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  1. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    1. Paper plates are fine - nice find in the link! What about pans?! They don't do plastic of those! £££ 2. Full board (as stated by bearman who was at the meeting) does not equate to a bed and breakfast. 3. TWP promised the world. We dealt with it and yes we're disappointed, and scraped the cash together like every other club did having not factored it in. 4. Were doing it TWICE what supporter would want £4k to be spent on food and travel when we can put it towards a new signing next year?! 5. Supporters will do anything for the club, well done guys and girls. 6. Mattrhino calculated food to be £25x 25staff xtwice a day.... we were there 4days. Work that out. 7. Some players work shifts, so yes they may have to take 4 days holiday 8. JohnWP makes an alarming point, we're playing in September - where are we staying if the uni halls are full of students?? 9. Well done again supporters!!!
  2. Challenge Cup raffle

    It's on Barrow Raiders facebook page...... PINK 426-430 still unclaimed, contact rugby shop on 824454 if you're the lucky winner ?
  3. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    Lads who are away for 4 days, have strict diets, eat 5+ times a day. (Less on match day) Not sure ham and cheese butties are going to cut it ??
  4. Toronto Trip Funding

    I think the blurb on the link explains it fully enough. Other clubs may have scraped together exactly the same as we have, but they haven't had to pay winning pay every week the same as us?? We've also had extra games than others with blackpool final and challenge cup run so I'm sure those overheads add up too. So while we would have been ok having played one game over there, playing two seems it is quite literally going to break the bank!!! I don't think Cresta would ask the fans if it wasn't needed. Visas, coach travel, feeding a squad of hungry lads - let's fund them and show them what we can do! York played them at their own game with some clever marketing off field and on field have shown they are not unbeatable! Let's promote our home games to friends and family, get people to the event the supporters are doing for the night of the Toronto game and let's show these wolves who's boss! Make history and be the first upset in Canada! If everyone puts in the £10-15 you'd spend on a ticket to a home tie against Toronto we'd be reaching that target by the end of the week. Up the Raiders!!!!