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  1. Thought young Moore looked a decent prospect, very strong in the tackle and must have been top of the tackle count while he was on the field.
  2. In my opinion if they allow expansion teams in who are cashed up, they should then offer an extra promotion place for each team, putting teams with super League budgets in league 1 benefits no-one. Having said that the quality of players Ottawa are signing are far inferior to Toronto, nothing I've seen so far should worry us.
  3. I'm sure he's under contract 2 years? Quality kid
  4. Let's hope and pray this comes to fruition
  5. Surely it was obvious that if clubs couldnt resume their league competition, they were never going to enter a comp that the vast majority had no chance of winning , and didn't have any financial benefits unless you won. Per usual rash decisions were made to try and smooth over the issues of no promotion etc. I'm comfortable for the season to restart when it's both financially and safe to do so, but throwing a meaningless competition together without gurantees that teams will or could enter is the height of folly.
  6. No I would prefer a decision being made after completing a huge amount of due diligence , not making a decision on the back of a fag packet without any business or common sense being used. Anyone with an ounce of either would know that league 1 or championship clubs couldnt possibly take this serious. Exactly the same in the challenge cup , put draw dates out before actually knowing who is able to compete!! You couldn't make it up
  7. If that's the case it makes even worse!! Where's the authority, gurantees and respect for the chief executive and the RFL , which other sport would set up a competition without any gurantees that it would be a meaningful and financially viable proposition? I will answer that NONE whatsoever, the game is a laughing stock.
  8. Totally agree, how anyone with an ounce of business acumen or even common sense thought this was viable without any consultation is beyond me. Him and the rest of the RFL are bringing the game into disrepute, shambolic , embarrassing mess.
  9. So we just continue/accept to be a poor sport , lurch from one crisis to another or do we try to expand into new markets, create new fans/sponsors. I for one am sick to the back teeth of being told we are poor, second rate sport from up north! God forbid where's the passion/foresight and ambition to take this sport to where it belongs.
  10. Toronto Vs fev play off final 13000 fans Toulouse play off semi final 600. Without a doubt the club's will vote for Toulouse .
  11. Toronto Vs fev play off final 13000 fans Toulouse play off semi final 600. Without a doubt the club's will vote for Toulouse .
  12. I'm sure you will make a good "storie" out of any conversation.
  13. So you show an article from the start of Toronto's journey ? No relevance what so ever with our discussion and totally contradicts your argument. I will leave you to peddle "stories" , gossip and hearsay.
  14. Please can you show me the facts? Or is it another story ?
  15. Pity his research wasn't a token gesture , he would have known the Halliwell had been visited at least on one occasion, another example of people voting on huge decisions without any knowledge or Idea of the facts.
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