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  1. Uninteresting Trivial Facts

    Bumped into Jason Leonard on Saturday at Barking RC , popped to the clubhouse to escape the hail and rain after watching my Nephew Jamie . The man has such presence about him and he gave me a warm smile .
  2. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  3. Please have a bash at the prediction thread Graham.Last week Wildycat had it spot on.Is he friends with mystic meg?

  4. Hi wildycat, you were spot on with your prediction posted on the essex eels forum.Can you do it again this week? well done

  5. Hiya R2D2,Hope you will visit the Essex Eels forum and play our the word game.Also your take on rugby leauge in Essex would be interesting reading. Thankyou Ladyeel.

  6. Thankyou Graham for your email,and visiting our forum,please come back and give us your take on rugby leauge in Essex if you have time. I am off to work in Italy bye forr now.Ladyeel

  7. Hi there graham,would you please have a go at the Essex eels word game.It will boost moral down here in Essex. Regards Ladyeelxxx