being chased for debts. You should be proud of the achievement and it gives hope to others.
  2. I don't know about best but Cas have recruited 2 of last season's leading error/penalty kings.
  3. I record this and watch it in an evening. Such talented people well apart from Jay who adds nothing to the show at all.
  4. Had mine for ages, you do need to make sure the different bits are in the correct place. I have an astigmatism on both eyes (fitting really) which means I am short sighted and also now need readers. The only issue I have had is going down stairs I don't even think about them now.
  5. Salford win this hands down, the Joe Bloggs one. The material was awful and "bobbled as soon as it was out of the packet.
  6. Not sure what I think of this sure it will grow on me.
  7. The argument that raising the cap will mean 4 or five clubs will sign the best players is silly. That is exactly what happens now, every year clubs like Salford lose players and not always those out of contract. The cap should stay but rise in line with inflation (after accounting for the money in marque players)
  8. Seems we managed to drown a squirrel at some point. it fell into a bucket of water from all the rain and couldn't get out. Made husband dispose of the body
  9. Darren Fletcher former Man U player is a Salford fan. That guy on strictly..... Kelvin is a fan
  10. Love the Brit shouting " you can't do that, it's against the rules"
  11. Both were involved at the start of the Koukash era, they advised Noble and Harris as coach. That whole era was a mess.
  12. So no , Huddersfield Wakefield or Salford in this new league? Add in a club that doesn't exist and a club that has been a basket case for the last few years Interesting. Why no Birmingham/Leicester ?
  13. Applying for the visa is easy, been a couple of times, they also last more than one year. Don't players need work visas?
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