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  1. Brings up the question (again) of sustainability, Newcastle have spent in the region £800k setting up their scholarship and academy structures, they have a wealthy owner who supports the club financially , Town and Haven can only dream unless someone can bankroll the clubs.
  2. A rich businessman with a vision or a merger with more than one rich businessman, is the only way forward, without either both clubs will struggle for any long-term success.
  3. Two locals been offered deals , hopefully the 3rd will be an experienced player.
  4. snoopdog

    2020 Squad

    Ramsden plays for Brow now but played for Disington for a few years , Wilson from Elbra.
  5. Very good player who was ruined by Laughton at Leeds trying to play him at prop , back row all day long.
  6. Home to West bowling
  7. Colton signed for Thunder .
  8. snoopdog

    2020 Squad

    In an ideal world I'm sure every coach would only want to work with players they want to work with, unfortunately getting them players to come to Town isn't easy as the clubs always found out. With A teams being introduced the quality and numbers available are much less than previous seasons. I'm positive Chris will have quality signings in the pipe line , fingers crossed we can get them over the line. Regards Walshy, a committed lad who always put his hand up last season, sometimes in difficult circumstances , was signed after one friendly appearance and probably struggled with confidence after in my opinion getting some pretty awful abuse both on here and at games, no surprise he's had enough.
  9. Allerdale council paid for a contractor to clear the speedway track, questions need to be asked why this didn't happen and which company is responsible for this debacle .
  10. The Fylde stadium cost 18 million and was part of an overall project costing 25 million , hotel, Aldi store and training pitches etc.
  11. Carl one of our best last season, great to see him commit again.
  12. There's only one sticking it in the sand you probably don't even know where Cumbria is. Another touchline international who's got an opinion about everything but offers absolutely nothing (other than typical Cumbrian stereotypes)
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