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  1. Any prospect of a new ground yet?. And although I may not agree with all the opinions on here I would support their right to say them, and until we get a new ground in m27 we will struggle to survive as a club.
  2. ps its about time world rugby league rules are the same everywhere and the aussies shudda put a team out against us in the upcoming tour even if it leads to us getting beat at least it spreads the gospel according to rl. ps i support st helens, swinton, and my aussie team are canberra raiders.
  3. always the same in rl no matter what hemisphere your in, the chosen teams always get the rub of the green ie wigan and leeds here.
  4. Its to stop neck injurys. more often than not a player tackled in the air runs the risk of being tipped up, mind you the thing thats bugging me is the way teams are cheating a penalty at the play the ball by playing the ballinto a tackler on the floor even when there is no way for them to escape, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and i fear if its not stamped out we'll end up like football with all the diving/cheating that goes on.
  5. What happened to the V i've always associated with a lions shirt?. seems more of a sale ru/union type design.
  6. I think some players would have a release clause in their contract but usually only if a superleague club came calling, but if a player wanted to leave there is no point standing in there way as an unsettled player is a disruptive one.
  7. We should start a walking rugby team for charity, get some money raised and spread the gospel according to the swinton lions/rugby league. P.S. hurry up with the online shop or people will buy other presents for xmas and run out of money to buy lions merchandise. i can understand the shirts being a late release but other stuff should have been out long ago.
  8. I played loose forward, at 49 i think i qualify for an over the hill team. Maybe we should start a walking rugby team. and play charity matches against the supporters coming to each home and or away matches and raise funds for the local community and rugby league cares, id be up for it who else is.
  9. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11527058/officers. Good luck to all at keighley cougars from a swinton lions fan, the rfl need to get a grip of the game they are spouting with glee about expanding the game whilst the heartland clubs are dying on their backside. come on rfl get a grip and support the heartland clubs and not just toronto and london/bradford bulls. As ffor keighley cougars plight i would suggest the fans get together and form a trust to take over the club so its run by the fans for the fans/ local community.
  10. id add constructive to the critisism gandalf, im with you on the online shop bit, at the least souveniers etc should be available to buy, i can understand why the kits dont get released early due to finalising sponsors etc.
  11. Cheers for the heads up mark.
  12. ps i'd like to see car stickers large and small available in the online shop so i can spread the word of the mighty lions as i go up and down the motorways in my van.
  13. I can see both points of view regarding the online shop, something more than just season tickets would be nice, has anyone any idea when the replica kit is going to be on the website as im waiting to buy 2 shirts.
  14. Those at red hall always seem to turn a blind eye to things when it suits them, unless your swinton lions in which case the rules apply.
  15. Can the club give us a list of grounds we will be at if possible and kick off times so we can arrange travel plans etc.
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