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  1. Just bumping this back to the top of the forum. It's a great thread and worth adding to
  2. It's a pity I'm not going to Old Trafford this year, otherwise I'd have popped in for a couple myself Have a good one everyone
  3. I was near what happened and what I could see, for what was pretty much the whole game before it kicked off, was a core of about 6 Leeds fans who seemed to spend their time yelling abuse at the Warrington fans, throwing obscene gestures and generally behaving like a group of yobs Unfortunately, one of the Warrington fans who was egging them on decided to go and take them on, which kicked off the trouble. Three of the Leeds "fans" got ejected, with the one who'd spent the most time gesturing and being a moron was being led towards the cells The response from the stadium staff was quick, but I do think it was sad that a few people behaved like imbeciles and, most likely, under the influence of a lot of alcohol
  4. I've done that, and it does embarass me slightly when I realise how drippy some of my postings were in 2004. I've also noticed how I was able to fall into Net rage back then. Nowadays, I just let it slide. No need to do it as it won't solve anything
  5. Also realised how easy it was to find an MP3 version of the Serbian National Anthem. Typed in "Serbian National Anthem MP3" on Google, found a site with it on and, bang, I had it
  6. I had my best wrestling event last night. Did a singles match vs Laken Xander (where I apparently outwrestled several of the most experienced guys on the roster), was in the corner of my Tag Team Partner B52 against The Bouncer and was in the final four of a battle royal with B52, The Bouncer and Laken Xander. I'm knackered, sore, but very happy
  7. It's almost a year since my first Wrestling match and I'm about to have my first Singles match this Sunday against former FCW champion The Bouncer I'm nervous as hell, but can't wait to get out there and do the match
  8. I'm getting a new car on Friday, following a long process of someone damaging the side of my old car while drunk and getting caught by the police, the insurance company assessing it and writing it off, offering me far more than I expected for it and picking it up today, leaving me with a Hire car until Friday. I will be the proud owner, come Friday evening, of a Rover 25, 2001, 35k on the clock for
  9. My mum beat me at ten-pin bowling on the Wii earlier this evening. I'm 26, she's 58
  10. Waltzinblack - The Stranglers Simple and wierd, all at the same time
  11. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - After the Watershed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2LI4gGgXvs
  12. A Beans and Cheese Toastie is genius as well, particularly with a little drizzle of Worcester Sauce
  13. I've just had a tooth taken out at the dentists. It was the same tooth that had fillings put in a few weeks ago, then caused me pain for the next few weeks, so it was probably the logical step. However, still hurt like hell
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