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  1. Well who put it on the ncl website
  2. Just noticed Seaton Rangers are on the list as well.
  3. Heysham Atoms are in the club list on the ncl website
  4. Still a poor man's Keith Senior and what an arrogant bully boy he was.
  5. Thanks.At least we know one result.What on earth is going on .They haven't even got the results up on the BBC Sport.An absolute disgrace.Do we have to wait until Monday for the RL Express.
  6. It's now 7-00 pm and only a handful of results.What's going on?
  7. When are we going to have the match reports restored.The line ups and referee appointments were invaluable and sorely missed.
  8. Crigglestone began in Pennine September 2000.Thornhill A began in September 2001.