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  1. Bogey barra

    One less trip to Cumbria is always a bonus lol
  2. 2018 - New signing + Merchandise

    Do you know how much vice president tickets are Gav ?
  3. sssshhhhhh

    It's all so quiet
  4. Keighley away

    He has struggled with led injuries over the years , Wishing a speedy recovery .
  5. Keighley away

    How is Hansey ? Is it a bad injury ?
  6. hunger

    I though first half we were very stale , When Robinson came off we struggled. second half we seamed to push on , When Nick rawsthorne came on we started to run down the wing fast and open them up, Ash robson was playing a lot better second half as well he did some great yards from our line. I think more time together the better we will become, Hope Robinson is not out for long could really do with him next weekend .
  7. North Wales

    was not able to go to the game yesterday but listened on the radio , What went wrong ?
  8. 2017 Squad

    And you think we like you lot
  9. Tomorrow

    Think d day been and gone,
  10. So what happened?

    No replies ? Does that mean no one went lol

    Can't imagine many been there , All questions pre event, will choose the ones he wants to answer and refuse the ones we want answered .Its just a publicity stunt on his behalf. I for one will not be wasting my time sitting there. SELL THE CLUB AND LETS GET ON MAKING A NEW TEAM AND CLUB THAT CAN GO FORWARD.
  12. kiss

    Gary, Can we try get a knight and venue sorted to say thankyou to Fordy and players to show them how much we appreciated there effort throughout this year, If you need help organising I will do what I can to help. As am sure a lot of fans out there would like to say thankyou and good luck to the future.
  13. Toulouse Vs York

    Well there we go all finished, Hope that's the finish of Guilford as well. Can only salute Fordy and the players and staff that have put so much effort in to try and get promotion this year, I hope they have a couple of beers tonight. Am hoping now that someone out there can rebuild this sorry mess that York city knights have been put into and start next year with a bright new future. A big well done to Fordy and all players and good luck to them all in future were ether they go.
  14. Toulouse Vs York

    It's more upto date on flash scores site.
  15. Keighley away

    When do we play Rochdale then ?