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  1. Can't believe Leigh beat a team as good as Halifax by that margin. Must have been the referee's fault.
  2. Don't know how you can be so confident Steve. You ought to know (we've been told often enough) they have the two best props in Rugby League.
  3. Fair enough Robin. He doesn't wind me up, but I find him exceedingly boring and I would prefer to read something a tad more challenging.
  4. Never known anybody talk so much drivel. Don't know why anyone bothers to reply to his posts.
  5. Chill out Robin. He may be a successful businessman, but he's under no obligation to talk sense. In any case, what goes around comes around. The sooner the better where he's concerned. When it comes to Leigh fans, we have to be aware that we have a small percentage of mindless idiots at Fev, it's just that Leigh have substantially more.
  6. What Beaumont says to the press and what he really thinks are two different things. I doubt he has any respect for anyone other than himself.
  7. Good job they didn't have a scoreboard.
  8. Not much different to how we've been playing for a while. Sheffield had an attack, we didn't.
  9. Why does anyone bother responding to this clown? If you ignore him he'll get bored and go away.
  10. This has been coming for some time. We have looked clueless in attack all season and have been baled out by our defence. Today we had no defence. We made a pretty average Halifax side look like world beaters.
  11. If the club does decide to have him put down then I suggest elppaxr2d2gti gives him the news personally.
  12. How about we sack everyone who gets injured in case they get injured again?
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