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    Barrow & hull final tables

    Knock out cup final:- Dalton 40 Roose Pioneers 20.
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    Barrow & hull final tables

    Barrow league table as of 20th August. I don't believe the last 2 games were played as I have seen no results. The championship final was played on Friday 21st September but I have not seen any result yet. BARROW & DISTRICT LEAGUE FINAL TABLE. Pos Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference Points 1 Roose Pioneers (Barrow) 14 13 1 0 467 134 + 333 27 2 Dalton (Barrow) 14 10 1 3 420 214 + 206 21 3 Askam ‘A’ (Barrow) 14 7 2 5 313 290 + 23 16 4 Barrow Island ‘A’ 14 6 1 7 248 256 - 8 13 5 Millom ‘A’ (Barrow) 13 6 1 6 260 318 - 58 13 6 Walney Central ‘A’ (Barrow) 13 5 0 8 190 273 - 83 10 7 Ulverston ‘A’ (Barrow) 13 2 0 11 134 329 - 195 4 8 Hindpool Tigers ‘A’ (Barrow) 13 2 0 11 161 379 - 218 4 Championship play off. Semi finals Dalton Roose Pioneers 34 24 Askam ‘A’ Millom ‘A’ 0 0 Final (at Barrow RLFC) Dalton Roose Pioneers
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    The Nine who Voted with SL

    I wonder how many Turkey's will be voting for Christmas?
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    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    WIDNES WEST BANK MAJOR HONOURS. NWCL division 5 champions:- 2005-06. NWCL division 3 champions:- 1982-83, 2009-10. NWCL division 2 champions:- 1983-84, 1992-93, 2010-11. NWCL division 1 runners up:- 1997-98. NWCL division 1 champions:- 1984-85. NWCL premier division champions:- 1985-86. NWCL challenge cup winners:- 1994-95. Lancashire cup finalists:- 2010-11. WIDNES WEST BANK COMPLETE NCL RECORD. 2011 GroupEF 5 1st 12 12 0 0 24 2012 2 13 5th 24 13 1 10 27 2013 2 11 11th 13 9 0 4 #18 Total 49 34 1 14 69 # Indicates Widnes West Bank resigned from the NCL after 13 games. WIDNES WEST BANK NCL RECORD SCORES. Best home win :- 2012 86- 2 .v. Ovenden. Best away win :- 2012 52-10 .v. Crosfields. Worst home defeat:- 2012 10-32 .v. Crosfields. Worst away defeat:- 2012 0-68 .v. East Leeds. Most sides who have joined the NWCL and risen so rapidly through the divisions have usually found the premier division a step too far but West Bank got there and won that as well. I credit them for that but, their reputation has been awful for years and, the only time I ever went to a game there we had a weak weak team, full of inexperienced lads, and they basically got beaten up. I was involved with a team that had a bad reputation for a number of years but there are always people at these clubs who are genuine and deserve better. Looking through my records I have never known a place like Widnes for lads moving from one club to another. They seem to start in the bottom division then win all the titles to the top, then disband or drop to the bottom again only to re-form, sometimes as a different club. Maybe its the same problem people that are moving around.
  5. The only game I have watched on TV all this season is the Challenge cup final. I travel the length and breadth of this Country to watch RL at all levels - all except SL that is.
  6. I stopped watching RL back chat a couple of weeks ago when the guy who hosts it (Can't think of his name) said that the pre Super Greed premiership finals at Old Trafford were meaningless games. Typical SL arrogance. It should be re-named SL back chat. RL AM on the other hand is a programme I can't wait to watch, with enthusiastic presenters, excellent guests giving honest opinions and I love to hear the players telling their experiences. I will not be looking at any replies to this comment as I just don't care what anybody else thinks.
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    West Bank Thrown out of NW Premier Comp

    I don't find this a surprise at all.
  8. Celtic Rooster

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    I have not watched a single league game on TV this season because 1/ I don't like Super League, 2/ There is not enough uncertainty about the result, and 3/ More teams had a chance of winning in the pre SL era. I could not care less what anybody else thinks so won't be viewing any replies to this.
  9. Salford were just about the better team at Leeds, even without Hastings. I sincerely hope and expect them to win in London but it certainly won't be easy. London won the last meeting between them. I was looking forward to watching this but can't now its been moved to Saturday. A lot will depend on the form of one of my favourite players - Jarrod Sammut.
  10. Where did you get that from? That's not what we are hearing in Salford but yes the Salford .v. Toulouse game has been moved to Thursday for TV. This means I can't go to either game as I work 5 Nights Monday to Friday. Nearly bought train tickets to London as well. Glad I didn't now. Oh well - Swinton .v. Featherstone and Batley .v. Swinton it is then pn the next two Sundays..
  11. Celtic Rooster

    What happens if the TV money drops????

    It would be marvellous. Batley would be the richest club in RL. All the Saints players (that didn't get on the next plane back to Australia) would be rushing to Barrow for a job!
  12. West Hull need 8 wins to become the first NCL team to reach 1000 league points. They would have needed 6 wins but they had 4 points deducted some years back. Not sure who is closest to them without checking my records. I will do that tomorrow. Leigh Miners would be my guess but this is not just the premier league, includes games in all divisions of the NCL.
  13. Nobody in their right mind would trust the Super Greed club Chairmen.
  14. Celtic Rooster

    NCL record points

    Thank you.
  15. Celtic Rooster

    NCL record points

    Premier division. Season Champions Runners up 1993-94 Woolston Rovers (Warrington) Chorley (Lancashire) 1994-95 Woolston Rovers (Warrington) Heworth (York) 1995-96 Woolston Rovers (Warrington) Wigan St. Patricks 1996-97 West Hull Woolston Rovers (Warrington) 1997-98 Egremont Rangers (Whitehaven) Woolston Rovers (Warrington) 1998-99 West Hull Skirlaugh (Hull) 1999-00 West Hull Skirlaugh (Hull) 2000-01 West Hull Woolston Rovers (Warrington) 2001-02 Grand final West Hull West Hull 24 Oulton Raiders (Leeds) Leigh Miners Rangers 20 2002-03 Grand final Siddal (Halifax) Siddal (Halifax) 19 West Hull West Hull 14 2003-04 Grand final Siddal (Halifax) Siddal (Halifax) 18 Skirlaugh (Hull) West Hull 16 2004-05 Grand final Leigh Miners Rangers Leigh Miners Rangers 30 Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) 22 2005-06 Grand final Oulton Raiders (Leeds) Oulton Raiders (Leeds) 20 Wigan St. Patricks Thornhill Trojans (Dewsbury) 11 2006-07 Grand final Leigh Miners Rangers Skirlaugh (Hull) 8 Skirlaugh (Hull) Leigh Miners Rangers 6 2007-08 Grand final Leigh Miners Rangers East Hull 26 East Hull Leigh Miners Rangers 10 2008-09 Grand final Siddal (Halifax) Siddal (Halifax) 15 East Hull East Hull 8 2009-10 Grand final Leigh East Leigh East 37 Siddal (Halifax) Siddal (Halifax) 10 2010-11 Grand final Siddal (Halifax) Thatto Heath Crusaders 30 Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) Siddal (Halifax) 18 2012 Grand final Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Wath Brow Hornets 22 Siddal (Halifax) Myton Warriors (Hull) 6 2013 Grand final Thatto Heath Crusaders West Hull 16 Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) 12 2014 Grand final West Hull West Hull 20 Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) 8 2015 Grand final Leigh Miners Rangers Leigh Miners Rangers 22 Siddal (Halifax) Siddal (Halifax) 20 2016 Grand final Siddal (Halifax) Siddal (Halifax) 42 West Hull Leigh Miners Rangers 4 2017 Grand final Siddal (Halifax) Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) 16 Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) Siddal (Halifax) 12 2018 Grand final Hunslet Club Parkside (Leeds) West Hull Division 1. (* Indicates BARLA National League was a single division) Season Champions Runners up 1986-87* Heworth (York) West Hull 1987-88* Milford (Leeds) West Hull 1988-89* West Hull Wigan St. Patricks 1989-90 Dudley Hill (Bradford) Egremont Rangers (Whitehaven) 1990-91 Leigh East Leigh Miners Welfare 1991-92 Wigan St. Patricks Saddleworth Rangers (Oldham) 1992-93 Saddleworth Rangers (Oldham) Egremont Rangers (Whitehaven) 1993-94 Heworth (York) Mayfield (Rochdale) 1994-95 Millom (Barrow) Lock Lane (Castleford) 1995-96 Beverley (Hull) Oldham St. Annes 1996-97 Askam (Barrow) Walney Central (Barrow) 1997-98 Skirlaugh (Hull) Thornhill (Dewsbury) 1998-99 Redhill (Castleford) Dudley Hill (Bradford) 1999-00 Oulton Raiders (Leeds) Ideal Isberg (Hull) 2000-01 Leigh East Siddal (Halifax) 2001-02 West Bowling (Bradford) East Leeds 2002-03 Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) Featherstone Lions 2003-04 Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) 2004-05 Shaw Cross Sharks (Dewsbury) East Hull 2005-06 West Hull West Bowling (Bradford) 2006-07 Rochdale Mayfield Castleford Panthers 2007-08 Wigan St. Judes York Acorn 2008-09 Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Ince Rose Bridge (Wigan) 2009-10 Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) Bradford Dudley Hill 2010-11 Oulton Raiders (Leeds) Myton Warriors (Hull) 2012 Egremont Rangers (Whitehaven) Castleford Lock Lane 2013 East Leeds Hunslet Warriors (Leeds) 2014 Oulton Raiders (Leeds) Rochdale Mayfield 2015 Kells (Whitehaven) Pilkingtons Recreation (St. Helens) 2016 Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) Myton Warriors (Hull) 2017 Hunslet Club Parkside (Leeds) Underbank Rangers (Huddersfield) 2018 Thornhill Trojans (Dewsbury) Division 2. Season Champions Runners up 1989-90 Saddleworth Rangers (Oldham) Leigh East 1990-91 Barrow Island Askam (Barrow) 1991-92 West Hull Dewsbury Celtic 1992-93 Mayfield (Rochdale) Oulton (Leeds) 1993-94 Oldham St. Annes Moldgreen (Huddersfield) 1994-95 Eastmoor (Wakefield) Blackbrook (St. Helens) 1995-96 Wigan St. Judes Barrow Island 1996-97 Redhill (Castleford) Skirlaugh (Hull) 1997-98 Featherstone Lions Siddal (Halifax) 1998-99 Ideal Isberg (Hull) Eccles (Manchester) 1999-00 Eastmoor Dragons (Wakefield) West Bowling (Bradford) 2000-01 Thatto Heath Crusaders (St. Helens) Hull Dockers 2001-02 Crosfields (Warrington) Hunslet Warriors (Leeds) 2002-03 Wath Brow Hornets (Whitehaven) Milford Marlins (Leeds) 2003-04 East Hull Rochdale Mayfield 2004-05 Ince Rose Bridge (Wigan) Eastmoor Dragons (Wakefield) 2005-06 Castleford Panthers Widnes St. Maries 2006-07 Waterhead (Oldham) Bradford Dudley Hill 2007-08 Millom (Barrow) Normanton Knights (Wakefield) 2008-09 Myton Warriors (Hull) Milford Marlins (Leeds) 2009-10 Eccles & Salford Juniors (Manchester) Oldham St. Annes 2010-11 Hunslet Warriors (Leeds) Egremont Rangers (Whitehaven) 2012 East Leeds Waterhead (Oldham) 2013 Normanton Knights (Wakefield) Shaw Cross Sharks (Dewsbury) 2014 Kells (Whitehaven) Elland (Halifax) 2015 Millom (Barrow) Featherstone Lions 2016 Hunslet Club Parkside (Leeds) Askam (Barrow) 2017 Oulton Raiders (Leeds) Thornhill Trojans (Dewsbury) 2018 Stanningley (Leeds) Dewsbury Moor Maroons Division 3. Season Champions Runners up 2012 Huddersfield Underbank Rangers Hemel Stags (Hertfordshire) 2013 Kells (Whitehaven) Pilkingtons Recreation (St. Helens) 2014 Featherstone Lions Blackbrook (St. Helens) 2015 Hunslet Club Parkside (Leeds) Thornhill Trojans (Dewsbury) 2016 Crosfields (Warrington) Drighlington (Leeds) 2017 West Bowling (Bradford) Stanningley (Leeds) 2018 Beverley (Hull) Barrow Island Conference South. Season Champions Runners up 2013 Grand final Sheffield Hallam Eagles Sheffield Hallam Eagles 32 Bristol Sonics Nottingham Crusaders 24 2014 Grand final Sheffield Hallam Eagles Valley Cougars (South Wales) 19 Valley Cougars (South Wales) Sheffield Hallam Eagles 10 2015 Grand final Valley Cougars (South Wales) Nottingham Outlaws 39 Nottingham Outlaws Valley Cougars (South Wales) 16 2016 Grand final Valley Cougars (South Wales) London Chargers 42 London Chargers Valley Cougars (South Wales) 0 2017- No competition.
  16. Celtic Rooster

    NCL record points

    Thanks for the appreciation guys. Over many years I have spent many hours researching amateur Rugby League and it's nice when somebody gets benefit from it. Regarding the league champions Davo - this is where my stats will not appear accurate because whoever finishes top of the table in my world will be the Champions and the team that finishes second will be runners up. That is the way it has always been and always will be. I record the play offs as a seperate competition but they still appear in my club stats. I will give an example. In 2017 I recorded Thatto Heath as runners up but also grand final winners. I'm sorry if this causes confusion but I flatly refuse to accept anybody who finishes top of the table after 22 games are not the champions. THATTO HEATH CRUSADERS’ MAJOR HONOURS. NWCL division 4 champions:- 1981-82. NWCL division 3 runners up:- 1982-83. NWCL division 2 runners up:- 1984-85. NWCL premier division runners up:- 1989-90, 1991-92, 1999-2000. NWCL premier division champions:- 1986-87, 1987-88, 1988-89, 1990-91, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1998-99. NCL division 2 champions:- 2000-01. NCL division 1 champions:- 2002-03, 2009-10, 2016. NCL premier division runners up:- 2010-11, 2017. NCL premier division champions:- 2013. NCL premier division grand final winners:- 2010-11, 2017. NWCL premier division cup finalists:- 1994-95. NWCL premier division cup winners:- 1993-94, 1997-98, 1999-2000. NWCL challenge cup winners:- 1987-88, 1988-89. Lancashire cup finalists:- 1990-91, 1993-94. Lancashire cup winners:- 1988-89, 1989-90, 1992-93, 1996-97, 1999-2000. BARLA National cup finalists:- 1993-94. BARLA National cup winners:- 1986-87, 2000-01. THATTO HEATH CRUSADERS COMPLETE NCL RECORD. Season Div Teams Pos Pld Won Drn Lost Pts 00-01 2 12 1st 22 21 0 1 42 01-02 1 14 5th 26 14 1 11 29 02-03 1 13 1st 24 18 2 4 38 03-04 Premier 13 7th 26 14 0 12 28 04-05 Premier 14 14th 26 5 0 21 10 05-06 1 14 7th 26 15 0 11 30 06-07 1 13 7th 24 9 1 14 19 07-08 1 13 3rd 24 15 1 8 31 08-09 Premier 14 12th 26 12 0 14 24 09-10 1 13 1st 24 20 1 3 41 10-11 Premier 14 2nd 26 19 0 7 38 2011 GroupAB 5 5th 12 6 0 6 12 2012 Premier 14 4th 26 17 0 9 34 2013 Premier 14 1st 26 19 0 7 38 2014 Premier 13 5th 24 15 0 9 30 2015 Premier 12 11th 22 8 1 13 17 2016 1 14 1st 26 23 0 3 46 2017 Premier 12 1st 22 18 0 4 36 2018 Premier 12 3rd 22 15 0 7 30 Total 454 283 7 164 573 THATTO HEATH CRUSADERS NCL LEAGUE RECORD SCORES. Best home win :- 09-10 102-6 .v. Thornhill Trojans. Best away win :- 09-10 84-12 .v. Heworth. Worst home defeat:- 2017 6-70 .v. Rochdale Mayfield. Worst away defeat:- 2013 12-56 .v. Wath Brow Hornets.
  17. Celtic Rooster

    NCL record points

    HUNSLET CLUB PARKSIDE. (Formerly Hunslet Old Boys) Yorkshire league division 5 champions:- 2002-03. Yorkshire league division 3 champions:- 2003-04. Yorkshire league division 1 runners up:- 2004-05. Yorkshire league premier division champions:- 2007-08. Pennine league premier division champions:- 2013-14. NCL division 3 champions:- 2015. NCL division 2 champions:- 2016. NCL division 1 champions:- 2017. NCL premier division champions:- 2018. NCL challenge cup finalists:- 2016. NCL challenge cup winners:- 2017. Yorkshire cup finalists:- 2009-10. Yorkshire cup winners:- 2011-12, 2013-14. BARLA National cup finalists:- 2013-14. BARLA National cup winners:- 2016-17. HUNSLET CLUB PARKSIDE COMPLETE NCL RECORD. Season Div Teams Pos Pld Won Drn Lost Pts 2015 3 11 1st 20 19 0 1 38 2016 2 12 1st 20 18 0 2 36 2017 1 12 1st 20 19 0 1 38 2018 Premier 12 1st 22 22 0 0 44 Total 82 78 0 4 156 HUNSLET CLUB PARKSIDE NCL RECORD SCORES. Best home win :- 2015 78- 0 .v. Eastmoor Dragons Best away win :- 2015 74-16 .v. Gateshead Storm. Worst home defeat:- 2017 6-12 .v. Normanton Knights. Worst away defeat:- 2016 20-22 .v. Thornhill Trojans. ROOSTERS .v. HUNSLET CLUB PARKSIDE – Previous Encounters. 2009-10 Season. BARLA National cup round 2. HUNSLET OLD BOYS *18 ECCLES *0 * After 2 postponements at Eccles BARLA ruled that the match should be played at Hunslet and Eccles forfeited the game in protest because the pitch was playable the second time but a Challenge cup tie took preference. 2016 Season. NCL division 2. HUNSLET CLUB PARKSIDE 40 SALFORD CITY ROOSTERS 10 Tries:- Will Rigby 2. Goal:- Bradley White. Man of the match:- Marc Gilligan. SALFORD CITY ROOSTERS 12 HUNSLET CLUB PARKSIDE 70 Tries:- George Kemp. Andrew Muscat. Goal:- Andrew Muscat 2. Man of the match:- Klaus Ndinga. Roosters’ complete record .v. Hunslet Club Parkside. Played Won Drawn Lost For Against 3 0 0 3 22 128
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    NCL record points

    984 - West Hull, 869 - Leigh Miners Rangers, 766 - Wigan St Patricks, 738 - Oulton Raiders, 730 - Bradford Dudley Hill, 719 - Rochdale Mayfield, 715 - Siddal, 690 - Milford Marlins, 686 - Lock Lane, 665 - Skirlaugh, 658 - Leigh East, 648 - Shaw Cross Sharks, 637 - Saddleworth Rangers, 617 - East Leeds, 611 - Wigan St. Judes, 604 - Egremont Rangers, 600 - Oldham St. Annes, 597 - Woolston Rovers, 581 - Millom, 573 - Eastmoor Dragons & Thatto Heath Crusaders, 562 - Hull Dockers, 551 - York Acorn, 531 - Normanton Knights, 525 - Wath Brow Hornets. Some of these teams still have games left to play this season of course.
  19. Celtic Rooster

    Hull & Barrow league 2018

    You are wasting your time trying to find accurate information on amateur RL these days Kev. BARLA stopped printing cup results and league tables in the handbook in 1997 and the RFL treat amateur RL like its just a nuisance. I have kept the amateur results pages out of the RL press papers every week and when I can be bothered I will work the tables out myself, but I don't suppose all the results will be there?
  20. I first watched Salford away at Leeds in 1971. I have been about 15 times since then and never seen Salford win. I remember Salford winning there twice in my lifetime and I missed both. I have a ticket for Friday so put your money on Leeds! On a more serious note, I would love and I hope Salford win at Headingley on Friday night but I am going there more in hope than expectation simply because I don't think there is much to choose between the teams and by the law of averages Salford are due to lose. Also, home advantage and the intimidating atmosphere will make a difference. If Salford win I will be elated and will go home a very happy man.
  21. Celtic Rooster

    NCL record points

    25 teams have over 500 points. West Hull are top with 984 points and I was right about Leigh Miners Rangers being second but they have a lot to do to catch up with 869 points.
  22. Celtic Rooster

    Disciplinary - Jackson Hastings

    Over reactions galore. The game is going soft.
  23. Celtic Rooster

    this seasons relegation

    Wigan St. Patricks were the only team to never have been relegated from the premier division until now, but they have finished bottom twice before. The first time there was only one division and they were re-elected then the second time they were saved because the top division was increased by 2 teams.
  24. I don't get to Salford too often these days (I work Friday nights) but I always have a pint, either in the main bar outside the ground or in the beer tent. Depends where my son goes really. Say hello - I'm the old fart usually in the unusual RL shirt (Celtic Crusaders, Aberavon Fighting Irish, Kilkenny Wildcats, etc)! Salford City FC are at home and some people watch both. A lot of Salford fans will also give priority to playing for their amateur clubs on a Saturday as well. Apart from that, sadly, even though Salford fans are some of the most passionate around they are a huge minority to football fans in the City. Don't expect more than 3000.
  25. I watched Toronto at Halifax and I watched Salford at Halifax. I will be at the game and expect Salford to win by 18 even though it will be very close in the first Half. I watched Toronto last time they played at Salford and I hope that this time they come to play Rugby League because last time the game plan was pure intimidation and that didn't work. I doubt very much that Harry Stottle will stand out in a neutral shirt as last time I saw this fixture I counted about 16 different neutral shirts and, will probably be wearing one myself (Celtic Crusaders maybe) because I don't own Salford or Toronto shirts. Really hope Salford win this one, but good luck to Toronto after Saturday. I hope they reach Super League if only to watch the uproar that will cause.