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  1. Found the fronts Jackie, still looking for the back photo
  2. Upload any photos to photo bucket and use the links to post on here
  3. I'm having a look now, I found my shirt last week by chance, boxed away in the loft.
  4. Found another pic, but again not the one requested
  5. I won the SQ league once, I have the framed certificate somewhere
  6. No photo of James but found this one
  7. I don't know where it is, will go look on some of my online storage sites see if it's on there.
  8. Nice IPA would be good Lets get this party started - Maggie, what time is the stripper booked for your hen do
  9. Nice pint of IPA would be good Hello missus xx
  10. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Lol, well hopefully when they've installed the new boiler there will be less workmen needed
  11. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Not bad ta, how's you?? Long time no speak!! I'm at home today whilst the boiler/central heating system is flushed out. Its bloody freezing in here, all the doors open, it feels like winter and not June with this weather