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  1. Two league's of 10/12/14 doesn't really matter if the clubs in the two league's are fully sustainable, scrap the salary cap, make clubs find there level, any club who can't survive without £50k funding shouldn't be anywhere near a semi professional sport.
  2. Totally agree, went onto sky sports news Monday hoping to see some great piece on the two games played, first RL story I finally found after streams of other positive sports stories was " game ends in brawl" said previously there's an agenda to destroy or seriously damage our game.
  3. Your right I've never watched a champions League midweek for years.
  4. Showcasing our biggest fixtures on a Wednesday and Thursday night , you couldn't make it up.
  5. There's a constant question of "how do we make the game more attractive for Sky TV? In my opinion they are the cause of the sports demise, no existing advertising of games , shifting games to a Wednesday and Thursday night , dreadful presentation , awful commentary , you would think they are deliberately trying to devalue our great game!!
  6. Town also had numerous player's missing , Scholars unfit, unorganized and very poorly coached.
  7. Town never got out of first gear, Scholars absolutely dreadful.
  8. One team fit and very well coached the other unfit and poorly coached, great result and performance.
  9. Cumbrian born and bred but never heard "codded"
  10. Both parents Scottish and played RU for Hawick , not sure how much of a Scot you want ?
  11. Whitehaven will be better prepared this season and can see them picking enough points up at home to stay up.
  12. Think it's imperative to get out of this league ASAP, sounding more like funding could be cut for champ 1 clubs, could mean the drawbridge being lifted with clubs left behind.
  13. 19 million visitors 2019 into the lakes 10 miles away Izzy or alternatively you could move to the stunning holiday destination's of Wigan, Bradford, Castleford or Wakefield??
  14. Bring them to Cumbria pretty sure the support they would get would be fantastic.
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