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  1. Pretty sure Tyler, Blaine and Russ are contracted for next season.
  2. Potentially a very good signing, the lads giving himself every chance by moving to the other end of the country , well done to all involved.
  3. Sure they played at Scholers last year ? Definitely a good Idea if possible.
  4. snoopdog


    I'm led to believe both .
  5. snoopdog


    You never know Ian
  6. snoopdog


    Not true , you will see shortly how many signings this lads been involved with.
  7. I actually wish sometimes someone from the club would come on here and tell the public what actually goes on , having said that some on here have agenda's and would still rather listen to lies and gossip.
  8. Gary,Larry or Barry it's still tosh Ian.
  9. Must be a very powerful director if he can override a full board and two coaches ,
  10. Where did I say it did Dave ?
  11. Example , Coventry v Workington Town 1895 cup Workington win , travel costs ,hotel and winning pay , total expenditure around £10k , share of the gate maximum 100 wouldn't pay for the coffees on way home. Prize money 0 Any other reasons ? Must be the only competition in professional sport with no prize money.
  12. That would be very hard to do! But if I could I would have chased you a long time ago
  13. I know plenty who he chased
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