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  1. And you think we like you lot
  2. Think d day been and gone,
  3. No replies ? Does that mean no one went lol
  4. Can't imagine many been there , All questions pre event, will choose the ones he wants to answer and refuse the ones we want answered .Its just a publicity stunt on his behalf. I for one will not be wasting my time sitting there. SELL THE CLUB AND LETS GET ON MAKING A NEW TEAM AND CLUB THAT CAN GO FORWARD.
  5. Gary, Can we try get a knight and venue sorted to say thankyou to Fordy and players to show them how much we appreciated there effort throughout this year, If you need help organising I will do what I can to help. As am sure a lot of fans out there would like to say thankyou and good luck to the future.
  6. Well there we go all finished, Hope that's the finish of Guilford as well. Can only salute Fordy and the players and staff that have put so much effort in to try and get promotion this year, I hope they have a couple of beers tonight. Am hoping now that someone out there can rebuild this sorry mess that York city knights have been put into and start next year with a bright new future. A big well done to Fordy and all players and good luck to them all in future were ether they go.
  7. It's more upto date on flash scores site.
  8. When do we play Rochdale then ?
  9. Big game tonight, Will tell us were we finish in table, But won't no who we play until Saturdays game Toulouse v Barrow . Hope we can get a big crowd tonight to cheer the lads on . COME ON KNIGHTS.
  10. Andypk Am afraid your right,My thoughts exactly. Is so sad to see, Am just hoping supporters can keep together and all hope for a brighter future next year under new enthusiastic management ,
  11. Is everybody on holiday ?
  12. Enjoyed great game last night some real class play from Toulouse, Skolas started really well but just out classed . Look forward to playing you guys next week could be a close game. Sorry to say but you need to change your barbeque team, Very disappointing compared to previous years.
  13. Haha if he won't jump give him a push
  14. Do we have a date for Donny game yet ?
  15. All gone quiet on the transfer of the club to a new buyer, Another publicity stunt Mr Guilford ? Be a man and buy a snickers Guilford they have nuts. Sell the club and lets us all (Team and supporters) get on with what we want .