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  1. Red Stripe

    Toulouse whose going

    I flew over early on Thursday with 3 others
  2. Red Stripe

    Raiders Website

    Does anyone know what's happened to the club website? Says page can't be displayed as the domain name has expired on 27/11/17
  3. Red Stripe

    Help wanted

    A great way to encourage supporters to volunteer to help the club!
  4. Red Stripe

    Danny McGuire

    What odds are being offered that McGuire signs for Toronto next season?
  5. Red Stripe

    2017 Fixtures

    How does this affect the Early Bird Season Tickets? Will that include the IPRO Cup games as it guarantees a minimum of 10 home games?
  6. Red Stripe


    Guess what Lee, I pay my £15 as well and if I want to criticise people who blame the referee for poor team performances, I will .... nobody's going to tell me to stop!
  7. Red Stripe


    No wonder many of us have stopped posting on this site, all we get is the same old tired excuse of "The Ref was Shocking!" We are a division one side and we will get division one referees, live with it! He mad a couple of mistakes but tell me the last time any of you watched a Super League match where the referee got every single decision right (even with the ability to refer virtually any decision to the Video Ref). The defending team does not have to stand behind the referee, they simply have to be 10m back. Some referees, this one included like to stand a metre or so further back so as to be able to see the defending line. We simply were not good enough, Toulouse were better than us in every aspect of the game and thoroughly deserved their victory. The only posative I could take from the game was the Barrow attitude in the last 15 mins when it looked to all the world that they would score a minimum of 50 or 60 points.
  8. Red Stripe


    Very small turnout from the debenture holders tonight.
  9. Red Stripe

    Raiders v bears

    The only 2 Barrow players that really looked as though they were trying for the whole time they were on the pitch were Bullock (as usual) and Nicholson. There seemed to be a general lack of enthusiasm from the rest of the team for large spells of the game. I agree that Lupton looked good, but unfortunately only for about 20 minutes out of the 80.
  10. Red Stripe

    Half price tickets

    Got mine earlier in the week
  11. Red Stripe

    News from Leigh - Involves Barrow

    Centurion's website has Jamie as a back row forward.
  12. Like Gaz Martin I can't guarantee to attend every home game, but like Lifer I did manage to get a voucher before they all went!
  13. Red Stripe

    Barrow Raiders v Oldham Video Highlights

    All 4 players received a 2 match suspension.
  14. Red Stripe

    New signings

    Goulding Senior & Junior??
  15. Red Stripe

    Bad day at the office

    Penno, I guess being stood at the Tesco end must have sheltered you from the wind because it was cerainly blowing down the other end!