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  1. Zelesniak late shoulder charge should be in bin
  2. On the bright side for Wigan fans at least they won’t have to think up justifications for not going to Bolton.
  3. Just watched the programme, it was brilliant, would recommend catching it on iPlayer if you missed it. Found it quite moving in parts. certainly didn’t pull any punches and I hope a fair few people stayed tuned after Scrum 5 to hear about these Welsh sporting heoes who are either unheard of or unfairly ignored in Wales. As Peter Jackson said the only difference between a Union and League player pre 1995, was that a League player paid tax on his earnings.
  4. Disappointed to see Lockwood on there, not sure it is beneficial to the game to give this well publicised misogynistic bigot a platform.
  5. welsh lion

    Gigot reinstated

    Didn’t footballer Phil Jones get 3 weeks for something similar. So two years was ridiculous especially as there were RU players in France who actually failed drug tests who got less or no bans at all. Be interesting to see the detail as use of the word quashed suggests it may have been kicked out altogether. Gigot has always maintained his innocence. anyhow it’s good to see him back.
  6. Unlike in 2013, it appears that the people runnIng this tournament are clueless. I’ll give you an example they have set up a fans village in centre of Brisbane which is a great idea, but you can’t buy any merchandise there, apart from Steeden rugby balls. i get the impression that once they underwrote the cost of the competition with the cash from the venues and channel 7they have done the bare minimum, certainly in Oz.
  7. welsh lion

    Wales World Cup Squad

    LondonRLfan I’d look at it the other way around myself 😂
  8. welsh lion

    Wales World Cup Squad

    They’ll beat Ireland and give the other two a game, Kear has built a good team spirit and they have some decent players who are used to playing together. As has been said though the loss of White and Dudson in particular are huge.
  9. welsh lion

    rugby league history quiz

    Number 6. Chimpy Busch?
  10. welsh lion

    Does the League One Shield work?

    There is a difference between the championship and league 1 competitions as relegation has still in theory to be resolved in the championship, I guess there is an argument that the bottom 2 should just go down after everyone has played each other twice, plus the bash. That would of course be too simple and it would have meant My team wouldn't have had the pleasure of losing to Sheffield 4 times this year !!
  11. welsh lion

    Statement by South Wales Ironmen Owner

    They were only ever tenants there and the guy who set the club up and bank rolled them decided enough was enough when central funding was cut. As a season ticket holder at the time it had already started to go downhill then. A disastrous link up with Wigan which led to an apparently disinterested Dave Clarke being appointed coach and a weekly rota of young Wigan lads being shipped down with minimal impact meant I packed it in. It was like watching 17 blokes who hardly knew each other led by a bloke who didn't want to be there. the new ground is cracking and I admire the desire to persevere with Welsh talent, what they've needed is a few established players to bolster the spine and bring the youngsters on. This for me is the challenge, it is a well established amateur set up, but they need to win games to get a feel good factor going and build some profile. i wish them well.
  12. If you go to the trouble of finding this stuff, why not read it b4 posting or don't you understand what 'dismissal'means.
  13. welsh lion


    I think that's the point Wayne is making. Swinton have no money but if they had achieved a higher finish top 4 or 5 this year, they would get a significantly bigger central payout and they would have tried to persuade Atkin to stay for next year, and fulfill his ambitions that way. As it is he has gone full time at HKR, good luck to him, he's a cracking player.
  14. welsh lion

    Biggest upset in Challenge Cup history?

    Swinton had 2 of Wigans u19s in the 17 who hadn't played for the club before, hardly a big Wigan presence!! Give them some credit. There were a fair few hardened talented pros in that Salford team who beat Wigan in what was and still is one of the biggest upsets ever.