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  1. Yeah I understand that wages will be a huge issue , but the message implied that fundraising would go direct to the players, all funding should go to the club who can then priorities , keeping a roof over our head is number one in my opinion.
  2. I'm assuming any funding ideas that arise would be to keep our fantastic club alive and donations wouldn't be for the players ?
  3. Very strong leadership required from the RFL, not sure how part time clubs will survive without additional funding or players/staff accept contracts can't be paid in this unprecedented period.
  4. Elliott and Marcus will be huge losses!! However the biggest issue at the moment is the possibility of postponing the league , massive implications for our club.
  5. Both us and Haven have taken super League has been for years ! Plus neither club can fill a team with their own players , how do you expect a brand new club to achieve that.
  6. Toronto and Ottawa pay all costs , airfares , accommodation and food , they take no funding from the RFL. Obviously players would need holidays to go.
  7. Totally agree , with international sides in the mix definitely think there's a fantastic opportunity for a TV deal.
  8. Think if you ask any player if they would rather go to Keighley, Coventry or Toronto , New York or Ottawa , I'm pretty sure we know the answer. Times are changing and this area needs to wake up and smell the coffee very quickly before the drawbridge is pulled up.
  9. If or when the funding runs out League one will basically be an amateur competition .
  10. So you would be happy if both clubs were fast tracked into super League ?
  11. These two teams obviously have. I'm assuming if we got a millionaire backer who would bankroll our club to success you would be against it ?
  12. Both Torronto and Ottawa have attracted investment , unfortunately until we can do the same , we will be playing at this level.
  13. Ryan is more than capable of playing at this level , also seem to remember similar comments being mentioned about Stevie when he signed , look who that turned out.
  14. There's always better players out there regardless of which player any team signs, so pretty pointless comment. We need players who want to sign for the club who have , desire to succeed , commitment and the attitude to give the pro game a shot , Ryan definitely as those trates. Maybe these so called better players "out there" don't .
  15. Potentially another Stevie , same attitude and very similar attributes.
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