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  1. juliancaine


    Those at red hall always seem to turn a blind eye to things when it suits them, unless your swinton lions in which case the rules apply.
  2. juliancaine

    Which home ground?

    Can the club give us a list of grounds we will be at if possible and kick off times so we can arrange travel plans etc.
  3. juliancaine

    Curiosity killed the cat!

    Could be agecroft or plenty of land where my old school used to be at little Hulton, I've the old Hulton high school site. I just hope we don't have the same saga as before promising agecroft with no hope of it ever happening, it needs a cast iron timetable with fans kept informed every step of the way on what happens in regards to a new ground.
  4. juliancaine

    Today match

    Anyone got a price list for tickets for the game at halton stadium and kick off time etc.
  5. juliancaine

    Today match

    Well done to all the boys today, onwards and upwards.
  6. juliancaine

    membership card

    Just found this in my cupboard, some names on there from past present and future. . Loads more stuff im sorting through will post more pics soon if anyones interested, ive got photo's and countless old programmes.
  7. juliancaine

    Tony Barrow testimonial

    Hope he gets a good turn out tomorrow, tony and his family deserve it. @Tonybarrowfund http://www.itv.com/news/granada/2015-07-03/stars-come-out-in-support-of-rugby-league-hero-tony-barrow/
  8. juliancaine

    What's going on at. Your club?.

    Cause a lot of the road signs into Salford put up by the council are in pink, hope your clubs financial troubles are not as bad as they appear otherwise I fear for your club.
  9. http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=2778
  10. juliancaine

    What's going on at the pinks

    Anybody got any ideas what's going on at the pinks, this article makes for interesting reading. http://www.salfordstar.com/article.asp?id=2778
  11. juliancaine

    todays friendly result

    66 points to 4 for the pinks, result immaterial funds raised for the Henning family far more important.
  12. juliancaine

    Today's match against Salford is ON!

    66 points to 4 final result shame bout the pitch.
  13. juliancaine

    Trust Statement

    Just remember what happened the last time the trust got involved, their shares wiped out via liquidation, as for #### council you've more chance of philh attending the lions matches than them helping us out. Still none the wiser what's going to happen, if they don't sign some players and a manager soon we won't have a team to take the field let alone be competitive.
  14. juliancaine


    i'll let my cousins kath wood, Helen wood, phil wood, and peter wood know about it duffymoon.
  15. juliancaine

    Magic Weekend

    ps we can pick up from eccles/swinton area if need be too.