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  1. Rooke didn't turn up for the bus on Sunday , would rather play with 15 than have him back in the team.
  2. You would assume these 3 lads are the top earners in the club , we may need to sacrifice to enable a bigger squad , there is only so much .
  3. More than 150 town fans , shared gate say no more.
  4. There was 17 on the team sheet and on the bench?
  5. Maybe because clubs have to name 19 or they get fined .
  6. Will all come down to budget and squad size , a small handful of players taking a huge chunk of budget as been proved doesn't work, hence why the squads been to thin. A mixture of locals, experience and young players ripe for improvement is my preferred option, whatever way we go the squad needs better balance than this season.
  7. Believe hard maybe unpopular decisions need to be made if we are to kick on.
  8. I believe it's a full-time contract and Chris is moving to Town , great commitment from Chris and the club
  9. Simple solution , don't listen to rumours
  10. 14/15 players on contract so wouldn't say we need to build a new team .
  11. Bit of s myth this Haven all local thing, they have 6 non that I can see , both clubs have always had travellers and always will , the secret is getting the right ones and the right balance.
  12. I suggest you read the tweets from the player who's name was being banded about today ? Like I say lies and gossip from so called supporters of our club.
  13. Maybe your source is the same ex director who's apparently taking the club to court ? But he still loves the club
  14. Time to change your impeccable source then.
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