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  1. It's coming fast, current closures in Toronto/Ontario: -St. Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled. -Major League Soccer has suspended its season for 30 days. -The NHL has put its season on pause effective immediately. -The National Lacrosse League has suspended its season until further notice. -All publicly-funded Ontario schools will be closed from March 14 through April 5. I was at the Mozart's Requiem concert yesterday (ironic if it was my last concert:) and place was packed ~500 people. So some ppl don't mind the scare (yet).
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marin_Marais and ask him about the art of ornamentation. + Mozart "Herr Mozart why you never wrote a cello concerto?" --- I wouldn't mind meeting Mr.Parksider:)
  3. krakauer

    The Final

    Well done my favourite L1 team. Wishing you all the best in the Championship!
  4. It was fantastic to be at the game today. Everyone except a little girl playing Minecraft app were absolutely on. I think crowds were at times lost (myself included) about some of the onfield decisions but hey it's part of the game. Very vocal Featherstone fans, as was Bradford, Swinton and you-know-whos earlier in the season bring the best out of us TWP fans.
  5. Are you looking at single game viewership? Btw. How many of Leigh or Fev games were televised throughout the season?
  6. Ok. most of the times. Yet there will be games I feel I have to start learning from scratch again. I think most fans are now more aware of the basic ref calls/hand signals. I remember we used to cheer on a try when it was held up:)
  7. Allow TWP in SL? Guaranteed 7000+ for every home game.
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