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  1. John

    Things are extremely delicate at the moment and we have been expressly asked by GL not to make any comment at all. It will take till the end of January to sort out. Can't say much till then. I'm away in Lanz 26th Dec - 2nd Jan then its a HIST meeting on 9th January. then we should know where we are going . Sorry I can't tell you any more mate - have a great one.

  2. Marchy is a very big problem - either he prevents us from getting Super League 'duals' as the parent clubs coaches don't want their players corrupting - or he doesn't want to push his 'mates' out of a position so refuses to accept or play them . We desperately need two centres and had a couple of your lads offered but he didn't want them. Also had a Lancs second row offered but not wanted !!

  3. Good man - well done - lots happening behind the scenes - very confidential at the moment though . Hope to fill you in on it soon.

  4. Well done Huzo

    Not sad - no fluke - good win for Hawks Halifax out enthused. Sorry we didn;t give you guys a better game! Well done at Barrow - has made everyone sit up and take note !!