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  1. Good job they didn't have a scoreboard.
  2. Not much different to how we've been playing for a while. Sheffield had an attack, we didn't.
  3. Why does anyone bother responding to this clown? If you ignore him he'll get bored and go away.
  4. This has been coming for some time. We have looked clueless in attack all season and have been baled out by our defence. Today we had no defence. We made a pretty average Halifax side look like world beaters.
  5. If the club does decide to have him put down then I suggest elppaxr2d2gti gives him the news personally.
  6. How about we sack everyone who gets injured in case they get injured again?
  7. Perhaps he should position himself at the other side of the pitch from where the tackle is taking place. Clown.
  8. Using dual reg players at this stage of the season, when the priority has to be to get our own players to learn how to play as a team, makes no sense whatsoever. The chances of them contributing to the game today are slim. If our performance today is as disjointed as it was against Hunslet, we will be on the wrong end of a big score.
  9. Can anyone tell me who the recipients of the awards were please?