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  1. Are you quoting Crusaders as a model for success? Watching Celtic Crusaders was one of the best times of my life in Rugby League but you may have noticed that they don't exist any more? I was at that game when over 10,000 people turned up at the Racecourse ground, along with all of the Swinton, Huddersfield, Salford & Leeds fans, etc that went to the game out of curiosity. The first North Wales Crusaders league game at home to Barrow also attracted 1000. In fact, I watched every game N W crusaders played in the first 3 seasons of their existence and the supporters there are some of the best I have ever been involved with. If anybody deserves a club its the people at North Wales Crusaders. However, have you not noticed that the crowds since those opening games have settled now at about 250? The supporters run the club free of charge as volunteers because they love the game so much. Without the supporters, many of whom are good friends of mine, there would be no North Wales Crusaders.
  2. We are getting an Aldi instead apparently and that is nothing to do with Marwan. I've met the man and I don't doubt his passion for RL for one minute. He was badly advised when he took over Salford. He thought he was going to bring around massive changes but he didn't realise how difficult that would be. I wasn't happy with him when he "bailed out" but I have to say that I don't think the club would be in SG now if he had not got involved, and he still watches games at Salford this season.
  3. So what Koukash says is proof? I think its more a case of some of us have seen and heard it all before. The thread is not exactly bursting with Liverpudlians telling me I'm wrong is it? I love the idea of expansion mate and there won't be many people who have visited more expansion club grounds than me over the years, but, I am a realist. Rugby League is a minority sport. There are probably about 350,000 people in the whole, of the UK, if I'm generous, that are involved in RL at any level, including supporters. Where are the players for new clubs going to come from when the amateur league in the heartlands has diminished every year since 1980's and the amateur clubs elsewhere are 95% RU players playing in their off season? The leagues below Super Greed are already being "watered down" in terms of facilities and playing strength.
  4. Frankly, I don't believe this is true but, if you can prove me wrong I will be happy to accept it. In any case this is a one off and it would have been back in the days when all RL clubs were much better supported than they are now, people watched multiple sports because it was more affordable and there were not as many other distractions. Rugby League will not survive in Liverpool after the initial curious interest.
  5. They invested nothing in the club at Salford. The only money they put in went on big name players that didn't fit in to the club. The club is no healthier now financially than it was when they came in. A Liverpool club would do very well to attract 300 spectators. Its been tried before with Liverpool City and Huyton. There isn't even any amateur teams in Liverpool any more. There is little to no interest in Rugby League in Liverpool.
  6. I have not been since it was moved from Cardiff. I have got a ticket for the Kop on Sunday, but I will only be nipping down the road to watch Salford and then I will probably collect a speeding fine trying to get back and not miss too much of the Swinton .v. Dewsbury game.
  7. I was impressed with Coventry, despite defeat, at Oldham on Sunday. Not seen Crusaders yet this season. They seem to be a bit "hit and miss"? They are capable of winning at Coventry but will have to be on top form if Coventry play like they did, particularly second half, at Oldham. Good luck Crusaders.
  8. I see good referees and bad referees but I don't believe any are biased. I always try to make a point of talking to referees after games, unless they have been particularly bad, and then I avoid them. I never abuse them. As for touch judges - I would rather not have them personally.
  9. Speak to Gateshead Storm. They have been around for quite some time now. There is a North East League. You need players, volunteers and sponsors.
  10. My club must be unlucky. We had had two "so called" touch judges at every game we have played so far this season. They might as well stand behind the barrier with us for what use they are. I suppose its pocket money for them? I love watching NCL games, and have done since 1986, especially when they are evenly matched, no matter what division, but have not seen enough games outside division 3 yet to make a judgement on the standard.
  11. About 10 years ago we had two under 18's teams and the coach of one of them had a fall out with the club. He moved the entire team to another local clubs and a league official (now deceased) allowed him to do that. The lads went with him willingly but its still against the rules at the time. They didn't even tell us they were going? The first we knew of it was when none of them turned up for training! We put in a complaint but it was not upheld. Rules are made to be broken, depending who you are. Since then we have had a similar situation with a under 18 coach falling out with the club because the open age coach (rightly or wrongly) was encouraging his players to play open age and under 18's on the same weekend. In this case they were about to turn open age anyway and all but 2 or 3 of the lads followed him willingly to another club. In that case it was disappointing but acceptable to me.
  12. Obviously they are not strictly enforced. I am involved with a club and although not directly involved with the youth teams (not aware of transfer rules these days) I keep the records for every team at the club and have done for 20 years. Many years ago we had a lad who lived in Salford but he was told to go and play for a club in Wigan, which was against the laws but, they got round it by saying he had gone to live with relatives in Wigan. The lad went on to play for Oldham and Rochdale amongst others. As I go through my records now I now, especially the last 2 or 3 years, I notice that a player who was scoring 3 tries per game isn't playing any more. When I enquire what happened to him I get told he was told to move to Oldham! If you are fishing for me to name players and teams involved you will be waiting for ever. I am well known in amateur RL circles and have good friends at all parties. I don't blame them - I blame the Super Greed clubs. I could not give a toss if you believe me or not? It's happening but, it's typical RL to bury heads in the and make like an Ostrich. Lets just say I dreamt it all up eh. I could not care less what anybody thinks. I just want to let people know that it is happening. Up to you if you want to believe it or not?
  13. If there is, it is not being adhered to or policed. Super Greed clubs just do what ever they like. I just watch youth games. I am not involved as much these days so I don't know all the rules but this cannot be right. When I was involved only two transfers were allowed and they had to be to clubs within you're own district league. Club scouts should not be dictating what clubs youngsters play for.
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