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  1. Totally agree, everyone at the start of the season was aware what the team needed, unfortunately we tried to reinvent the wheel with small mobile forwards, added to very poor recruitment and unwillingness to change the path, leaves us where we are now. Attendances down nearly half, contracts too high and serious financial issues.
  2. Any player from any team can go where they want if relegated, no clause needed.
  3. Why? The lads hardly played in months for a team who are bottom.
  4. This season? I must be watching a different game.
  5. Maybe last season definitely not this.
  6. Lies and untruths is the way I look at it.
  7. Don't let facts get in the way of a good story.
  8. I've said this for years, dreadful commentary, awful game scheduling that create poor crowds and atmosphere, one would think they were trying to devalue the sport
  9. I believe the two promoted teams got £25k , a long long way of £400k parachute payments , and to far from £180k to compete!!
  10. Hall played for Bradford in their loss to Barrow.
  11. The amateur game is dying in many areas , Cumbria being one! While the teams in the NCL thrive ,the CARLA league is on the verge of collapse yet the management sit by and watch, £££ sitting in bank accounts but yet offer nothing for development etc .
  12. Think you do whatever it takes to stay in the championship, if that means loans etc to buy you time to build your squad / infrastructure until it's self sustaining then I'd take that, the alternative is west Wales , Cornwall, and Coventry's!
  13. Morgan Escare on loan at Barrow today.
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