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  1. Great display by the Raiders. 1,950 is a very decent crowd. Spoke to Jono Smith when he came off. He looked in great pain when they were trying to relocate his dislocated finger on the field - no wonder it was actually broken. The beer garden initiative looks to be paying dividends, hope there is good weather for the football Euros and the club builds on the success they have had with beer sales. Our pack will stand up to any team in this league and probably the one above. Great effort by the team.
  2. I've managed to change the language setting so problem solved - just a bit worried it thought I was in Germany!
  3. I am trying to buy a ticket for tomorrow online. I don't particularly like using Paypal but I am struggling with it this time as it comes up in German (3 attempts over a couple of hours). Anybody else had a problem?
  4. I think if we do not perform better than this then we 'll struggle to attract fans regardless of cost. Yes the weather played a major part and yes everyone tried hard but I am worried that we lacked direction, a leader and any sort of game plan, It was a win but one against a poor team who played most of the game with injured players on the pitch. It raises more questions than answers.
  5. When I entered there were problems with the ticket scanners which would have caused a problem had there been a big queue - it was certainly slower than going through the usual turnstile. Of the supporters I always stand with - one had to pay cash as when he turned up the scanners weren't working and the other does not have computer access or a smart phone (I would think that there are quite a few more senior supporters who are in a similar position and don't have the option of downloading a ticket). Who actually operates the system? Is www.Barrow events.co.uk run by the rugby or are they havi
  6. We also provided the tour business manager Wilf Gabbatt. At the end of the tour Wilf was presented with a gold inscribed pen and a bound book of programmes (actually copies of "The Rugby league News" which covered all matches and acted as programmes) by the Australian management. On his death the pen and book were left to Bob Brady. Bob never saw sight of the pen but he received the book which he passed on to me some years ago. Of Willie Horne the notes state " 24, 5.8, 11.4, engineer, Has lived all his life in Barrow and his all round play has made him a local idol. Horne is very so
  7. red square


    I think the videos of the game will provide some embarrassing footage as regards the defensive capabilities of some of our players. I DO NOT DOUBT THATY THEY GIVE THEIR ALL but the simple fact is that we have only have only occasionally looked like a team that should be in the division. The team in the second half were poor after a first half which could , and should, have seen them with a couple of more tries on the board. What happened in the half time break to bring about the change? Some of us have been realistic about the performances of the team for most of the season and are called "fal
  8. Another problem with a "performance" like that is that we are playing Dewsbury at home when Man Utd and Liverpool are playing. Would anyone like to guess how many are going to say sod it and watch the soccer (which is their right) following a result like the one at York
  9. Just listened to a few minutes of commentary. Stack in the bin, more penalties given away and a team warning issued. I have received some stick on this forum for complaining about the penalties Barrow give away but nothing changes - someone needs to get a grip. It cost us last week ( and not necessarily the last contentious decision) it was the penalties given away throughout the game with at least 2 being on the 5th tackle (Mr Stack at fault for at least one of them if not both). Our attitude is at times amateurish when it comes to testing the referee. We cannot do anything about the oth
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