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  1. Good team,good people,well organised.However the venue at Halifax Road is not fit for purpose especially at the bottom end where there is potential for a kick at goal to end up on the 268 bus to Heckmondwike
  2. Wonder when Hunslet O.B.s will achieve their thousand.
  3. Thanks very much for your kind regards.I will pass them on to all at the club.You also did your club proud.You all mucked in,had a good drink and supported the raffles well.Even the young lads dipped into their pocket money.Looking forward to meeting you all in July.
  4. You are undoubtedly a good side and a well organised club old lad,but your triumphalism is beginning to irritate.Remember Pride cometh before a fall.However I can't see anyone knocking you off your perch at the moment
  5. Congratulations Valley Cougars Just.seen result on Bbc website.30-0 at Hunslet Hobnobs.What.a result .
  6. 5 clubs knocked it back.Egremont,St Pats,St Judes,Dockers,Rose Bridge.Obviously think it's not worth it.Can't help agreeing with them....It's not what it was
  7. Thats last years draw.Want to know the results?
  8. Probably the latter and if so Leigh East could escape the drop to Division Three.Doubt they will promote 4 from Div 3.
  9. Wouldn't mind betting that Leigh East avoid the drop to Division Three
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