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  1. Super 8s scrapped one up one down next year , No news on our league yet.
  2. Voting done. Clubs are claiming that RFL have voted in new procedure for 3 clubs from championship 1 to go up ? How true is it can any one confirm .
  3. trig

    Oldham at home

    Don't you think the attendance was low due to the fact that one team was from out of the UK and didn't bring a big following, If 2 UK teams had been playing there would have been more support at the game, Bringing other teams in from out of the UK is not working there is no support coming over and little support traveling to the away games.
  4. trig

    O dear me

    Not much i can say about that really . Very poor cougars
  5. trig

    2019 Proposal

    I wonder 🤔 ,Has a certain person had a hand in this decision , Is that same person a little worried about the playoffs .
  6. trig

    Bears Seek University Scholarship Players

    Great to see your looking at different options to strengthen your team, You put in a good stint at bootham cresent. At the end of the day you are a new team to this league , Rome was not built in a day, Wasnt on that job. Am wishing you all the best and good luck for the future from a knights fan.
  7. If they were in our position they would be doing exactly the same . We are after promotion , It's a competition for God sake.
  8. trig

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Another good performance again today , A few mistakes in the first half but difficult conditions on field . Bonus side we have nearly halved the bulls point difference. C'MON TITLE CHASING KNIGHTS
  9. trig

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    What a effort put in by all the lads yesterday , Am Still buzzing this morning. The ref spoilt the second half carrying Bradford up the field , Some of the penalties he gave them were ridiculous. Don't think we were as effective second half , Had we spent to much in first half pushing, Was it the heat , or did we shut of a bit . Or just the clown in green ? What a game and crowd though and a well deserved win for the knights . C'MON KNIGHTS push all the way to the end now .
  10. trig

    A song for the Knights

    Sing song 😁
  11. trig

    A song for the Knights

    Am always up for a sink song
  12. trig

    What's happened to

    I believe he was injured , He was on the field training against worky but not heard anything since.
  13. trig

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    Is it definitely 1530 kick off? , Can any one confirm, Cheers
  14. trig

    Next up: North Wales

    When is Harry Carter due back ?
  15. trig

    Any team news

    Any team news for today yet , very quiet on here.