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  1. Isn't that the problem though? The coach walks into a great set up, with a settled team and maintains performance. What extra has Woolf added? I can clearly see the difference between Lam's Wigan to Peet's Wigan. I can see Peet's impact. Same can be said at Salford, picking up the team after the mess left by Marshall. All achieved with a limited budget and having to rebuild a squad every year.
  2. Why so long for Watkins and Sullivan?
  3. I've said that twice about Salford, Watson and Rowley and been proved wrong each time. I suppose Lam proved that a coach can make a difference even with every advantage.
  4. Thrilled to bits for Brodie. he has led from the start and been inspirational. It shows how good man management can turn a player's career around. Never dreamed that Salford would ever have a Man of Steel player let alone 2.
  5. That was Marwen and different Company to the one run by King and Blease.
  6. Isn't the system different this year. Last time Salford got to the final 1 V 2 played with the loser having the 2nd chance against the qualifier. This was after week 1 off whilst the other teams played.
  7. Why just the final, we saw the impact of Salford losing Brodie Croft and the Ackers. Why just head injuries should we wait for other injuries caused by foul play too? If the expects say 11 days then the player welfare is the paramount. It happens all season, and we all know Saints have had to cope with such adversity during this season
  8. Just a quick warning for those of you that normally travel from Eccles to Old Trafford on the tram. It isn't running until the end of October. Replacement bus from Eccles to Media City. It runs from Manchester to Media City and back only.
  9. If you hear any interview with the 3 spine players they spend a lot of time discussing and practicing those "off the cuff plays" exchanging messages etc. I think that proves your point.
  10. I am surprised at the number of people tipping Salford over Saints. As league leaders they have to be fav surely?
  11. I do wonder when I hear teams improve and a player revolt as to whether the players decided how to play in those few games. It did happen at Salford under one of the awful coaches we had (take a pick from Greg, McRae,Harvey etc) I don't recall which one it was though.
  12. It is, which is why Rowley deserved the plaudits turning round the mess Marshall left. Top Teams have all the structures in place and are adapting a team to play their way, teams like Huddersfield, Wakefield and us are building from a standing start. It may be exactly what Smith has to do at Hull too.
  13. Personally I think Watson is judged harshly. He had an aim this season and it was to get to the playoffs and improve on last year. No one can say he hasn't done that. Next year will most likely see a different type of play from Huddersfield. This is why I think he deserves a coaching mention. It takes time to rebuild from scratch something Wigan and Saints don't do. Still bitter he walked away but that isn't clouding my judgement just enhances the sweetness of the win.
  14. The money also helps to run these things such as academy, Marwen cut ours when we were ruled out of the license. It cut costs. I think Salford played some good stuff under Watson, he has the knack of building a tight knot unit. Flair will probably come in time if it isn't there already. I have no idea how much Yates or Watson were offered and it is none of my business but there was compensation owed for both and that's where the money comes in. Personally think watson should have been in ahead of Wool.
  15. I hope not, he was awful last week against Warrington. Rather see Chris Atkin play there.
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