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  1. To be fair, in previous encounters this season, Makali Aizue and Frank Watene have been totally ineffectual in the last quarter of the game as they tired and Halifax have had difficulty clearing their own half to the end of each game. In these circumstances Rovers would usually have been recieving the ball with good ground to be made out of their own half. Today Aizue and Frank obviously benefited more than most from the extended rest at half time and were immense in that last few minutes and on into extra time. It's easy to be wise after the event but on previous experience I think Stuart made the right choice.
  2. I was standing on the half way line looking down on the 'incidents'. An incredibly small minority reacted to the taunting they received, especially from the young Halifax 'fan' with the painted face who was constantly giving the "come on over here' gestures. I would totally agree that there is no room for 'pitched battles' in Rugby league but to react as you have and produce a posting like this, I feel, is totally over the top and strikes me as an easy way of scoring points in some way over another team.
  3. Junction 9 M62 Ist Exit A49 Follow your nose ( straight through one or two roundabouts)
  4. No problem with that. Glad you've had something to cheer about in a difficult season. I was just really p@ssed of to see one of our lads literally having a fit on the floor and Jackson (who'd put him there with his elbow) just standing having a joke with the rest of the team. Agree about the ref though. We had him away at Widnes last year and he was so arrogant it stretched the principle of respect to the absolute limit. Good luck next year.
  5. Yes. A good game today between a couple of young teams. But for a kind bounce of the ball just before and just after half time I think the score could have been a lot closer. What a difference with last week when the bully boys were out at Whitehaven.
  6. Looked good but I felt a little for the players. Stuart finally managed to get to Jamie Field and lift him to his shoulders but put him down because he was surrounded. A pity that he and the other players lost the opportunity to go round and receive the applause of all the fans at the game. Two sides I suppose.
  7. http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=2651
  8. Thought Zak's second try was a bit 'iffy' too but thought Halloran had a good game. Yes, both teams tried to make the game flow and give him little to do, but how many refs do you see that in a game like this, look for problems so that they can still blow up all the time.
  9. http://www.featherstonerovers.net/article.php?id=2462
  10. Good to see them applauding the Rovers team as they made their circuit after receiving the shield.
  11. Does the Reserve play off system allow for us possibly having a home tie after the Whitehaven game. If so won't members need their cards for this.
  12. Well done to The Hawks on gaining automatic promotion. I don't know whose signed for next year but I look foward to seeing a selection of Steve Dooler, Tommy Haughey, Waine Pryce, Stuart Kain, James Houston, Wayne McHugh, Nathan Larvin, Richard Chapman and Neil Lowe, playing in another Local Derby next year.
  13. Don't know what happened at all but I do know that two of the Batley stewards were applauding the Fev fans after the game. Good to see.
  14. An excellent season. Well done everyone connected with the club. From where I stood behind the sticks Stuart did move his arm forward but I also thought that the tackler had fallen off the tackle first and therefore Stu could do what he wanted.
  15. Can a moderator change the topic title to the correct score please. Senility!!
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