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  1. Absolutely fantastic just what the fans have been wanting for a good few years. Sometimes in a game you ask how long is left now we have it displayed. Great effort from all involved.
  2. The forwards were superb today led by my MOM liam Harrison. Brad the wrecking ball Brennan was fantastic when he came on and changed the game by causing chaos and panic in the Rochdale defence and fully deserved his two tries. I would be a bit annoyed if I was a Hornets fan as the duel reg players never really offered much for them today. Anyone know what went on in the stand as it appeared from the popular side like one fan was clearly annoyed with someone?
  3. Body size isn't a problem it is the neck size, it's a two man job to get it on and off! Maybe that's why the players pictures on the website look like the collars have been stretched. Usually ISC stuff is spot on. Don't let it put anyone off buying the shirt though.
  4. Best wishes to Danny & Barry.
  5. Such a shame Lee has decided to make this decision. I personally thought he always wanted to give his all to the cause and apart from a recent game he has had some standout performances. Good luck for the future Lee.
  6. It is so much more disappointing as there was nowt in it at the end. First half was so poor and the second had to be better but we still blew chances to win. Lee needs to sort himself out running in at the first sign of trouble was bound to receive a red card after being sin binned previously. Barrow down to eighth in the table. Not impressed.
  7. I have had look through my old programmes and all I can find from that season is one for a home game against Warrington played on 28th Oct and looking at the fixtures the saints game was played 12 September. The selected players I have are Dawes,Burgess,Tees,Hughes,Wear,Brophy,Smith,Hopwood,Wright,Kellend,Irving,Tomlinson,Whitehead,Delooze & Armstrong. Incidentally the Warrington game was played on a Friday night and kicked off at 7pm so I think the new floodlights came in handy. Lol
  8. Happy to hear. Good luck Mike.
  9. Fantastic news, we didn't want the new floodlights to illuminate it!