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  1. Cars, flights, visas, sponsors, is that enough for you John boy?
  2. Apparently not as much trouble you left the club in John walker , with your false promises which the club are still paying for
  3. Lets enjoy having a proven coach, whatever happens next season I'm confident the club and directors are moving the club in the right direction, despite plenty who want to drag it down.
  4. Why don't you ask him where is priorities will lie at the end of the search? Instead of spouting
  5. Jesus! Charlo works for council full-time , I wonder how he fits in 2 training sessions a week. We had the previous coach on a longer contract and look what happened there, sensible decision in my eyes let's see if it's a fit for both parties.
  6. I'm sure it stated he was with us until end of season , union just finished and won't restart until October? Part time coach earning making a living.
  7. Pointless game , get in get out and hopefully no more injuries.
  8. I believe Les hasn't been involved for a number months due to family reasons, thanks for the last couple of years.
  9. Apparently Clayton left with a couple of others due to very poor treatment, hopefully him and others will now return, a good prospect.
  10. Creating an A team is unsustainable at this present time , stripping the community game of 30 players would decimate the clubs at a time when nearly every team are struggling. Creating pathways for junior players is possibly the best way forward .
  11. 100% correct and you know that how? I'm 100% certain the first part of his accusation was wrong ? But like Tadge you don't want to acknowledge that part.
  12. Not really, if this did happen and I say if ,why didn't a shareholder, sponsor, money lender , lifelong supporter of our great club not do anything other than wait until now , then bring it up to beat the club with?
  13. I repeat in your position of shareholder why didn't you inform the office or club together and pay the right money? Or even better get the £5 later and hand it in?. You also seemed to have forgotten about the serious matter regarding the safety certificate that the X director who wanted your advice on? The dereliction of duty by the X director that you tried to pin on the existing board!! I suggest if you want to jump on the x director , I was Leons friend brigade check your information first.
  14. Crossed wires I'm afraid .
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