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  1. Hastings is on his way back, seen pics at the airport. That should put an end to the speculation he won't return.
  2. Hastings is simply letting clubs know he is available. He will give his all for whatever club he signed for. At Salford we knew he was off but did that affect the way he played against his next employer, no. Has he played well at Wigan ? I have a lot of time for him, he is a young man who was very troubled when he arrived in England, he has had his struggles with mental health but he has grown up in the last 3 years. This is just someone stirring things up.
  3. Bet they can't cut the wages as they are on the bare minimum, they would break the law if they cut wages. They would have done it if they could.
  4. Its funny this comes up now, was having a conversation about Marcus Rashford and his impact, part of the conversation was everyone was along the lines that everyone should have a hero who is like them, whether that's colour, disability or sexuality. I loved the rainbow flags appearing when Catalans visited. BBC NW have been running a week of items on the local news about LGBTQ+ month and experiences of coming out. We have teams like Canalsiders who have visited Salford games and hopefully made to feel welcome. In the ideal world "coming out" would be a thing of the past as everyone gets o
  5. Concussion in rugby league: Salford Red Devils to aid research with microchipped mouthguards | Rugby League News | Sky Sports Should be interesting to see what the results of this are. Maybe this is the future of concussion testing rather than a pre season test.
  6. Reality TV, in the various guises. I really don't care about these people or what they have to say.
  7. Lets hope Marshall con continue the rehabilitation work started by Watson, heard Dec Paton saying the same sort of things as well.
  8. I think the message was more about how awful most people are to themselves. Everyday you will achieve something and do lots of things well, however if a single thing goes wrong or you make a mistake all the good things are relegated to the deep recesses of the mind whilst you concentrate on the one.
  9. I did a mindfulness course at work, was unsure it was for me initially but the one message I took away from it was to be kinder to yourself. For example, if you are running late don't blame yourself if it is traffic, and say I should have done ...... Accept what you can not change. Salford Red Devils have also teamed up with the Council to run sessions which may appeal to men more than woman talking.
  10. Anyone know if he has a contract for next year. He has left Salford and seems to be training for the World Cup on his own I like him, solid squad player for Salford, hope he gets a deal soon
  11. The build hasn't started yet, they are still finalising the plans so the over spend is a red herring. The council are heading up the build
  12. When I had a PAYG the calls to the provider were free. the website was OK once you got the hang of it. You will know the change has happened as you wont be able to send txt or make calls
  13. Happy new year to all. 2020 involved major surgery, 2 months off work sick but then picked up.
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