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  1. I've managed to change the language setting so problem solved - just a bit worried it thought I was in Germany!
  2. I am trying to buy a ticket for tomorrow online. I don't particularly like using Paypal but I am struggling with it this time as it comes up in German (3 attempts over a couple of hours). Anybody else had a problem?
  3. I think if we do not perform better than this then we 'll struggle to attract fans regardless of cost. Yes the weather played a major part and yes everyone tried hard but I am worried that we lacked direction, a leader and any sort of game plan, It was a win but one against a poor team who played most of the game with injured players on the pitch. It raises more questions than answers.
  4. When I entered there were problems with the ticket scanners which would have caused a problem had there been a big queue - it was certainly slower than going through the usual turnstile. Of the supporters I always stand with - one had to pay cash as when he turned up the scanners weren't working and the other does not have computer access or a smart phone (I would think that there are quite a few more senior supporters who are in a similar position and don't have the option of downloading a ticket). Who actually operates the system? Is www.Barrow events.co.uk run by the rugby or are they having to pay a levy to someone for the ticketing? No doubt the RFL will see it as the way forward as you bombard supporters with spam emails in the name of reaching the public.
  5. We also provided the tour business manager Wilf Gabbatt. At the end of the tour Wilf was presented with a gold inscribed pen and a bound book of programmes (actually copies of "The Rugby league News" which covered all matches and acted as programmes) by the Australian management. On his death the pen and book were left to Bob Brady. Bob never saw sight of the pen but he received the book which he passed on to me some years ago. Of Willie Horne the notes state " 24, 5.8, 11.4, engineer, Has lived all his life in Barrow and his all round play has made him a local idol. Horne is very solid and can stand up to a hard game in splendid style." He also gets a mention in the report on the decisive second test in Brisbane which England won, - " England came again, however, with the elusive Willie Horne shooting round the blind side to send Basset in for his second try." The report says the crowd started to line up at 4 am and there was a steady flow through the turnstiles when they were opened at 7 am. The gates were closed at 11.40 am. The official attendance was 45,190 but after the gates were closed it is reported that the crowd tore palings from the fences, climbed fences and crashed through gates so it will have been a higher figure. Mention is also given of someone else who lived locally in the person of Ginger Hughes who played up the coast. I have not the time to look it up but I recall the notes refer to his tremendous singing voice.
  6. red square


    I think the videos of the game will provide some embarrassing footage as regards the defensive capabilities of some of our players. I DO NOT DOUBT THATY THEY GIVE THEIR ALL but the simple fact is that we have only have only occasionally looked like a team that should be in the division. The team in the second half were poor after a first half which could , and should, have seen them with a couple of more tries on the board. What happened in the half time break to bring about the change? Some of us have been realistic about the performances of the team for most of the season and are called "false fans" for facing up to reality. Hopefully we will get the miracle we require over the remaining fixtures which will see Barrow in the Championship next season but it will need a massive improvement in performance, a change of tactics and a lot of luck. On paper we have had the resources to be competitive in the championship but in reality those resources have not been used to create a team and style capable of winning enough games.
  7. Laid up and had to listen to the match of the season (so far) on the radio. Great result, it sounds like the defence and game management won it for us. Stack is going to be bigger loss than I thought, have we got someone else we can coach up to go for the kicks at the goal line and the short kick offs? Star perhap? We need to have someone designated for that role. I have been shouting for Carter to be given a chance for long enough - so pleased he took his opportunity with what sounds like an impressive display. Great win Barrow, keep them coming.
  8. I agree. It was just a case of an unfortunate collision. Having reviewed it several times I can see nothing that Jono did that could be seen as malicious or not taking enough care. The injured player was also twisting and turning which affected the outcome.
  9. In truth Rochdale were poor but after the start they had I feared the worst. I think that the attitude, intensity and desire of Susino and Puara got the team going with others putting their shoulders to the wheel in what was a good performance. Barrow at Blackpool had that same desire and intensity until the half hour mark when Puara was substituted when it noticeably dipped - he should play as many minutes as he can. There appeared to be more freedom to play and less of the five drives and a kick predictability we have tried to play all season. Excellent win but frustrating as performances like that earlier in the season would have seen us sitting nicely in mid-table. The team has shown what it can do, that momentum, intensity and ability to play attacking rugby could see a great escape if nerves are held. P.S. Would anyone like to guess how Rochdale (even with that strong wind) got into our half in the second half? - no surprise it was, I think on every occasion, stupid penalties once again.
  10. red square


    Same old story. Penalty - try, penalty - try, penalty - try, then we got better for their 4th it was penalty, penalty - try. 22 - 0 at half time. Every week the coach and the supporters complain about ill-discipline costing us - WHY IS NOTHING DONE ABOUT IT !!!!!!!! To be fair we started well and had them under pressure back in their half but then Dallimore gave away a stupid penalty which gave them field position and the first try. Then we continued to give them piggy-backs up the pitch. ( not the ref's fault) We were a lot better in the second half which if anything makes the ill-disciplined and poorly depended first half even harder to bare. I wish I had your confidence Bruner but I cannot see where the next win is coming from. Yes they tried but the same old problems cropping up week after week cause me great concern. I have the upmost respect for Cresta but he needs to get to grips with the indiscipline and lack of creativity.
  11. Truly merited, an excellent choice.
  12. B4arrow - read my quote, I am not getting at Cresta. I am just trying to suggest something which may kick start our season. I agree that it is the basics that are letting the team (and Cresta) down which I why I put forward that a short input from someone else may have the effect of re-enforcing the message. After every game the fans on here and the coach himself make the same observations about discipline, unforced errors etc. but nothing seems to change - do we therefore need a different way of getting the message across - that is my one and only point in suggesting another voice coming in for a short while. I appreciate what Cresta has done and continues to do for the club and am no way knocking him, just trying to find a way which may help him do his job. I am not blaming Cresta but those players who don't seem to want to take the message on board and may benefit from a fresh face and style saying "yes guys Cresta is right get this sorted out"
  13. red square


    We go into the match against Widnes with high hopes but the odds stacked against us looking at recent form. Is this an opportunity to change things around and approach the game with a game plan that the Vikings will not expect - what we have offered up so far this season hasn't really worked. If Carter is fit I would like to see him started and told to run the game and show what he can do. I was impressed with him when he featured the in the warm up games. It is an experiment that may not work but on the other hand may prove a masterstroke - we have nothing to lose. (and local boy given chance etc will generate great publicity|). In fact why not give any local fringe player some game time as they'll have something to prove. This is not getting at Cresta but are the players getting over comfortable with him which means they are no longer paying attention and have become complacent - it happens in all businesses and sports. Have we the funds to bring in a short term assistant for him (e.g. Paul Rowley) who will offer a different prospective and way of getting the message across it - may just raise the game of the players and make us as competitive as we should be at this level.
  14. red square


    For how many seasons have we been moaning about the penalty count and indiscipline ? This needs addressing but no one seems capable of getting the message across. What we cannot seem to manage is a quick play the ball. Stuart Dickens made a living at Fev by running in hard and hitting the floor fast on his face so he could ensure a quick play the ball from which the speedy halves and hookers they always seemed to have created havoc. We go in and try to stay upright every time, very macho but not always the right option. Yes we need to get back to basics as the coach keeps reminding us but we also need to find some flair which for the first 20 minutes yesterday I thought we had. The second half there was a low sun in the eyes of the Dewsbury defenders but we didn't try to make use of it. Kick offs 20 metres shorter but with much more elevation would have been interesting. I think both teams kicked from restarts to the same piece of grass each time. Yes we need to get the basics right and play with more precision but we also need a bit of unpredictability and the players given the licence to play what is in front of them rather than the present state of affairs were the first 4 carries must be up the middle. We have some good players I just feel they lack confidence and the freedom to play as they would like.
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