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  1. The game would be in a much better place if we could get another 13 gobby millionaires to throw their hard earned earnings into rugby league ….
  2. Be interesting who Barrow partner up with JS .. if biscuit can get fit and stay injury free then you could have two experienced halves .. I’d play Dally at 13 .. and JS can also play 9 .. plenty of different options which is what’s needed in the champ
  3. Fantastic for Town , fantastic for Cumbria .. fantastic for the game of rugby league … UP YOURS RFL… UTT made up for all the Townies …
  4. Kicking game will be crucial .. Forber and Doran get that right and Town win good luck guys
  5. My mistake I did think they was done . But you’ve still beat them so why not again
  6. Congratulations..only the result mattered today and the lads did the business. Can’t ask for anything more .. Sneaky feeling you’ve beat the best team left and you must be favourites to go up .. fingers crossed
  7. Congratulations to the two guys nominated for player of the year but how the heck has FOZ not been nominated !! The Trojan has dragged Barrow forward this year , he has played 70 plus minutes on one leg in most recent games . And anyone who has watched the Rochdale game need to look at his contribution to the winning try . I know Hulme did well to score and Shaw to kick from the touch line but FOZ drags three players in , delivers a sublime offload which creates the backs the space and all this in the 80th minute He has without doubt had the biggest influence on league one this year .. hope he ends up coaching because he is one smart , brave individual
  8. Good luck this weekend. Been one hell of an effort from Town this season given the circumstances and the young/inexperienced team.Whatever the result the future is bright in Workington … leave it all out there , I’m % sure you will be given the best support you’ve witnessed from the terraces ..UTT
  9. Did they ever ask for watching their team win more than 4 games a season -?
  10. % agree and especially in some of the rugby league heartlands ..
  11. He will come out of retirement and head for wire when Powell realises he’s much cheaper than Minikin
  12. What can they do ? Barrow will still win the league if they didn’t play .. Is it really their fault another team can’t raise a team .. and as for covid , then there are plenty of teams who have had to cancel games due to the virus , which granted is a real shame but not something teams can control ..it matters not really because they where nailed on to win the league even if Wales had put their strongest team out .
  13. I’d be very disappointed if the west Wales physio isn’t playing it won’t be the first or the last that teams have had to take less than 17 to full fill a fixture … signs of the times
  14. No amateur players from Barrow will play for West Wales … West Wales will raise a team
  15. Squad depth plays a massive part at this time of year , players are all broken so whoever gets near to their best 17 on the park will have one hell of a chance .. I can’t pick between any of the teams in play off places it’s that tight … but I know for sure Derwent Park will be rocking .. good luck to you all but especially … UTT
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