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  1. There wasn’t a better wing centre partnership in league one that year . If Shane & Declan can find that form again then Barrow will be hard to beat . Charnock and Stack played a huge part in that success ,especially in defence and if stack resigns and carter slots in for Charnock then that edge will be formidable
  2. Haven is a good 45 minutes extra with the road you have to take . And I heard barrow will train twice a week next year instead of three times . That all adds up and could make the difference . Forster is a quality person and will be a great addition to Barrows squad
  3. Heard it’s already done Hope Glen goes well at haven and discovers the form that brought him to Barrow . I know he’s struggled with his hip so hopefully he can get it sorted
  4. What’s the saying “pride before a fall”
  5. Carl won’t be going up he will be staying in league one
  6. I agree , just changing the name would be a disaster - they should go the whole hog and merge Swinton , Rochdale & Oldham Call them Manchester Lionhornyeds , become a feeder club to Salford and play all their games at the AJ Bell as a weekend double header
  7. Shane will be back next year and if he gets back to the form he shown last time Barrow were in league one then he will light it up .
  8. Shane Toal has an agreement for next year
  9. and there is a large disparity in funding , level that playing field and we may see a closer competition
  10. Must be old age , never know my left from my right these days
  11. I thought Barrows right edge did very well in defence and when they got early ball looked dangerous, given it was Adam's first appearance of the season and only Declan's fourth game they stood up really well to two ex SL players who are still full time. I don;t think Jordon had his best game in defence but that's expected when hes playing the full game with players around him who are not use to each other in defence.
  12. When you all find out who Creary was referring to as signing for another champ club for next year you will all change you tune. Its not unexpected given his efforts for Barrow for the last two years and i'm somewhat surprised he isn't playing SL. And I don't for one minute think the coach was meaning this lad was disruptive in the article. It was taken out of context
  13. All three were forward , can’t explain why people keep blaming the officials they are what they are. Missing tackles and ###### poor goal line defence coupled with not talking chances when they are gifted is why Barrow are fighting relegation and York are 2nd in the league . Very hard to beat a team when they complete at 84% and only make two mistakes In their own 30 all game.
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